Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nationals living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming

New contract pitcher Wang Chien-ming living in America receive much attention, if and national renewal, there will be 1.8 million dollars in annual salary, while living in Japan with a pitcher Chen Weiyan brokerage company, is also working with the Chunichi Dragons in the New contracts, annual salary see 1.83 million U.S. dollars, which may not be the highest paid foreign trip since living in America pitcher Kuo outstanding performance this year, the local media that at least 200 million dollars annual salary level.

Nationals living in America pitcher Wang Chien-ming, and how the treatment team's new contract, up to the December will have the results to the nation's attention to Wang, the possibility of renewal of a great, if true renewal, the National will provide Wang China's 8 percent annual salary this season, which is 1.8 million U.S. dollars, NT 58 million yuan discount contracts, for many, these players, the treatment is very high, but probably not next year, Taiwan's highest paid, these players, because fellow comrades in Kuo and Chen Weiyan, the annual salary is likely to have more than 1.8 million U.S. dollars.

Friday, November 12, 2010

As for the Silver Slugger Award for new entrants to the ranks of the players are

As for the Silver Slugger Award for new entrants to the ranks of the players are, respectively: AP part of a White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez, Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista, light outfielder Carl Crawford; the National League is the Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo.

Total number, to regain strength after the Rangers beat the 35-year-old boy style veteran Vladimir Guerrero, to 8 times champion, who Pujols biochemical subordination to 6 times, Mauer, McCann, Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday will have 4 times.

The following is the American League and the International Union 2010 Silver Slugger Award winners:

AP: catcher Joe Mauer (Twins), first baseman Miguel Cabrera (Tigers), second baseman Robinson Cano (Yankees), third baseman Adrian Beltre (Red Sox), shortstop Alexei Ramirez (White Sox), outfielder Carl Crawford (light), Jose Bautista (Blue Jays), Josh Hamilton (Rangers), designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero (Rangers).

National League: catcher Brian McCann (Warriors), first baseman Albert Pujols (Cardinals), second baseman Dan Uggla (Marlins), third baseman Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals), shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies), outfielder Carlos Gonzalez (Los Angeles), outfielder Matt Holliday (Cardinals), outfielder Ryan Braun (Brewers), pitcher Yovani Gallardo (Brewers).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Billion years ago to break the Yankees about signing Sabah Fertilizer and Taxie La West

A strong starting lineup, logistics units do not vague, the 45-year relief from the bullpen Shohreh Anno lead, left to play Shidaiersi has 23 career pinch of red to prevent. You Ruibei champion is the key to Mr. Giant, one of the shuttle two, three, tour round skill, is the most appropriate infield "excellent help people."

Billion years ago to break the Yankees about signing Sabah Fertilizer and Taxie La West, last year the Alliance has increased by only Halladay a one hundred million yuan men. Free market bustling again this year, 29-year-old Crawford was considered the best chance of more to get 9-digit contract.

Crawford, known for its speed over the past year, fired a career-high 19 RBI and 90 bombers, long-base percentage plus hit rate "attacks index" as high as 0.851, indicating its full destructive power, age (29 years) is transformed million man advantage.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Without Mitch Moreland Rangers, I am afraid to fall into despair

Without Mitch Moreland Rangers, I am afraid to fall into despair, before the World Series in 0 to 2 behind the Giants in the dilemma of relying on the rookie third shot to help sweep out the cowboys who snatch away a victory, the result will be global attention Moreland to focus upon.

Moreland, 25, a race in only 47 regular season games, 55 of batting average 2 percent more difficult to be noticed, although the arrangement in the ninth bar, but left to play to seize the opportunity to face lefty Jonathan Sanchez, still continue postseason Race hot performance, swept out in the second third of the next bar guns, but also lay the Rangers win the base.

"I just do my best, hoping to take their own plans." Moreland said lightly, "I feel able to do so, then I can be effective in their position." While the feats, but the first big league battles, he clearly is not over.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better regular season home record this year

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Cain today (20) starting 7 scoreless innings, beating the Board voted 6 out of 8 strikeouts but lost 3 points of the Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels, led the Giants in home opener by 3 0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS achieved 2 wins and 1 defeat in the lead.

Better regular season home record this year, the Cain, starting today, striking out five batters 7 Board, although cast as many as 5 times Sisi Qiu, but the Phillies hit two hits out of line just can not take points from the hands of Cain. Cain became the National League Championship history, the first pitched at least 7 5 Board, did not lose any points, only gave up two hits in pitching the following.

Hamels is cast in the 6 Board 8 strikeouts in only 1 four bad, but the Giants offensive line play dense, 4 to 3 hits and 1 under the Bureau of four bad, including Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff of continuous hits, scored 2 points in one breath .

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The two pitchers are pleased to see this showdown

The two pitchers are pleased to see this showdown, of course, but they have one thing in common for the game, all with a sense of normalcy is to right. Halladay said: "The best place is here, I do not see this as pressure, but that is a challenge. I feel like playing and in the usual way of pitching, this is a challenge, I am quite looking forward to."

Lincecum is said: "Do you experience in the game what it feels like pitching in the playoffs, I think it is helpful to me. I'm way ready for the game starting with the game as the other, it is obvious This is a major event, but I do not want to be too nervous, just as the usual game. "

This does not play the first sensation of the century has been completely duel attracted all eyes, it is difficult to predict who wins now, but it is certain that two of the batters had to tighten the skin a little.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers battle with a series of light all five games were on the road team to win the ball

Rangers battle with a series of light all five games were on the road team to win the ball, but also first time in major league history. Prehistoric times to play the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, lost to the Yankees, the minor in the AL championship duel, the Rangers have home advantage, the two teams played eight regular season games to get four wins each.

As for the light of Price, won 19 regular season wins, but the Rangers defense was close to twice the starting five. Although the pioneer Bartlett fired three hits, but the light cycle was seven points only fired a few dozen hits.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bureau of light on a Carlos Pena knocked in two open offensive play third base

The last paragraph of the season injured, chief strong play Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria, the playoffs start at a low ebb, but he was today (11) single-game knock out three hitters, including 5 Board 2 points on the gun, to help light the 5 to 2 victory over the Texas Rangers, so that the two sides in the Division Series with 2 wins, 2 lost the race a tie game, the key must be held 5 of war, to decide who qualify.

Bureau of light on a Carlos Pena knocked in two open offensive play third base, and then rely on the Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler's error was the first point of relaxation. 4 Council on the start, Longoria and Pena hit consecutive doubles to gain another victory, BJ Upton are two out base hit scored after 3 minutes.

5 Board on, Ben Zobrist hit stop on the basepaths, two outs, Longoria blasted two points of a bar gun, will lead widened to 5 points. Longoria then fired again in 8 doubles on the Board, to play the number 4 hit three long-playing performance, out of 12 played the first 3 number 1 hits war low point.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Although Wilson was the first under a Council Jason Barlett hit batters hits

Texas Rangers starting pitcher CJ Wilson today (8) Bureau of the primary vote cast 6.1 scoreless 7 strikeouts, Michael Young and Ian Kinsler have knocked a home run, helping the Rangers by 6 to 0 shutout Tampa Bay light, made two straight in the first round of the playoffs, as long as a field can move on to win another American League Championship.

Although Wilson was the first under a Council Jason Barlett hit batters hits, but then until the end of the 6th Board, relying on only 2 times so light and 1 fielding error Sisi Qiu captured the basepaths. Bureau under 7, Wilson was voted out of four bad and Willy Aybar hit a base hit, strikeout game in the first seven batters after the exit, the last light still can not score.

Rangers are in 3 innings, and to rely on Elvis Andrus batting, and starting pitcher James Shields light touch body and contain errors, easily lead. Kinsler smacked in the 4 solo shot on the Board. 5 Council on the Rangers a massive attack, the first batters Matt Treanor was Shields again touch behind the Rangers to five hits and lay 4 points, including 3-point shot Young.

Monday, September 27, 2010

This makes the Red Sox lose wild card Yankees magic number to 1

However, the recent status of Mariano Rivera is not ideal, 9 Board has been Ryan Kalish, Bill Hall hit hits, and the 2 people are bold with stealing two bases, so that the council three hits and scored 2 points to reverse the situation of the war than the 2 to 3 .

Jonathan Papelbon is also a critical moment just lost prestige, the Yankees to three hits 9 Board to draw the next 3 to 3,10 Board Okajima registration plate can not withstand the Yankees will win, Curtis Granderson hits, Brett Gardner Victor Martinez have been hit with ball failure to seize one, third base, Red Sox, and grasping at this time to fill the basepaths after Xiashou outs, Okajima actually cast on Juan Miranda walked, so back to the Yankees winning points.

Rivera last 3 games are out of race points, including 2 fall through, one quarter to 5 times the cumulative failure of the rescue, but more than this last occurred in 2003 6.

This makes the Red Sox lose wild card Yankees magic number to 1, on behalf of Red Sox 7, after the war as long as the lost one field, or the Yankees win a war the next 6 games, the Yankees into the playoffs with a light hand.

Competition in the AL East title, the current half-light just behind the Yankees, the Yankees and the light of the final record if the same play against the Yankees this season by winning more than less light lost (10 wins 8 lost) to obtain the division title.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays in Taiwan for 25 days and battle the Seattle Mariners 9 Board

Tampa Bay Rays in Taiwan for 25 days and battle the Seattle Mariners 9 Board, whistle to win 5:3 the same time, the New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox to 8:10, so the Rays won 61 of 92 lost weight Back to the AL East first team returned to the Yankees lost 62 of 92 biting victory, both teams only half margin of victory, the last team which won the division title is still undecided number.

Rays throne full scraping partition in two, three bureaus, grabbed a point, but four games on the Mariners tied immediately, until the next of five, before relying on intensive campaign to a second four balls walks 4 hits, with Mariners catcher catching Plaza, scored winning 3 points.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Although the center line of play was blocked

Although the center line of play was blocked, but today the New York Yankees (21) still rely on 11 hits and scored eight points, including a Curtis Granderson single-field double-bang scored 5 points in the two-strong showdown in the AL East to win 8 to 6 Tampa Bay Rays, the area's leading margin of victory extended to 1.5 games.

Ailing light starting pitcher Matt Garza, pummeled again today, 3 Board Granderson and win the next 2 points were shot, five Bureau to be Derek Jeter hit despite playing only the rules of doubles, but the start to the infield on mistakes, then Garza has voted 3 times 4 bad (1 intentionally four bad), the Yankees scored two points in this Board.

Top 5 Board only hit a light hits played line, and finally a breakthrough in the six Council, has from the start of Ivan Nova and the replacement of Boone Logan, Chad Gaudin in the hands and win four hits, plus three times four bad and prejudice against 1 catcher, scored 4 points tied breath.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies (19) belted three home runs

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies (19) belted three home runs, including Ryan Howard reached with five of 30 H-100 RBI Season 2 points gun at 5 to 2 victory over the Washington Nationals, won six straight, to continue to drive, according to the National League East leading position.

People start to rely on a continuous rod hits the first 2 Chi was the first point, which Ian Desmond win their third base hits, but the next four Board, they do not have another station on the second base Lei Bao.

Philadelphia Council in two half fired back, start Jayson Werth blasted solo shot tied on, then even hit three hits, including Wilson Valdez's base hit, than the number of advance. 3 Bureau on, Chase Utley on base after four bad, Howard blasted two points a stick gun, and then supplemented on Raul Ibanez homered, scored 5 points Phillies.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pablo is not a joke, because the fans could see each position

Pablo is not a joke, because the fans could see each position, including his field, he had been a catcher, first baseman, this year is the starting third baseman, not only versatile infielders, but also placed in a bar playing online any more amazing is that he either used right hand, can pass.

117 kilograms of the players, coupled with such agility, Pablo took us to a very appropriate nickname, with the nickname after the Kung Fu Panda, Pablo more loved by the fans, his happy attitude and play capacity, competition has become the Giants playoff considerable help, to come to Taiwan next year, the Giants play the opening game, and perhaps Taiwan will turn off a wave of Kung Fu Panda.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AL East throne opener really exciting

AL East throne opener really exciting, the two sides do not start the performance of the left inferior to the cast, Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) and Price (David Price) are paid out of eight Board scoreless performance, the final outcome of the game handed Reid Brignac hand, 11 Bureau to hit the winning home run goodbye, 1-0 shutout the Yankees wrapped up light.

3 Lien opener, grabbed both sides want to good luck, have sent the performance of the best pitcher this season fight, Shabaxiya 8 Office 9K2 send two hits scoreless, while Price, 3 hits, 8 walks Office 4K3 is scoreless The two most likely to win the Cy Young Award for pitching, the grips, but no one who should be allowed.

This excellent pitching staff, has been extended to the 11 Board in the second half, 10 Council to fielding Reid Brignac just put the face of any pitcher the Yankees in the first 5 meters Choi (Sergio Mitre) a stick hit the right field direction and a solo bomb, the end of the game goodbye is a home run, home light shine.

Light, after winning this game, but became the first American League East, currently leading the Yankees half of the margin of victory, war tomorrow, the Yankees will send two second Nova (Ivan Nova) command, and light is sent Jahaza (Matt Garza) the main cast.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So far this season Dunn rate of 2 percent against 71

Strong hit Dunn's agent Ganski (Greg Genske), beginning in the season for him, never-ending high-level consultations with the people, but the two sides has remained at the origin, so that very early position to stay in Washington Deng En helpless. And he will in the United States over 31 years of time on the 10th, but Joe does not rope in the contract situation, so that he can only cry "unhappy birthday."

So far this season Dunn rate of 2 percent against 71, is essential for the stability of the fire national team, while it also has 34 home runs and 91 RBIs, have the opportunity to challenge individual single-season 5 degrees 40 bombers and 100 RBI milestone. Only if the end of the season before he signed with the expectations of people do not want 4-year contract, he must enter the season for the free market, waiting for the team together to overcome the absorption.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red 1ADayton Dragons Yeo Kai backup 2 Council today

Bear 3AIowa Cubs Herman Cardinals 3A war today, 8 Bureau of playing back-up, 9 Board was blasted solo shot Cardinals 3AMark Hamilton lost 1 point, to 6 to 7 3A Cubs lose, Herman swallowed his first 4 in 3A defeat; Herman's achievements in the 3A 3 wins 4 lost, ERA 5.98.

Red 1ADayton Dragons Yeo Kai backup 2 Council today, not to be got hits, did not lose points, struck out three times, walked 1, record a victory this season at the 1A 0 defeat, ERA 2.05.

2A Altoona Curve Pirates Chen Yong-based play pinch today only 1, not know their hits, batting average 2 percent this quarter, 38; sailor order 1A High Desert Mavericks play on behalf of the Luo Guohui also only run against the rate at 2 percent 24; Indiana Order 1A Kinston Indians who beat Chen Junxiu 4, number 1 hits, batting average 3 percent 20; Twins 1A Beloit Snappers 3 at bats Wei Lin Wang 2 hits, batting average 2 into 36, and even war hits 5.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Host Warriors Brian McCann in the next 2 Board blasted solo shot to right field to recover increases

Not want to be swept the Mets win the first Bureau show grab the momentum, Carlos Beltran and win their third base hits, and relying on opponents fielding errors come 1 min, followed by Joaquin Arias another bases loaded situation in the infield hit hits, so metropolis in a start there will be a 2 minutes into the bags.

Host Warriors Brian McCann in the next 2 Board blasted solo shot to right field to recover increases in support under 1 minute, and city to know one point lead is not safe, so David Wright in the first inning retaliate spring 6 home runs, will the gap back to two points, Beltran has a 7 Board, within the field when third base with runners on the cover of his teammates and then roll the Earth 1 point, so both teams have three points away.

McCann finished with three hits and one RBI performance, is the most agile and brave warriors against the batter, and Metropolitan Zeyi 2 hits and 1 RBI Wright the best, two home runs in the game have contributed.

Braves pitcher Tim Hudson performance not bad, lost in 7 innings in 4 minutes (3 minutes ERA), helpless teammates could not give adequate fire support for Hudson quietly assume defeat No. 6 this season (the other 15 wins.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cincinnati fans after a long, fireball Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) was finally called on the major league

Cincinnati fans after a long, fireball Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) was finally called on the major league, and today (1) immediately went into battle, on the 8th Council board relay board, not only soared from 103 miles (166 km ) fastball, but the ball straight, "the slowest" also came to 98 miles (158 km), Ling Duishou Brewers could not break through, three on three times ending, Reds in check Pu Mandeng board a noise in order to provide 8 to 4 wins, to continue to lead in the NL Central.

8 Board Reds ahead in the home, now that rise up to Chapman, the team of course, in this pleasant atmosphere for fans and then HIGH look, offensive and defensive turn, Chapman super-heated with the cheers of the fans from the center field slowly went to the infield mound, the preparation of his most memorable moment in life. Throw the first pitch to face hitters not too hard, still to 98 miles, this is his audience the most "slow" straight ball, but teeth strike.

There is no suspense, Chapman resolved to strike out the first major league hitters, veteran hitters Cansot the face of the second, he soared out of the audience the fastest 103 miles, even if Cansot (Craig Counsell) to get it hit the ball, still only a weak grounder, was assassinated out. The Bureau of the last half of the batter the same fate and Cansot, balls out, creating a perfect Xiazhuang Chapman, his audience were all thrilled and excited fireball.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chamberlain on the 29th to face the White Sox for the poor performance will only resolve a people lost 2 points exit

Recent U.S. and Japanese pitcher ball Hurricane, Yankees right-hander Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) also follow this trend, today (30) face the White Sox resume "Fireball male" qualities, not only up to 99 miles a fierce ball destroyed, 8 Council under the mandate of the last people to face relay "Cuban Missile" Ramirez (Alexei Ramirez) even played 100 miles (161 kilometers) Speed legend realize that The New Yorker, "Fireball London" homing it!

Chamberlain on the 29th to face the White Sox for the poor performance will only resolve a people lost 2 points exit, ERA from 4.72 above 5 again, even if this is his last 14 games, the second since the loss of points and the outside world are still worried whether he has will be at a low ebb.

After a night, Chamberlain seemed reborn, after two outs in the next 7 Board debut, in the face Ruiou Si (Alex Rios) the first ball after using the slider Hurricane, 2 consecutive 99-mile fast ball to hitters disappointed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pujols did not complete the swing action after Batui base running

Pujols did not complete the swing action after Batui base running, but stood watching and flew to the stands.

This is Pujols the first 34 this season to prevent red is the moon race in 21 games since the 10th homer.

He returned to finish Lei Bao lounge, warmly congratulated by his teammates.

His home run to lead the national rate was reduced to 3 to 2, but the two sides engage in fierce battle each other 13 Council leader, in the end more than 10 people to 11 victory.

Dai Zimeng (Ian Desmond) 13 Bureau to hit the first base hit, the Morgan (Nyjer Morgan) back to home plate, so that people win.

Pujols home runs and 10 Bureau to attempt to jump the wall, then kill a sprained ankle when the throw, but he continued to race.

Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster The campaign prestige directions

Bear shortstop Castro and win a tie break the deadlock hits, of course, win key, but Ramirez's home run was really lying on the ground so that people can not afford to be a fatal blow, but the third baseman finished with two hits 2 RBI performance, is the most attractive of the batters offensive team.

Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster The campaign prestige directions, in 7 innings in no loss of points, only to be pounded 2 On the other soared out of 8 Old Mr. Chang K, completely suppressed the wearer National batter successfully won the 12 win season. In fact, entered the game, Dempster's situation was quite good, 8-moon won the match 4 games 3 wins 0 lose, 1.65 earned run average of the results, it can be said to continue the game this month, the perfect state.

National starting pitcher Marquis performance is not bad, in 7 1 / 3 innings, only to be knocked four security lost 1 point, the pitch this season and personal representative, but still could not get rid of Shuaishen Marquis entanglement, so the performance is not Yankee, won 7 lost season record 0, the number of wins yet opened.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salary up to 12 million U.S. dollars this quarter

As Tiger has long occupied a base Cabrera, first baseman of the same is bound to have its forces Dunn, guarding only control most of the early career outfield, but "the people tremble," the defense, the new owner should not lead to take the risk, DH will be better choice.

Dunn is a fixed four-rod nationals, if the trade rumors are true, general manager Mike Rizzo definitely do not want it as a taken for a ride, but the Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski has also say, then the team will not be to "short-term speculation," large tracts of abandoned farms, put away potential shares.

Salary up to 12 million U.S. dollars this quarter, the Dunn, will this year become a free agent after the season, 10-year career in sequence through the Reds, Diamondbacks, his national jersey, long-playing ability has always been the National League leader, season 23 runs, a long hit rate of 5 percent 65 were highest in the Top 3.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York Yankees official website published an e-mail from fans in Los Angeles

New York Yankees official website published an e-mail from fans in Los Angeles, questions the Yankees already have 19 wins with two quarters of the Wang, Do you need another trump card?

Yankees strive to Twins Cy Young pitcher Santana, catcher Jorge Posada and second baseman Cannone believe that: "The Yankees need an ace like Santana pitcher this."

Fans also questioned asked: "Wang While the playoffs last year by the Cleveland Indians off the hook on this game, is not it denied Wang's strength it?" Fans to support Wang.

Q & A Yankees official website said that the answer may vary, Chien-Ming Wang in the past two seasons the league cast a total of 38 wins, but people still think he should be an excellent No. 2 starting pitcher, perhaps the last American League pitcher Wang Cy Young Award balloting without a vote when he was security against rate was higher strikeout rate is too low, there are different manifestations of the elite skill, will feel the difference in produced .

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and internal, including second baseman Cannone feel the Yankees this season needs a "ACE" pitcher, CD does not represent the aspirations of all people, because there are different views on the team, left to vote Pettitte on the view that: "James is absolutely no substitute for the Yankees ace pitcher." pitcher understand that only the pitcher, Pettitte immediately come out to speak to Wang.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kennedy last year with his wife and 1-year-old son to the wife's parents Tampa Bay Florida home for Thanksgiving

The former Oakland Athletics pitcher Kennedy (Joe Kennedy), last year, died early morning on November 23, post-mortem examination report confirmed today that 28-year-old John F. Kennedy died of hypertensive heart disease.

Kennedy last year with his wife and 1-year-old son to the wife's parents Tampa Bay Florida home for Thanksgiving, Nov. 23 morning suddenly collapsed in the bathroom door, still declared dead by the hospital emergency.

Athletics doctor Pont (Allan Pont) told the San Francisco Chronicle reporters that the Kennedy family history of heart disease, cardiovascular condition of his team has been special attention on a regular basis will make a racing heart and inspection, all previous Check no abnormal conditions, so very unexpected happened.

Florida Hills Pueblo County, told the San Francisco Chronicle, forensic, toxicological tests now report Kennedy's body has not yet released, but has he classified as a natural death. Kennedy has major league ball for seven years old, his career for playing 222 games, an average ERA of 4.79.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mohsen Awards 28th "Thurman Munson Awards" banquet

Mohsen Awards 28th "Thurman Munson Awards" banquet, will present awards to five of both sportsmanship and love of the players, "Mr. Astronaut" Biggio (Craig Biggio) the most attention.

Mohsen Origin Awards: Mohsen was the New York Yankees catcher and captain of the Yankees in 1969 after budding into the 1970 rookie of the year that is, 7-Star players, was elected in 1976, the annual MVP ,1973-75 consecutive off Gold Glove Award in 1975 for a single season and win their 151-base hits, especially the Yankees "Iron Horse" Gairui Ge (Lou Gehrig) died in 1941 after 30 years vacant and Yankees captain seat until Mohsen appears only under the roof.

Mohsen love flying, August 1, 1979, Mohsen did not take advantage of soaring private jet race sailed in the sky, when the plane unexpectedly landed at fault, causing a fire, Mohsen severe body burns, died in hospital the next day, at the age of 32. Mohsen legendary 10-year, short life, so Yankee fans share the sadness, when the Yankees boss said sadly: "I will not let captain left us." Mohsen from No. 15 back in Yankees retired, always for the fans to pay homage.

After the United States "to help children slow Association" to the name of a noble personality Mohsen, set up a "Mohsen Award" Award of this society's most caring athlete, Mohsen's widow, Diana, which raised nearly eight early in the launch millions of dollars to help the many, many years to pay Biggio is love, in recent years been awarded.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The total training Hillman Royals in Japan's Ham as 5 years supervision

Japan's "Tornado," Hideo Nomo (Hideo Nomo) with the Kansas City Royals signed a one year minor league contract with pitcher Tsao Chin-hui of Taiwan living in America in spring training this year, a major league team to compete for the Royal 25 places.

The total training Hillman Royals in Japan's Ham as 5 years supervision, particularly in Asia seems to love the players. Royals after following a recent recruit Tsao, today announced the invitation to Major League disappear in two years, Hideo Nomo to participate in spring training, Royals general manager of Moore (Dayton Moore) said that "he (Nomo) was a very successful pitcher, and we prepared to give him a chance to join the ranks of our spring training to compete. ",

39-year-old Hideo Nomo has been hailed as the Japanese players to go to the pioneers of the Alliance (Trailblazer), he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1995, the first year to a tornado-like strange pitching won lost record of 13 wins 6 , was named National League Rookie of the Year title, as the light of Japan, in 1988 due to shoulder injury, was traded to the road season will be team have since launched a "Ronin" career.

Hideo Nomo battles in the major leagues for 11 years, a total of 123 wins 109 off defeat. The first Japanese player to go to the development of Major League called Murakami regular (Masanori Murakami), played for the San Francisco Giants, the time dating back to 1964-65 years, 30 years later, only by the "Nomo Tornado" to bring the wave of Japanese players to the United States , one after another 1996 Suzuki (Mac Suzuki, who played the Royals), 1997, Hasegawa zli (Shigetoshi Hasegawa), 1997 in Iran's good department show hui (Hideki Irabu), 1998 Yoshii manager (Masato Yoshii) and 1999 people Friends and (Tomo Ohka), and others followed, Nomo did not indeed.

Nomo2005 Tampa Bay Devil Rays in a Game 5 record of 19 wins 8 games lost, although since then fought with the Chicago White Sox New York Yankees, has never again been to the big leagues on Nomo's baseball career preparation program before the next period, the Royal team offering to give Nomo a comeback opportunities No wonder, then hit the Japanese media.

Nomo could Royals spring training through the challenge, squeezed in the Alliance after the beginning of the season 25 list? On the Japanese professional baseball legend, a pioneer in the United States, the hidden meaning, may be exceeded in the real value.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recently in the U.S. Major League Baseball MLB doping investigation report

Recently in the U.S. Major League Baseball MLB doping investigation report was named the Baltimore Orioles star second baseman Roberts, today admitted using steroids.

In the "Mitchell Report" was published, Roberts today accept the "Baltimore Sun" visit to break the silence: "in 2003, I injected a dose of steroids, is immediately found that I do not like this stuff do not want to continue to injection. in a single event before or after that, I have never used steroids, human growth hormone or other performance enhancing drugs. "

Mitchell reported that the Orioles 19 active or retired players to use drugs, but Roberts is Orioles team signs people today.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rollins in the 32 first-place votes received 16 affirmative

Major League Baseball (MLB) National League Most Valuable Player the Year (MVP) announced today that Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Rollins to 16 years, the smallest gap, win over the Colorado Rockies for Halladay to win this awards.

Rollins in the 32 first-place votes received 16 affirmative, Total 350 third, got 11 first place votes Halladay Total 336 points Little lost Rollins 17 points.

Rollins, now 20-year-old Philadelphia man in the history of the fifth player to win an MVP, and teammate John Howard last year after two consecutive years for the team off this honor.

Rollins this year to 139 points scored and 20 three-base hit leading the league, in addition to his two hit rate of 94 percent, and 30 home runs and 90 RBI quarter, as always fourth place at least 20 single-season home runs, 20 three-base hit, 20 doubles and 20 stolen bases playing the star.

Phillies this year, only 17 games in the regular season, the New York Mets still behind seven margin of victory, but the Phillies catch up, finally winning 73 to 89 negative boarded the NL East throne.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Although the American League Championship Series defeat depressed

Although the American League Championship Series defeat depressed, but back Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) finally Cy Young Award voting will Becket (Josh Beckett) and trodden on.

American League Cy Young Award voting results released on the 14th, Indians unexpectedly strong lefthander Shabaxiya include 19 first-place votes to score 119 points stronger at home OurGame overwhelming vote in the U.S., award-winning career's first Cy Young Award , Red Sox ace Becket super second place only to get 86 points, Angel Laatsch (John Lackey), Indians Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) separated three or four.

Although the Cy Young Award voting has nothing to do with the performance of the playoffs, but opened the regular season results, Becket 20 wins most outstanding league and was batting better than that Shabaxiya 45 2 2 into 59, you really want to pick an egg bone, probably only a small input Shabaxiya 3.27 ERA 3.21, following the vote, even in California, home Shabaxiya accidents are shouted: "I know this is the confrontation between the two men, and I have been that the award-winning people should be Josh. "

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

World Series after the end of the first two wars

World Series after the end of the first two wars, dark horse to win the momentum of the previous play Rocky, why Fenway Park abruptly by "prodding"?

International gamble as expected, reversed Unstoppable Red Sox World Series promotion, successfully grabbed the second in a row, the first two wars Rocky contrast, only 1 point each, weak firepower can attack any opponents mercy, nothing like that has play crack the playoffs seven game winning streak, and now can only look forward to the Colorado Rocky Mountains at high altitude, make little white ball fly farther, looking back some dignity to the League Championship.

Rocky is like the first two anti-war and "lame", the only team with World Series experience pioneer Tavares (Willy Taveras), two games, seven at bats all "were defeated," the first two bars of Matsui Jia It does not figure to Central, 8 to play only a few hits, not base on the first two bars, good at playing small-ball tactics of the Rockies is equal to "self-inflicted mutilation."

Face Red Sox "Euler Line," a strong challenge to the Rocky Centre against groups more than "quiet" 16 million U.S. dollars annual salary of the highest home team's Kheitan (Todd Helton), the playoffs so far against rate of less than 2 percent, far below the 3 percent of 20 regular season batting average, strong aspirations to the National League MVP season of Halladay (Matt Holliday), the second contribution to the war four hits in a single field, no choice point circle was empty, not on the Red Sox threat.

Less than rivals in the players being the case, known as Rocky can only hope, "batters heaven," said the home Coors field, can rebuild confidence against group, in fact, Rocky season record 51 home wins 31 lost, the highest in the League of Nations the highest in the last 12 home games had 11 wins, Coors Field is the Rockies players as if the last "spiritual fortress."

"Red Sox keep their home win, but we must do." Halladay confidence propaganda to his teammates: "If we can get rid of the third war began to crack down on the ebb, with the home crowd cheering, you never know what will happen! "

Effectiveness of the Yankees players age 14 season

While the outside world are optimistic about a "pure blood" of Mattingly (Don Mattingly) will be the Yankees new Renduo Zhu, the result is big reversal!

After several days of interviews, discussion, the Yankees 30 to arms will finally determine the new season Girardi (Joe Girardi) took over for the grab, "Cheng Yaojin," Mattingly disappointed, but also decided to seek free and easy to not return any bench coach, complete with Yankees Say goodbye.

Effectiveness of the Yankees players age 14 season, a six-time All-Star team, nag mark with the Yankees is almost "equal", that is not choosing the later, Mattingly released through the broker E-Mail, said: "When told After head coach candidate is Girardi, Don is very disappointed on the decision of the Yankees! "Another possible candidate Pena (Tony Pena) also identified out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

No more than two months in the big leagues playing for the Cook

Cook for the opening match of this year's Rockies starting pitcher, August 11 start against Cubs after swallowing defeat, the result of muscle tension does not delegate the minor leagues, no chance to celebrate with his teammates, "Crazy in September," Seeing the way into the medal Rocky World Series, Cook keen to meritorious deeds for the team's mood has finally been released, head coach He more (Clint Hurdle) decided to Cook pitched the fourth war.

No more than two months in the big leagues playing for the Cook while Rocky was 8 days adjustment period, starting in the battle simulation game, start slightly unstable walked the first two batters later, Cook began to recover in the past are familiar with rhythm, to solve the next 16 batters faced in 12, he said: "I feel the situation has been getting better, but after all this is the World Series, it all comes naturally, in order to not destroy the team chemistry effect is principles. "

Friday, July 30, 2010

Outstanding regular season record is not guaranteed playoff win

Outstanding regular season record is not guaranteed playoff win, can withstand the pressure of the playoffs and win on the mound can be called the "king", Becket (Josh Beckett) is leader!

American League Championship Series in Cleveland for 19 fifth war, back no retreat of the Red Sox ace Beijitedeng wielding super-board, opened a Becket career playoff results, can only "terrorist" to describe the cumulative 57.2 Board only hit in the main cast of 29 hits, defense was only 1.87, well below the 3.74 average of the regular season, Becket "Superman"-like anti-stress, will be the series back to Boston Red Sox will hope KMT.

Aged 27, Becket, in 2003 after leading the Marlins won the world title, entry into "strong cast" of forest, then faced the Marlins in the National League Championship Series Cubs, so after the first four war is also 1:3 backward, the fifth must-win battle Becket undertook a mission start, shutout nine innings soared out 11K, the Marlins won 4-0 and lost the smooth reversal of 4 wins 3 out of Bear.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American League Championship Series moved to Cleveland 16

"Having an old, if a treasure", have reached the fourth decade of Lofton (Kenny Lofton), to demonstrate the age of 40 is still a live dragon!

American League Championship Series moved to Cleveland 16, the third war confrontation, "the old Scud" Lofton this time not to speed to help Indians, two Board seats face the Red Sox ends up playing "Heisei Monster" Daisuke Matsuzaka, a bar sweep a large right field wall, winning two points lay the foundation gun, re-tearing the Red Sox wrapped up the Indians 4:2, 2:1 series lead.

40-year-old still roam in the field, did not see an old, face to face after the game with fans asked Lofton: "really 40 years old?" He laughed, and answered: "No! I feel as young as 25 years old ! "

Lofton 1992 Major League steps in the Indian firm, from 1992 to 1996 season, Lofton ran a total of 325 stolen bases, an average of 65 times a year to create a record of stolen bases, fast legs reputed in the power of rivers and lakes However, after 2002, Lofton lost to years of violence, grades started dropping, major league start, "Ronin" career, White Sox, Giants, Cubs, Pirates, Yankees and other teams have had Lofton footprint, until the end of July Cai Bei Rangers deal, Indians second time frying his former team.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamondbacks today in the Cy Young Award winner last year

Diamondbacks today in the Cy Young Award winner last year, Webber sent a start, beat Rockies line unexpectedly Quedui helpless, especially Gerpe let him out in the third when two hits and knocked two points, so that in one fell swoop with the Bureau Los Angeles the lower third.

Gerpe sixth knocked a base hit then, so Webber lowered leaving the scene.

Webber gave opponents a total of seven hits, losing a quarter, and another two walks.

Diamondbacks fans home unhappy referees greatly scale, have hold to boo, or even throw bottles and cans to the field, matches were suspended for ten minutes.

Upton Diamondbacks suspected interference in base-running Los Angeles when the Japanese second baseman Kazuo Matsui passing first base, put out, so Diamondbacks to complete a controversial key double play, which open the soda fans, Meng Hush referee.

The second war at home tomorrow is still a rattlesnake.

Friday, July 23, 2010

In all the experts are still pondering why the Arizona Diamondbacks won the playoff tickets

In all the experts are still pondering why the Arizona Diamondbacks won the playoff tickets, they have quickly resolved the Chicago Cubs. Diamondbacks win 5-1 today and then will be swept out of Bear, has become the first team to qualify for district championship team.

The first bar of a Council on Yonge Diamondbacks (Chris Young) I hit a home run on to the first starting pitcher to Bear Hill (Rich Hill) played rough, and then followed by the Zulu (Stephen Drew) and Upton (Justin Upton) of hits and scored 2 points. 4 Bureau of the rattlesnake captured bases loaded, Burns (Eric Byrnes) and then roll back to Earth the first 3 points. The sixth and ninth are relying on Burns, and a solo home run Zulu additional insured points.

Bear has a lot of today's attack, relying on Hernandez Diamondbacks starting pitcher (Livan Hernandez) point instability, Cubs may point circle repeatedly captured, but only in the fourth relying on De Luosha (Mark DeRosa) and Jones (Jacque Jones) of successive hits, and Hom Murdoch's grounder scored a game-only 1 point, the audience left nine on base. Three slugger Suoliannuo (Alfonso Soriano), Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) and Derek Lee (Derrek Lee) a total of 38 bats only hit six hits, 1 percent against 78 of the very poor rate of Cubs swept out the door of the main reasons.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A. Cabrera fired a spring under the three Board home run with a ratio of form 1 to 4

A. Cabrera fired a spring under the three Board home run with a ratio of form 1 to 4, while Wang Haffner and martini after another to solve Aberdeen, but was Jiake hit the hits, but fortunately for the construction Tsai Pei Latta hit a fly ball to right field then killed out; Yankees replaced in the four inning Kano bomb hit the spring, both the gap back to two.

4 Bureau of the second half, Lofton then kill the ball fly right field, Wang Quedui Gutileizi cast walks, this is his 3rd Grand Fortunately, Blake first hit infield grounder, Guti Lei hereby ban on second base before it was built Tsai Sezi Mo struck out, the end of the next four pitches.

The Yankees had the opportunity to form a five-inning scoring overall, Abuleiyou hit a RBI base hit, A-Rod was intentionally walked extruded full base, the Yankees only one out, but Posada was first struck, Hideki Matsui hit only boats ball out the infield, the Yankees miss the opportunity ahead.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One side in September was also the first one behind the team won 7 games is poor

One side in September was also the first one behind the team won 7 games is poor, but in the season the last 1 day "usurper" successful, on the other side is the end of the quarter of 15 battle 14 wins, "overtime" a field grabbed a wild card qualification Philadelphia Phillies and the Colorado Rockies this combination was the most incredible ball commentary that, but perhaps also the most exciting play against.

Opener is a lefty duel, Rocky launched array ace Francis (Jeff Francis) starting on the Holmes on the Phillies (Cole Hamels). Francis won 17 regular season wins this year, lost 9, ERA 4.22, Holmes is 15 wins and 5 defeat, ERA 3.39.

Francis this year's first issue on the Phillies game 2 games to swallow a defeat, a total investment of 8.1 only gave up 20 hits Bureau, lost 14 points are all mad ERA, ERA up to 15.14!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Martinez pitched seven Bureau, only gave up seven hits and three points and send 8 Old Mr. Chang K

Recent sluggish New York Mets, New York time on the 28th sent Martinez (Pedro Martinez) start, hope to rebound, helpless against group does not help, and closing to 0-3 loss to St. Louis Cardinals; the other side, Phillies to 6:4 victory over the Atlanta Braves, catch up with the city, with 87 wins and 72 lost the first tie for the NL East, the future not yet determined who would qualify days.

Martinez pitched seven Bureau, only gave up seven hits and three points and send 8 Old Mr. Chang K, but the rival Cardinals starting pitcher Panni Luo (Joel Pineiro) performance is more excellent, being only 8 innings hit three hits, struck out 6 opponents, the total suppression of anti-city group, grabbed the first six wins this season, Terminator Yi Silin Stockhausen (Jason Isringhausen) won the season is the 31st save.

15 days ago, the Metropolitan is still exclusive top of the NL East leading Phillies second margin of victory of 7 games, but the city lost 14 games the past 10 games, seven game losing streak at home is, the situation arouses concern, especially cattle frequently carrying gasoline shed fire play is the main cause of the ailing city.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The two sides duel after 5 hours of hard, spent a total of 18 pitchers

Yankees 23, Taipei time war in the first 2 rounds of Bluebird, the two sides present gap is war, then a playoff, Yankees in the 10th Council, the relying Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) hit a goodbye hits to 12:1 beat the Blue Jays, pulled one back in the AL East with the Red Sox still have the 2 ½ games.

The two sides duel after 5 hours of hard, spent a total of 18 pitchers, the Yankees sent a total of 10 pitchers, including the long missing Igawa, winning is the 10th pitcher to win any of Castans (Jeff Karstens), " how to overcome the pitching was a big enough challenge, "Yankees manager Joe Torre (Torre), said:" especially in the bullpen last night, nearly all free up our bare. "

RBI Wang A-ROD this Adds 3 RBI, 146 RBI this season accumulate, creating a career high. "This we must win, if lost would have been (Red Sox) widening gap, especially after losing last night," A-ROD said: "This seems to match the weight of prostitutes, who you have to feel the beat last fight will win. "

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Joe Blanton was bombed on a start

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies (10) in the home game against the Cincinnati Reds played a large reversal in the next coming down 6 points 9 Board tied, and finally Ryan Howard belted 10 Board goodbye 2 points under the gun, and closing on the Phillies 9 to 7 win over the Reds, hard-won nearly 10 games 4 wins.

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Joe Blanton was bombed on a start, Reds Jonny Gomes out in a one, when third base was, blasted a 3-bar shot lead. 2 Bureau of the Reds after the capture of the two out bases loaded, the last of the hits by Gomes scored 1 point.

4 Bureau, the Phillies relied on Raul Ibanez and continuous Howard hits a sacrifice fly with 1 minute recovery. But the Reds Miguel Cairo bureau in 5 pound out two RBI doubles, 9 Bureau of the Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake also know their hits, the number of rewriting than 7 to 1.

Leake Council today only the first 8 of 84 balls, cast 1 Sisi Qiu 3 strikeouts, gave up five hits and only lost 1 point. However, the explosion was under 9 Council, addressed only one batter was hit in the four hits, including Shane Victorino's start in doubles play and Greg Dobbs of 3 guns and lost four minutes after exit.

Friday, July 9, 2010

When Red Sox pitcher Recchi were almost knocked a home run fly out of the wall's base hit

When Red Sox pitcher Recchi were almost knocked a home run fly out of the wall's base hit, we all know Ximannizi situation today is really a problem. The most then send an RBI of hits, the Ximannizi to lose the identity of the candidates voted to send end.

Again this is only one thing: No pitcher will not be ringing off the hook in!

But ultimately, Ximannizi escaped defeat to vote. Because the bottom of the ninth, and replaced with the Terminator School Pak The Red Sox (Jonathan Papelbon) off the hook! He came close, the first batter to face Stewart (Ian Stewart), a second goal tied the home run was blasted, which is sent Bo only the second time this season this year, the rescue failed. But the nightmare goes on, and pinch of veteran Jason Giambi (Jason Giambi) and then blasted two home runs points Goodbye, Los Angeles wins performance reversed to 8:6 gas to go Red Sox.

The Ximannizi Although off the hook, his results still remain at 13 wins and 1 negative. With quasi-Hall of Fame pitchers Shimo Zi (John Smoltz) in the same season in 1996, starting in 15 games, the record is 13 wins and 1 negative (24 wins to 8 year Shimo Zi negative for income, won the national League Cy Young Award). But his astonishing ERA, rose to 1.60, still leading the major leagues, but not before 1.15 so incredible Bale. After all, he is a person, not a machine!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 Bureau to put Tiger in the Ni Fude relay the results of his bureau in the next 6 also attacked

5 Bureau to put Tiger in the Ni Fude relay the results of his bureau in the next 6 also attacked, struck dead start, the Metropolitan Pagan, Wright, Ike Davis knocked three hits and even then Jason Bay make up a sacrifice fly, In this Board also scored 3 points. Last Ni Fude pitched 3 innings to cast two strikeouts, gave up four hits and lost 3 points.

Hits with 10 games to hit the Pagan, 6 bat today, knocked four hits, scored four runs batted in, differing only in home runs to reach full combat. The original city center fielder Carlos Beltran has been in the minor leagues for rehabilitation game, will rejoin soon, he was injured in center field during the top of the next zone of the Pagan said: "I thinking about doing my best to help the team win the ball. "

In addition to Pagan addition, Wright also had three hits and two RBI hit a few 3 the contribution of the other 2 were against all walked. In addition, Jose Reyes, Davis also had three hits in a single field performance. The Detroit Tigers pitching the audience to cast 7 Sisi Qiu, including 3 touch itself, but also help the city hand. Jim Leyland Tiger coach after the game, said: "This is really ugly."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Major League Baseball, Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Zuma Ya entire season injury claims

Major League Baseball, Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Zuma Ya entire season injury claims, the bullpen tight, but Ni Fude or not the opportunity to vote to send less than one bureau has lost a quarter of four walks, and closing of four tiger than 11 defeat to the Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox for another four to three Lectra Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals with eight shutout Arizona Diamondbacks zero.

Tiger Gulalajia Bureau lost the first four fifth, with three to five behind the Twins, Mauer of five Ni Fude play after they got hits relief, struck out three consecutive slider left to play mogno, but then walked the Kober, was again left field and win their doubles Library Dell lost two points, Ni Fude struck out tome after another intentional walks Yonge, but still walks Ponto, and then clear the history of Pan and win triples light Lei Bao, Ni Fude walked again after Hudson exit, facing eight batters walked four cast lost a quarter of all ERA, ERA rose to 6.65.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Under the White Sox last nine innings great counterattack

Under the White Sox last nine innings great counterattack, so Mameng (Carlos Marmol) cast a little shake, a, second base was the case Beckham (Gordon Beckham) base hit and Pierre (Jian Pierre) of hits for the White socks recover 3 points, but unfortunately Liou Si (Alex Rios) finally struck out, let the White Sox left sorry.

Although the suspension of 11 straight White Sox, but this is the best performance since 49 years, the White Sox hit a 12-game winning streak in 1961, after the game first baseman Kena Ke (Paul Konerko), said: "This is a good result, I am glad that we fight to the last moment. "White Sox 11 wins, but also allow them the AL Central is now only 1.5 games behind the first place Twins.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obviously a good performance the Orioles play

Obviously a good performance the Orioles play, you have to let them behind Caixing. 3 points behind at one time under the circumstances, the Orioles he just come from behind to 4 to 3 toppled the nationals, but the Orioles only victory in this series, and are reversed staged show, and sweeping down to 1-point nationals.

Behind 6 points can be reversed, today (28) "only" 3 points behind, the Orioles make sense can not win. The three-Lien interesting situation occurs, that is, the Orioles are in the 3 games come from behind to win the first battle was once behind 6 points 1, 2 5 points behind the war once, 3 once war is 3 points behind, but No matter how adverse the situation, as the Orioles are playing to the performance of materials, relying on the spirit will not give up the national sweep.

In fact, in the face of people before the Orioles and Marlins in the final three battle Lien Chan, also in the case of 3 points behind the game comeback, the Orioles hit a new high of four straight season, all with a reversal The way to win.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The series was originally conducted in the Blue Jays home

Today, Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays to start inter-Union 3 Lien opener, the Phillies ace pitcher Harold introduced wearing (Roy Halladay) to face his former team, he pitched seven Council has not lost points, with teammate fire quite similar, and closing the Phillies to win 9 to 0, while Harold Daishun Li won the first nine wins, also suspended the previous three-game losing streak.

The series was originally conducted in the Blue Jays home, but G20 summit is being held in Toronto, for safety reasons, a large Union, Xisailige (Bud Selig) decided to replace the space between the two sides pulled Philadelphia game, but still Blue Jays as the home team, interesting is the "home" was packed to Blue Jays fans booed wait on.

Halladay start the first first few teammates did not join in fire, often giving his vote in quality starts becoming lost, but fortunately with today's team-mate quite, the whole laying 9 points, plus he pitched seven inning and win 6 hits, 4 strikeouts a cast walks not lose any points, while the bullpen has not lost back-2 Board minutes, the audience for Blue Jays scored Kaohsiung.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Butterfly Ball was fraudulently obtained yesterday of turning the Detroit Tigers beat line

Butterfly Ball was fraudulently obtained yesterday of turning the Detroit Tigers beat line, today (25) with 12 hits and scored six points, including Magglio Ordonez and Ryan Raburn's home run, 6 to 5 win over the New York Mets, after the looting in the two game losing streak win the next one, from the misfortune of being swept.

Tigers 2-5 today rod knocked 10 hits, very intense fire, and pioneer Austin Jackson Although there is no performance hits, but the first play I would choose to send, and then rely on Raburn's hits and Miguel Cabrera's sacrifice fly, the first rush under 1 minute. 2 Council on, Ordonez Zeyi gun widening gap between the 2 points. cheap mlb jerseys

Although under the Metropolitan Board relied on Jesus Feliciano 4, and David Wright hits a continuous recovery of 1 minute, but Raburn 5 inning solo shot to start, then fill the Tiger hitters 2 hits 2 walks and 6 than the rewrite than a few 1.

Top 5 Board only lost 1 minute of Tiger starter Armando Galarraga, under the conditions in the 6 Board, an up to vote on the Jose Reyes walked out, followed by another after another was knocked three hits, including Wright's base hit in the This Board lost 3 points.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Atlanta after the warm-up match today for the first time in spring training debut

Celeron giant cast Glavine (Tom Glavine) back to Atlanta after the warm-up match today for the first time in spring training debut, away on the astronauts in Houston, Glavine pitched 2 2 strikeouts Council cast the only defects was pounded spring home runs, while Warriors 9 inning 4 marks to show even reversed, and closing is a 7-5 win.

As of 1987, like 2002, when, wearing jersey No. 47 Warriors play Glavine start, a Council would be awarded half of a rival start 2 consecutive shots astronaut pioneers of Bern (Michael Bourn ) face Glavine's first three shots is a tricky slider was strikeout swing fall.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boston Red Sox ace Beckett (Josh Beckett) can serve as the opening match of a starting pitcher

Boston Red Sox ace Beckett (Josh Beckett) can serve as the opening match of a starting pitcher, is still a question mark, he was scheduled to be played in the Florida Marlins yesterday, but the time investment made in training before the lower back cramps, so Red Sox starting pitcher temporary replacement.

Today, he told the Red Sox, the time of the morning wake up feeling much better, and a series of checks have to prove that he is not too serious problem, although sometimes he will feel uncomfortable, but Beckett may soon back on the field.

In fact, Beckett said his team last week Jiugen lower back problems, but the Red Sox do not think there was anything unusual problem, and now they know the seriousness, and Red Sox will not rush to play him until he does not feel the pain so far.

While head coach Falankena (Terry Francona) would very much like the king of his soon recovery play, but the league-leading 20 wins last year, the pitcher, Falankena feel better or be more careful.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Although the MLS game and not the same as Japan and South Korea

Although the MLB game and not the same as Japan and South Korea, there are no draws in the season, every game must determine the winner, but spring training game is a draw game allowed.

Therefore, on March 15 for the United States, Major League Baseball games in China in the first game, the Dodgers George in a bar - Lombard hit a home run record, once the leading case of 2 points could not hold to seal the victory, was the Padres in the second half with 8 Council to fight the three-base hit tied the score, eventually the two sides to 3:3 end of the first battle. cheap mlb jerseys

Dodgers pre-emptive

Wukesong Baseball Field in Beijing today, the weather pretty good, hot, but there is some wind. South Korea and from the United States, many fans came to watch the battle scene.

Dodgers sent a former South Korean pitcher Chan Ho Park King of class as a starter, while the Padres pitcher is Justin - Jimanlinuo.

The first Board retreat where the two sides are not able to score three. Dodge first strike the second game, in one out later, the Dodgers play two recorded hits, double the base, but the subsequent appearance of 7 bar and 8 bar did not hit timely hits, resulting in two men on base.

3 Jushang Ban, one out in the Dodgers after the fight back to the first pick, No. 22 George - Padres pitcher Lombard spotted the first ball is fiercely a stick the ball in the cheers of the fans direct flight to the center field bleachers, was a long-awaited resumption of foreign fans the ball into his gloves. As the MLS Cup in China's first home run ball, which certainly can be a valuable baseball that fans are very rare collections and beautiful memories.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Boston Red Sox's recent decision to go to Japan in 2008 season opening game list

Boston Red Sox's recent decision to go to Japan in 2008 season opening game list, including 13 pitchers, three catchers, eight infielder, six outfielders, a total of 30 people.

Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield (Tim wakefield) and Bakehuozi (Clay Buchholz) will be held March 22-23 with the Japanese Professional Baseball Team exhibition games start, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Liszt (Jon Lester) will be 3 25-26 and the Oakland Athletics as the season opening game starter.

Red Sox season in the United States will be the first game in Oakland on April 1 is the face of Athletics, to the lineup when the two teams will return to normal 25.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cast advantage has left Kuo has always been considered to be very talented player

Cast advantage has left Kuo has always been considered to be very talented player, but he has moved four times elbow surgery, 2 is Tommy John ligament replacement surgery, 2 is to remove debris, most recently in last year summer. cheap MLB jerseys
Last season he had most likely as a Dodge No. 5 starter candidate, but because of shoulder injuries missed opportunity issues, in the 8-year professional baseball career, he has only voted in 265 bureaux, most of which in 2006, he voted 112.2 Authority.

Spring training this year, he voted only to be hit 7.2 Board 3 hits and lost 2 points, the match was only 1 percent against 25, Torre did not want to give up on this, but the problem is that the current Dodge 5 start his position seems to have no His elbow has not restored soon, so that he can work as a bullpen relay, if the Dodgers do not trade him out of next week, then he might as long relay and starter role.

Kuo's future because of numerous wounded soldiers infielder and become more complex, this will affect the

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yankees games this season the first three order of starting pitcher

Yankees coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi), said: "We want to observe Pettitte Sunday feeling, we have to make sure he is no problem."

Yankees games this season the first three order of starting pitcher Chien-Ming Wang, muszyna (Mike Mussina) and Hughes (Phil Hughes).

Friday, June 11, 2010

Game, the Warriors to Hudson (Tim Hudson) for the start

Game, the Warriors to Hudson (Tim Hudson) for the start of the National team returned to Perez (Odalis Perez) start.

2 starts, Perez voted in five Board, lost 1; Hudson voted Qi Ju, lost 2 points.

The key of the ninth inning, 9, the Warriors Takesila (Mark Teixeira) first hit base hit, and then on the third base by fielder's choice, she looks about to draw the game period, the Nationals catcher Lo Duca (Paul Lo Duca) passing errors, tied for Takesila capture more than a few.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Light of the victory the pitcher is starting Suonasiting (1 win 0 lose),

And took over the party Cosworth (Kyle Farnsworth) was again Pena (Carlos Pena) made up on a solo shot, light the audience and win their 15 hits scored 13 points.

Light of the victory the pitcher is starting Suonasiting (1 win 0 lose), he pitched 6 inning hit six hits in 3 innings on only lost 4 points, while Jason Giambi's base hit, he continuously solution of 10 batters, and then to Wheeler (Dan Wheeler), he took only four balls to end the Qiju half.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The entire Mariners hit three hits and did not score,

Combat, the Rays hit 10 hits, center fielder Arp soup (BJUpton) 5 number 1 hits and two RBI hit, third baseman JI (Eric Hinske) 4 at bats a hair spring home run, catcher Di Folai West (Mike DiFelice) 4 hits and 3 RBI hit number 2. mlb jerseys

The entire Mariners hit three hits and did not score, the Japanese star Ichiro Suzuki in center field number 3, 0 hits, 0 RBI hit.

Rays wrapped up a 7 to 0 victory over the Mariners in the race to avoid being swept three even made a record in wins and 2 losses.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins at home and three Lien Chan

Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins at home and three Lien Chan, yesterday was the first battle on the Twins ace pitcher Hernandez (Livan Hernandez) of the blockade, cheap MLB jerseys again today was Bonser (Boof Bonser) suppression, and closing is to 0:2 was the second straight Twins shutout.

And the New York Yankees since the last of a three-Lien, a bureau in the second half was 1 point, the Royal aliasing against a sudden, has not scored for 26 Council, and also swallow their third straight.

Bonser Twins starting pitcher before the 4 Board is no-hitter until the second half of five Caibei Geluo De (Ross Gload) and win the first one hits, he pitched 6 Board only been playing 3 hits, 2 walks 4 strikeouts.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins at home and three Lien Chan

Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins at home and three Lien Chan, yesterday was the first battle on the Twins ace pitcher Hernandez (Livan Hernandez) of the blockade, again today was Bonser (Boof Bonser) suppression, and closing is to 0:2 was the second straight Twins shutout.

And the New York Yankees since the last of a three-Lien, a bureau in the second half was 1 point, the Royal aliasing against a sudden, has not scored for 26 Council, and also swallow their third straight.

Bonser Twins starting pitcher before the 4 Board is no-hitter until the second half of five Caibei Geluo De (Ross Gload) and win the first one hits, he pitched 6 Board only been playing 3 hits, 2 walks 4 strikeouts.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blow, the Phillies center fielder Wordsworth (Jayson Werth) against rate of 4 into 21

Blow, the Phillies center fielder Wordsworth (Jayson Werth) against rate of 4 into 21, hit a home run five RBI, star second baseman Wu Teli (Chase Utley) against rate of 3 into 33, hit three home runs and nine RBI, left fielder Burrell (Pat Burrell) against rate of 3 into 59, hit four home runs and 13 RBI, star first baseman Howard (Ryan Howard) has so far not angry, batting 1 into 91, hit three home runs and six RBI.

Astros first baseman Berkman (Lance Berkman) against rate of 3 into 11, hit four home runs and 10 RBI, left fielder Carlos Lee (Carlos Lee) against rate of 2 into 69, hit three home runs and five RBIs, shortstop Tejada (Miguel Tejada) against rate of 3 into 19, hit two home runs and nine RBI, third baseman Blue (Geoff Blum) rate of 2 percent against 73, hit 2 homers and five RBI.

Phillies 7, the current record six wins second defeat the NL East. Astros record 5 wins and 8 defeated the National League Central Division cellar.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The light starter Sears (James Shields) with Hernandez about the performance

This year, unbeaten Minnesota Twins ace pitcher Hernandez (Livan Hernandez), today at home against Tampa Bay Rays 4 game winning streak to challenge the open season, he pitched 6 inning hit eight hits, including three issued lost 5 home runs, but only 3 are ERA, MLB jerseys and wins the final vote passing.

The light starter Sears (James Shields) with Hernandez about the performance, Council voted 5 to play eight hits and lost by 5 points, is only 3 points is the ERA, has nothing to do borderline; of five in the second half Ray Barrett shortstop (Jason Bartlett) storms pass first base, so that his former teammate Mengnuo (Justin Morneau) and Kober (Jason Kubel) Back to home plate scoring, Twins 5:3 lead, but the light in the sixth inning Rui relying on Higgins (Shawn Riggans) equalized the 2-run homer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kennedy on the first pitcher in a hard-won recovery level

Kennedy on the first pitcher in a hard-won recovery level, but today they are turning back, only 2.2 Board voted, 5 to send send, beaten five hits, including Millar (Kevin Millar) in three half H Council a solo home run out, lose the 4 points are ERA, Kennedy (0 wins and 2 losses) the number of losses Adds a field, ERA rose to 9.64.

Is not consistent against the Yankees lost more recently won the main reason for less, many scoring opportunities today are not controlled, a third rod Jushang Ban Jeter (Derek Jeter) two-out hit after hit third base, the next Rod A-Rod hit a infield hits before pitcher on base, but could not get back to Jeter, and then keep a base today, the fifth bar of Posata (Jorge Posada) hit infield ground ball out the end.

Monday, May 24, 2010

1 National Team baseman Johnson (Nick Johnson) will be played back in a two-run homer the next

1 National Team baseman Johnson (Nick Johnson) will be played back in a two-run homer the next, and they will get 1 point 6. Bear Ensemble at 3 on 5 and 8 on the 1 point each. MLB jerseys

Holcim was hit home runs (Bob Howry) was voted the game's defeat (0 wins and 2 losses), the National Team, the first five pitchers, and last pitcher Lurgi (Jon Rauch) is the winning pitcher (2 wins 0 failure).

Friday, May 21, 2010

As Wang Ju Shangban one out of five, it suddenly with catcher Mo Lina (Jose Molina)

As Wang Ju Shangban one out of five, it suddenly with catcher Mo Lina (Jose Molina) said that his right hand is not comfortable, Yankees coaches and athletic staff have rushed the mound to see how in the end, and after inspection After Chien-Ming Wang to remain in court, though walked Burke (Jamie Burke), but then the next bar to hit a double play hit Beitakete the end of this half Bureau, now the Yankees can not withstand another injured key players.

6 Office Building, Aberdeen, after casting their exit, the last 3 innings by the side Siwo Si (Kyle Farnsworth), Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) and the patron saint of Rivera (Mariano Rivera) join forces blockaded the sailor's offensive half of the Yankees eight innings and then add 2 points, Wang pitcher hand.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giants third baseman Kasitiluo (Jose Castillo) to face his former team hit 3 home runs

Giants third baseman Kasitiluo (Jose Castillo) to face his former team hit 3 home runs, first baseman Ole Calabria (Rich Aurilia) 4 hits and 1 RBI hit number 3.

Pirates team wrapped up a 2 to 6, with game three MLB jerseys win over the Giants get a win 0 lose.

Pirates starting pitcher Duke (Zach Duke) pitched 7.1 inning hit eight hits and lost 3 points and the win, record a win and 2 losses. Giants starting pitcher Sang Chevalier (Jonathan Sanchez) pitched 4.1 inning hit six hits and lost 7 points, to swallow the failure to vote, record 2 wins and 2 losses.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bottom of the ninth angel put on the history of Bill (Justin Speier) rescue the outset Arp soup base hits

In fact, good ethics Angels starting pitcher (Jon Garland) has performed quite well, pitched eight Board three walks in two strikeouts and only four scattered hits being played no mistake, but unfortunately rival Sears cast so well Jia Lun independent victory or defeat.

Bottom of the ninth angel put on the history of Bill (Justin Speier) rescue the outset Arp soup base hits, hit one, then Pena (Carlos Pena) roll to sacrifice to him with second base, three balls later, Longgeliya blasted 4 home runs this season with two RBIs MLB jerseys in the end of the race.

Sears (4 wins and 2 losses) won the Yankee, the history of Bill (0 wins and 2 losses) are unfortunately losing the war swallowed.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Padres and Rockies at home and Lien Chan Halo 3

Padres and Rockies at home and Lien Chan Halo 3, Padres starting pitcher Young (Chris Young) voted in a strike, leading the Padres to the Rockies 6-1 win, with two 3 Wars, the landlord Padres 2 wins and 1 defeat to win.

Young cast in this game 6.0 Board, the Rockies face 24 batters, was hit five hits, two walks, struck out seven batters, only lost 1 point 7 on the ERA, won the Season 3 wins (3 lost).

Monday, May 17, 2010

New York Yankees to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays played the road team

New York Yankees to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays played the road team, the fourth series of four wars, the first three games the Devil Rays 2 to 1.

One Council, the Devil Rays starting second baseman Akinori Iwamura troops first home run I hit.

3 Bureau, the Devil Rays captured bases loaded no one out, left fielder MLB jersey Crawford (Carl Crawford) with a sacrifice fly RBI.

4 Board, the Devil Rays catcher Reagan Williams (Shawn Riggans) belted two-run homer.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Los Angeles Angels starting lefthander Sanders (Joe Saunders) Although the body a little uncomfortable

Los Angeles Angels starting lefthander Sanders (Joe Saunders) Although the body a little uncomfortable, but his pitch was still very sharp today, almost shutout performance until the bottom of the ninth Caibei Chicago White Sox scored 1 minute exit and closing Angel is a 3:1 end of the recent White Sox host the 8 game winning streak, won the first 1 3 Lien Sheng, Sanders also 8 wins and Daisuke Matsuzaka tied the American League first.

Start the game the White Sox right-hander floating Lloyd (Gavin Floyd) and Saunders pitching performances exciting battle, although the performance floating Lloyd finished his career first vote, three strikeouts 4 walks, and only beaten 3 hits, but five Jushang Ban's let him taste the bitter fruit of turbulence.

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Giants in this blow also good, with 12 hits

Giants in this blow also good, with 12 hits, more than the Marlins 2, center fielder Lao Ende (Aaron Rowand) 4, 4,2 still play two-run homer, individuals in this 3 RBI games, but since the Marlins lost to the 4 home runs.

Giants starting pitcher Meath its investment and a 4.1 Board was replaced, was hit seven hits, fell 7 points ERA, starting five games this season, is still unknown pitcher taste (0 wins and 1 loss) ; Marlins starting pitcher (Mark Hendrickson), starting 5.0 Board voted, was hit nine hits to drop a 5 ERA, won lucky 7 win season ( 2 losses).

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He is currently the location of the All-Star Game vote catcher which

Chicago Cubs rookie catcher Sordo (Geovany Soto) have the opportunity to create a National League All-Star Game history!

He is currently the location of the All-Star Game vote catcher which, to date, to 343,427 votes ahead of all other predecessors, has been leading in the end if he would become the National League history to a feast in this summer in the rookie as the starting catcher.

Bear in addition to cable and more, the outfielder Kosuke Fukudome and Shaliyanuo (Alfonso Soriano) is also a good chance, and now they vote separated the two in the outfield one or two, this year is expected to play the Cincinnati Reds 600 H outfielder Griffey Jr. (Ken Griffey Jr.) behind in third.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Last season, Gelandesen became the first major league history

Last season, Gelandesen became the first major league history, won three in a season of 20-base hit, 20 three-base hit 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases a player. However, in the halo of these achievements, he cast the face of the left, hit rate of only 0.16. Starting pitcher in the left vote, he actually only discharged to playing online in the eighth or ninth. Sometimes, Leyland will let him bench. "Now, we need to promote his progress. This is what I want him to do." Leyland said, "I will not let him face the left when the bench cast. He must be tempered by a period of time, This is the only way. "He has made progress on the left to vote. This season, he faced lefthander has won 20 hits. "In the first few years, many people do not understand," Leyland said, "so that their status and stability, they can build confidence. In fact, you need to turn the page, and then continue forward. And that is what I to do. " mlb jerseys

Friday, May 7, 2010

Petrone Matingnizi city in Houston will re-board the mound

4. Responsive. Would like to see them all? It concerns the daily updated MLB video bar.

5. Petrone Matingnizi city in Houston will re-board the mound.

6. The Phillies have to face that KAILE "I love St. Louis Cardinals" Ross. This has just been traded to the Cardinals pitcher before the Phillies are surprisingly negative record of 12 wins 3. Victory in three games after sweeping the Nationals, Phillies to the advantage of a row of first place in the NL East. mlb jerseys

7. Chicago Cubs. Think they have the opportunity to regain a full World Series championship after 100, but you always pay attention to the daily combat bulletin. Chicago fans may stay away from local people the right to more than Chicago.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The ball is very obedient, is working to my liking

The ball is very obedient, is working to my liking, I will try to continue. "More specifically, the ball adapted Yibananzi strong stick." Difficult out, "said Rui Geman said," He hit the ball to second base on several occasions, one night down in center field, the ball card there was. "

Pitcher Rob. Mladic performed well, he did not start two points by the impact of Qiju have voted with high quality within the ball, thanks to his victory. "I started well," Dickey said, "Of course, I want to get the win, but it does not matter, my team won. This is very good. This gave the team energy."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Monday when the fifth game, he withdrew because of deltoid muscle inflammation

Last Monday when the fifth game, he withdrew because of deltoid muscle inflammation. He received magnetic resonance imaging, and then went to Flo Rida, and finally because of tendinitis in rotation on the injured list Wednesday. However, Chamberlain said he was not worried about his injury. "I can put into the 99 step," he said, "but the feeling I've never had, I would like to ascertain." Chamberlain expected in August is not a large return potential, especially because of his Yankee intensive care. But he was confident that, had tried to go back.

"I will not speculate when he came back, this is not to give him any pressure," Zhou Ji Ladi Yankee manager said, "when players clear their wounds, they may want to come back the next day. But we To this careful consideration. "

Chamberlain this season, starting 12 times, 20 times the rescue, was shot 3 times 4 times defeated vote wins, ERA was 2.63.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Both teams have some frustrated, but we must then hit

"Both teams have some frustrated, but we must then hit," Youkilis said, "all out before the end of the 27 must be crushed."

This is a special night. Red Sox defeat the current 51 to 69 wins ranks second in the AL East, behind top-ranked team the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3 games. "We need this game. We are very relaxed." Ortiz said, "We need two months to know what the outcome of this season. This game mobilize emotions propel us forward." mlb jersey

Friday, April 30, 2010

Now the center fielder to shoulder length hair

Manny a two-week delay in the hair problem was solved. Dodge arrived in court Thursday before he went to Los Angeles barber shop, he cut the famous curly string about 1 inch. Good reason to go after him immediately Week Toll's office manager looked at him. mlb jersey

Now the center fielder to shoulder length hair, no longer used to serve as the back cover ball "Ramirez" was.

"He cut a little bit," Toll said, "In the beginning I told him that how important your hair in the end? He said, you think I haircut? I said, I hope you sort them. I would like to He listened to me. "Thor left the room, they might talk to, he said," Thor said as Billy, this is a process. "

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bo Xiwa Rangers will also accept the plastic surgeon Kats treatment

Sunday night or Monday morning, Bo Xiwa Rangers will also accept the plastic surgeon Kats treatment, decide if he needs arthroscopic surgery Endoscopic surgery is not required. Bo Xiwa recovery treatment needs about 2-4 weeks. If he can avoid surgery, recovery may also be decreased. Bo Xiwa said Sunday he was encouraged by training. "Cast about 30," Bo Xiwa said, "I can not pitch, but if I have the same progress tomorrow, I can cast."

Bo Xiwa 2 wins this year's results are negative 27 0 rescue success rate of 3.69 ERA. 351 times in his career ranked seventh in the league overall. In his rescue of the game, Devil Rays 32 wins 0 negative.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Padres starting pitcher Josh Banks in the first game has suffered under pressure

Into the ninth inning, the Diamondbacks leading 7:3, Terminator Brandon. Lyon debut, although this will not let him get a record of successful rescue. He has been a week without throwing up. "I think he is not that just may rescue the situation before the success of the lingua franca of the people," Melvin said, "I think he did not need passionate people." Either because a week does not throw rusty, or lack of motivation His fastball hit in continuously into hits, almost into a rescue situation was. One out, bases loaded, Adrian ‧ Gonzalez's first base hit in center field for the Padres Adds two points, the ball almost led to the Diamondbacks in the disaster. Chess. Haide Li followed a record first base hit to right field Kevin ‧ Kuzmanov score back to home plate. Only one point behind the priest. Melvin replaced Tony. Pena, Henderson Jelinek added a ground ball an out, and finally Lewis. Luolikuizi fly ball in center field ended the game. This is the second time this season, Pena save. mlb jerseys

Padres starting pitcher Josh Banks in the first game has suffered under pressure. He walked the first three batters Council, including an intentional walks. Diamondbacks starting pitcher for them Doug. Davis made four point lead. "The advantage of a quarter to make it easier to pitch." Davis said. However, he did not pitch very well, second game was two points away. But he gradually entered the state, the main cast of the sixth inning Caibei replaced. "Only walked two, and three before the start than the very good," he said, "prior to also seize the end of a strikeout."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The fourth game, winning five spaces in a giant, including Travis Yoshikawa third for the Giants hit a home run

Omar Wazikuier Timothy Lan Sikang on the performance, with its distinctive point of view. "It's actually very boring," the good soldier, said half-jokingly, "or in the lounge area like his better. If you are a shortstop, even a ground ball did not really boring." Indeed, he played three ground ball as Lansi Kang fire support. However, Lan Sikang do not need too much to combat support, he pitched for eight innings only to priests hit four hits for the Giants to bring the 5-0 victory.

The fourth game, winning five spaces in a giant, including Travis Yoshikawa third for the Giants hit a home run. This should be a giant headlines, but Lansi Kang's performance is inevitably attracted the attention of everyone. Lansi Kang won eight strikeouts, he will improve on last season strikeouts to lead the 200 Alliance, which is 2004 Jason. Schmidt 251 strikeouts best record since the giant. The 24-year-old young pitcher is moved to the San Francisco Giants in 1958 after more than 200 wins ninth strikeout pitcher. The victory also Lansi Kang results to 14 wins 3 losses. This is the second-best pitcher giant achievements Lansi Kang and Duanmarui Machel (1968) and Scodery Heights (1989) flat, behind the P Reload Perry's 1966 record the results of 15 wins and 2 losses.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz will rise to the Alliance

Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz will rise to the Alliance. He will be the Pacific coast of minor league performance after upgrading to the alarming figure, Monday in Kansas City to become Major League players. Rangers outfielder Jason will be removed to make room for him. David earlier this month. Murphy the disabled list because of a knee injury, the Cruz would have visited the Alliance. However, muscle tension, Cruz had the disabled list, he missed two weeks, Thursday before returning from the injured list.

"We have been recovered so he will fight to stabilize." Coach Joe Daniel said. mlb jerseys

Friday, April 23, 2010

Adrian Bell Choi bottom of the ninth to help sailors in the match

Adrian Bell Choi bottom of the ninth to help sailors in the match, in the 11th Council two-run homer ended the game, so that sailors made in Monday night's 4-2 home victory. 11 Bureau of the second half, one out, Love ‧ Yibananzi walked to Bell Choi from Twins relief pitcher Jiexikelun hit the left field bullpen in the hands the direction of the score 4-2 to end home run the race. JJ Pouzzner and Robert. Mladic in the Council of 10 and 11, were successfully suppressed the Twins blow. wholesale mlb jerseys

Ninth inning, the first sailor to change the backwardness of 1:2, in the face of a 0.98 ERA Jonathan Twins Terminator. Bell Cui doubles with a right field to pay tribute to him. ‧ next rod Jose Lopez hit a grounder guerrilla direction, Bell ran toward third base at a time when Choi is very close to the ball, but more mistakes guerrilla Nike Pang lost the ball, the two were security station the second third base, out of zero. Pinch Jeffrey. Clemens hit a ground ball double play resulted, but the opportunity to return to home plate by Bell Cui equalizer one minute, will be extended into the Bureau of Competition.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Johnny Damon said the Yankees from last season that some earth-shattering end of the season comeback gains momentum

Johnny Damon said the Yankees from last season that some earth-shattering end of the season comeback gains momentum. That have occurred in the last days of the season. Although those are indeed surprised, but Ji Ladi said, "No hole is deep to climb out of. I believe the guys on the court, I believe they can."mlb jerseys

18% is left for the game, the Yankees have options? They will continue to race, and the data they want to fight if they would win as much as possible. "We still have 30 games," Dimon said, "we must fight the best in baseball - has long been the best baseball had ever seen. This is what we do. We are not facing a fool team. All very good team. "

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Qi Pengqiong Sri Lanka has been refreshed with his record

Qi Pengqiong Sri Lanka has been refreshed with his record, he was inducted into the possibility of getting larger. Now he created a score of warriors have another third baseman, and his match. wholesale mlb jerseys

Saturday night in the National Stadium, the seventh, facing the Washington Nationals relief pitcher Charlie Manning, who hit the home run leader. Now, he and Hall of Fame third baseman Eddie Mathews is the only two major league career started 14 consecutive self-season home run not less than 20 players. However, if by another way, that is also considered as a rookie major league season career, then his 1993 season, 8 games is not a race to reach 20 home runs.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First of all "win" in the neat line of play: Manny last year

First of all "win" in the neat line of play: Manny last year, despite leaving the team in Boston has been clamoring for, but the Red Sox out of 90 games before (in the Red Sox were a race of 100 games), it hit 18 home runs and 60 RBIs, this and last year's city center not far from fighting lines. mlb jersey

Metropolis of 94 games before last, Wright (David Wright) hit some 17 home runs and 70 RBI, Beltran (Carlos Beltran), 15 home runs and 66 RBIs, and Dega more (Carlos Delgado) is is to pay out of 15 bombers and 52 RBI performance. If coupled with Manny, the Metropolitan line will play a more significant, it may make the team better start to their season record to see, on the competitive National League East title for the already well positioned in the starting line.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Even Citigroup also benefit: As the financial crisis

Again, "win" in the momentum: Price believes that the Yankees signed with a large amount of money A triple a coffee, Metropolitan should be throwing money to sign Manny, he came to New York is absolutely remarkable. If he has 4 0, that is a serious matter; If he has four 4, also includes two home runs, it also is a serious matter; game if he played the hero, on the New York thing is simply incredible. If the city did not want to "New York's other team," Manny joined the fight has become the primary task of pellets.

Even Citigroup also benefit: As the financial crisis, Citigroup intends to terminate the 20-year 400 million U.S. dollars of the new stadium naming rights. If Manny can lead the city into the playoffs, even the World Series, Citigroup and the Citigroup pitch will get higher visibility, the opportunity to turn things around, there may have joined him to create unlimited business opportunities, will be owed to the United States pay off government debt.

Price concluded that Manny stationed in New York to create endless imagination, even though he showed last year in Boston, how he was naive, but are definitely more important than the negative sense meaning. Therefore, Price again appealed to the city top: Manny quickly signed it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rocky still needs nine victories to make winning percentage rose to 0.500

Rocky still needs nine victories to make winning percentage rose to 0.500, still lagging behind the National League West Arizona Diamondbacks ranked first 5 games. Results with this team in September will not seem very meaningful to them. But they are Rocky. Recognized, Rocky may be accomplished again, mainly because no one besides him the American League West championship team the second branch. District No. 1 of rattlesnakes than any other district leader in the difference with at least 7 wins. Moreover, we recall, last season, Rocky in the final 15 regular season games won 14 games, including a division title with the priests of the battle. The playoffs, they swept by the Red Sox won seven straight before.

"We were defeated before the district ranks in our team, especially the rattlesnake. But we still have considerable room for improvement. We have been concerned about their performance, has been working to improve, it gives us hope. This is my attention place. We can not rely on other teams playing well. we have to play very well can, to casual to end. This is the bottom line. "

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Phillies and Howard signed 3-year contract

Two consecutive years to avoid salary arbitration with Ryan Howard in the court decorum, Philadelphia decided to 3 years 54 million U.S. dollars to sign him, not only let him concentrate on playing in Philadelphia, leaving for baseball again a central figure.

Howard last year to lead the League with 46 homers and 146 RBIs, reasonable to say that going to paid to the pellets should be easy, the helplessness his low batting average for two consecutive years (07 years 2 percent 68,08 2 into 51), and were close to 200 strikeouts, becoming the main reason for both sides to bargain. Fortunately, through negotiations, both sides happy to sign the contract 3 years 54 million U.S. dollars.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Associate Hall of Fame lefthander is expected to stay, Wen Yong Shi Gela will agree to a short about 1 year

Tom Glavine in the 2008 season following the New York Mets Atlanta Braves skillet, although last year the number of injuries caused by the stadium is too small, but these were veteran warriors are still confident the strength of the two sides as early as two days to reach an annual one million dollars contract.

Rolling 13-year major league veteran pitcher Tom Glavine and more, in addition to have 305 career wins, 3.54 ERA results, also killed two Cy Young Award, glorious assured him out into the Hall of Fame. Glavine Benhui last season from his home to the embrace of the Big Apple, though due to left shoulder, left elbow injury led to a race only 13 games, but the Warriors that the "treasure of the town team," after the surgery or the strength of the absolute remains the same, and last week Glavine's agent, after consultation, confirmed today that the two sides as early as two days to reach 1-year agreement, and contract terms with the incentive of high prices.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Becket hit a home run but the Red Sox lost to swallow defeat Phillies to vote

Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett on today though to show their talents in fighting, knocked one in the sixth inning solo shot, but turbulence occurs in the Qi Ju, scored a total off 7 points 6 innings, the Red Sox and closing also 6: 11 loss to Philadelphia Phillies.

Becket become the CC Sabathia, the first two career American League team in effect when the inter-union competition in hit two home runs in a pitcher. Becket audience to play number 1 3 hits, struck out 1.

Becket pitching performance today, but not against brilliant. 6 innings was hit 11 hits, 5 strikeouts cast, lost 7 points in 6 minutes is the ERA, he was in Qiju Jimmy Rollins hit a solo shot later, it was Shane Victorino hit a hit after the exit.

Rollins Zhezhi home run, breaking the deadlock Qiju original 5:5. Qi Ju Phillies scored six points at one go, the gap had widened to 11:5, Rollins had two RBIs this Council, after he was out in full when the second base play was inconsistent body send the ball add another 1 RBI.

Rollins this season against a low ebb, the current rate is still only 2 percent against 17, but still work today, contributed three RBI. Phillies today, a total of five players with two or more hits, Pedro Feliz had five 3, and 2 RBIs in revenue.

Chan Ho Park did not fall today, Bureau of relay 2.1 points and race wins vote (3 wins and 1 loss). His backup in 7 games this season, 6 games out only 1 minute or lose points, but as a start, the defense rate as high as 7.29.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hamlin as Dallas won the first year of the effectiveness of creative career-high 102 interception

Adams will turn 35 in May to June will receive 2.5 million U.S. dollars prize money and the 2010 season, a list of the basic salary is about 500 million. Hamlin base salary this season will be more than 5.5 million U.S. dollars.

Hamlin as Dallas won the first year of the effectiveness of creative career-high 102 interception and five steals, but since he get that 39 million U.S. dollars of the contract, the data will begin to decline. 2008 season, he had 92 steals and one block, high ankle sprain last season because he missed four games, only 74 interceptor, not steals.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jones not seen indictment not comment

Orlando Sergeant Barbara - Jones not seen indictment not comment. Steelers spokesman Dave - Lockett said the team officials are gathering information, there is no further comment.

Holmes teammate, quarterback this - Luosilisi Berg, this month earlier alleged attack a 20 old Georgia University students. In that case he yet accused.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The label in 2008 has been designated players is very large

The label in 2008 has been designated players is very large, even as many as 11. In previous years, each season, players are often only one or two labels has been designated, or even one at all. This year, Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha of the exclusive label to be the only player other 10 are non-exclusive tag players are:

Chiefs team, defensive end, Jared Allen

Tiger Team, nursing front, Stacy Andrews

Cardinals teams, linebacker, Karlos Dansby

Panthers team, Tackle, Jordan Gross

Cowboys team, Zhongwei, Ken Hamlin

Titan Force Defensive Tackle, Albert Haynesworth

Hawks, Tight, L. T. Smith

Ravens, linebacker, Terrell Suggs

Sea Eagles cornerback, Marcus Truffant

Packers, defensive Offensive tackle, Corey Williams

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Krapl is a list of only a Patriots team participated in NFL front end of the game

Associated Press news, this week, three experienced side front alghe - Krapl and New England signed a free agent contract, thereby filling a significant hole in the Patriot offense group. The details of the contract were not disclosed. In the Tennessee Titans last season, he has 27 times the ball a total of 222 yards and one touchdown.

32-year-old Krapl of nine seasons for the Atlanta Falcons and the Titans were the team. In 139 regular-season games with 122 starts. Four-time All-Star Game, he has 367 catches for 4691 yards and 37 touchdowns.

Krapl is a list of only a Patriots team participated in NFL front end of the game, the - Watson and the Cleveland Browns signed a free agent contract, Chris - Baker was the team laid off, and later, and Seattle contract.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crow and the former Seattle defensive end signed

This week, the Baltimore Ravens and the former Seahawks defensive end Corey - Reading on a two-year contract agreed to fill the vacancies in their defense.

6 feet 4 inches, 295 pounds of Reading Seahawks three times last year, only a starter, but his seven NFL seasons a total of 18 sub-sack, the former Detroit Lions at six to get the. The 29-year-old linebacker has played 101 times, including 79 games as a starter.

Baltimore hopes to become Germany 10000 Reading - Edwards qualified replacement, the latter in his capacity as a free agent last week, and Buffalo Bill team signing. "Corey is a guy playing the same as the Raven," general manager Ozzie - Newsom said. "He quickly took action to rely on the wisdom of his play, and he, like many of our defensive players can still play multiple locations. He was cut, including front and the defensive end played two positions, both starter. I am sure that our coaches in the two a position will be produced by him. "

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tap growing up in Virginia, studied at the Virginia Polytechnic University

"Frankly speaking, when I first discovered I would be trading when I was shocked, because the people there, from Seattle to listen to all the news is I will be in the coming year remain in the team." Tower S & P said. "I'm looking forward to going there again picked up the rolling ball, and when I discovered that it was bittersweet moment. Which is a bit difficult to accept, because only the end has given me the opportunity to play in the league do not have my team is go to other places. But it is also a sweet thing, because I will be playing a great team, and closer to home. "

Tap growing up in Virginia, studied at the Virginia Polytechnic University. Hawks at his university when he decided to observe selected in the draft, he had no idea that was selected ahead of Seattle. Tap is a restricted free agent, and the Seahawks this week signed a one-year contract. His contract will go to 2012 season.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Seattle defensive end with the Philadelphia exchange

In order to strengthen the impact of passing on an opponent team, the Philadelphia Eagles trade from the Seattle Seahawks to a defensive end Daryl - tap. Seahawk team returned to be defensive end Chris - Clemons and the Hawks this year's fourth-round draft pick.

2006 Seattle's second-round draft pick to select the tap, he for the team's 65 games, 18 times sack, 2 steals, 8 to force the ball away off the ball and four recovery. In the 2007 game against St. Louis Rams, he has four times single-game sack. "Daryl is a very serious rugby player, and we are very pleased to get him," Eagles coach Andy - Reid said. "He played very hard and very smart, he is a good man and will be well into our defensive system."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girlfriend to withdraw allegations of violence against Ravens hatchetman

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell - Sagues's attorney said the mother of two children, Suggs has dropped up to 70 million U.S. dollars for his claims, which the couple has moved from the family before the dispute settlement.

Sagues's lawyer Lynn - Hoffman, said Candace - Williams voluntarily withdraw legal proceedings, and a requirement to keep the distance with her Sagues injunction, the Court has approved last week, Williams requirements, Hoffman believes that the two have reached a court settlement, after a number of reports also indicate that a legal suit between the two has been non-existent.

Although the Louise Suggs and Williams had two children together, aged 2 years and 1 year old, but the family conflicts when they occur, the court documents show last month, Williams alleged attack on her chest Sagues , will push her in the floor and sat on her neck with one hand in one hand and a bottle of bleach. Williams also revealed that Sagues face a threat in front of the children drowned her with bleach, the alleged contradiction between the two men arose on November 29 Ravens Steelers game tickets.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Witherspoon signed with the Tennessee Titans team

Weir - Witherspoon told the Tennessee Titans team's fans need not worry about his age or that he can bring to the team. Witherspoon will be in August this year reached the age of 30, he said that in the past year to add a third team, while she herself is still equipped with special skills, Tuesday night he signed with the Titans a three-year value of 11 million dollar contracts. "in my life I feel that there are many promising future if you asked me eight years ago, will race many years, I do not know, but if you ask me the same question today, and I feel that their prospects for the future, I think you do not need to worry about me, if I choose, I probably would end my career here. "

Since last Friday the free agent market opening up, this is the team signed the first contract is the first step in transforming the team defense.

Keith veteran with ten years of experience - Brock is an unrestricted free agent last December, he had left knee surgery. Similarly, David - Thornton has recently accepted the thoracic surgery, in addition, throughout the 2009 season, he suffered from shoulder and hip injuries brought him trouble, his contract only for one year. If a team is only trying to sign a midline Wei Stephen. Tullock, the other side need to provide him with a one-year value of the first-round draft pick of the offer, as a rookie, Gerald - Mackerras at the Mulberry Gordon injured, they had five games a starter.

On Witherspoon, Titans general manager Mike - Rhine Fuerth said that, over the years, "he is an excellent starting linebacker in the three position, he was able to give full play to their own capacity. in the player roster finished, his final position will be decided upon, but I expect him to play a hybrid player in the role of the outside. "Witherspoon cancellation last week with the Philadelphia Eagles, 2010 season, he should have in the Hawks to get five million U.S. dollars salary. Hawks in the 2009 season, acquired from the St. Louis Rams Witherspoon. "I have left the Philadelphia Eagles, there are accidents, which is naturally happen, but the opportunity to come here, and I said, must come and see." Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon, 92 times last season interception, he not only meet the needs of the Titan team, but also has a link with the Nashville area. His father Cod, is a retired officer, was born in Franklin in the vicinity, in the neighboring regions, is also home to Witherspoon's uncle and cousin. "Understanding the team as well as the only coach Jeff - Fisher and linebacker coach Dave - McGinnis, and a little more about what happens in the future, all have become my motivation to play the game," Witherspoon said, "I will do my best way to let everyone know where my ability."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns deal

Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Seneca will be - Wallace, traded to the Cleveland Browns in exchange the other side of undisclosed 2011 draft picks. Seahawks Monday night confirmed the deal.

Wallace, the entire seven-year professional career, I have spent in the Seahawks at a time when Seahawks coach Holmgren has always been his favorite player. Now Holmgren is the Browns team chairman, he will be brought Wallace Cleveland. "It will give Seneca a new chance to start," Seattle general manager, John - Schneider, said in a statement. "And Brown are familiar with the management team coupled with his ability to give him a chance to compete for playing time. We give him the best blessing."

Wallace is best season was 2008 season, Holmgren coached in his final season, starting eight games, passing 1532 yards, 11 touchdowns passes. Last season the team starting quarterback Matt - Hasselbeck injured when he had two starter.

Wallace in 2003 Draft by the sea in the first four Hawks selected. Seahawks, he played a total of 46 times, including 14 as a starting quarterback, his career total of 25 touchdowns passing, passing success rate of 83.2%. Hawks in the sea Sometimes he also used to attack the outside hand and back hand, there are a total of 76 yards the ball four times and 54 times totaling 214 yards of the red ball.