Monday, September 27, 2010

This makes the Red Sox lose wild card Yankees magic number to 1

However, the recent status of Mariano Rivera is not ideal, 9 Board has been Ryan Kalish, Bill Hall hit hits, and the 2 people are bold with stealing two bases, so that the council three hits and scored 2 points to reverse the situation of the war than the 2 to 3 .

Jonathan Papelbon is also a critical moment just lost prestige, the Yankees to three hits 9 Board to draw the next 3 to 3,10 Board Okajima registration plate can not withstand the Yankees will win, Curtis Granderson hits, Brett Gardner Victor Martinez have been hit with ball failure to seize one, third base, Red Sox, and grasping at this time to fill the basepaths after Xiashou outs, Okajima actually cast on Juan Miranda walked, so back to the Yankees winning points.

Rivera last 3 games are out of race points, including 2 fall through, one quarter to 5 times the cumulative failure of the rescue, but more than this last occurred in 2003 6.

This makes the Red Sox lose wild card Yankees magic number to 1, on behalf of Red Sox 7, after the war as long as the lost one field, or the Yankees win a war the next 6 games, the Yankees into the playoffs with a light hand.

Competition in the AL East title, the current half-light just behind the Yankees, the Yankees and the light of the final record if the same play against the Yankees this season by winning more than less light lost (10 wins 8 lost) to obtain the division title.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays in Taiwan for 25 days and battle the Seattle Mariners 9 Board

Tampa Bay Rays in Taiwan for 25 days and battle the Seattle Mariners 9 Board, whistle to win 5:3 the same time, the New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox to 8:10, so the Rays won 61 of 92 lost weight Back to the AL East first team returned to the Yankees lost 62 of 92 biting victory, both teams only half margin of victory, the last team which won the division title is still undecided number.

Rays throne full scraping partition in two, three bureaus, grabbed a point, but four games on the Mariners tied immediately, until the next of five, before relying on intensive campaign to a second four balls walks 4 hits, with Mariners catcher catching Plaza, scored winning 3 points.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Although the center line of play was blocked

Although the center line of play was blocked, but today the New York Yankees (21) still rely on 11 hits and scored eight points, including a Curtis Granderson single-field double-bang scored 5 points in the two-strong showdown in the AL East to win 8 to 6 Tampa Bay Rays, the area's leading margin of victory extended to 1.5 games.

Ailing light starting pitcher Matt Garza, pummeled again today, 3 Board Granderson and win the next 2 points were shot, five Bureau to be Derek Jeter hit despite playing only the rules of doubles, but the start to the infield on mistakes, then Garza has voted 3 times 4 bad (1 intentionally four bad), the Yankees scored two points in this Board.

Top 5 Board only hit a light hits played line, and finally a breakthrough in the six Council, has from the start of Ivan Nova and the replacement of Boone Logan, Chad Gaudin in the hands and win four hits, plus three times four bad and prejudice against 1 catcher, scored 4 points tied breath.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies (19) belted three home runs

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies (19) belted three home runs, including Ryan Howard reached with five of 30 H-100 RBI Season 2 points gun at 5 to 2 victory over the Washington Nationals, won six straight, to continue to drive, according to the National League East leading position.

People start to rely on a continuous rod hits the first 2 Chi was the first point, which Ian Desmond win their third base hits, but the next four Board, they do not have another station on the second base Lei Bao.

Philadelphia Council in two half fired back, start Jayson Werth blasted solo shot tied on, then even hit three hits, including Wilson Valdez's base hit, than the number of advance. 3 Bureau on, Chase Utley on base after four bad, Howard blasted two points a stick gun, and then supplemented on Raul Ibanez homered, scored 5 points Phillies.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pablo is not a joke, because the fans could see each position

Pablo is not a joke, because the fans could see each position, including his field, he had been a catcher, first baseman, this year is the starting third baseman, not only versatile infielders, but also placed in a bar playing online any more amazing is that he either used right hand, can pass.

117 kilograms of the players, coupled with such agility, Pablo took us to a very appropriate nickname, with the nickname after the Kung Fu Panda, Pablo more loved by the fans, his happy attitude and play capacity, competition has become the Giants playoff considerable help, to come to Taiwan next year, the Giants play the opening game, and perhaps Taiwan will turn off a wave of Kung Fu Panda.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AL East throne opener really exciting

AL East throne opener really exciting, the two sides do not start the performance of the left inferior to the cast, Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) and Price (David Price) are paid out of eight Board scoreless performance, the final outcome of the game handed Reid Brignac hand, 11 Bureau to hit the winning home run goodbye, 1-0 shutout the Yankees wrapped up light.

3 Lien opener, grabbed both sides want to good luck, have sent the performance of the best pitcher this season fight, Shabaxiya 8 Office 9K2 send two hits scoreless, while Price, 3 hits, 8 walks Office 4K3 is scoreless The two most likely to win the Cy Young Award for pitching, the grips, but no one who should be allowed.

This excellent pitching staff, has been extended to the 11 Board in the second half, 10 Council to fielding Reid Brignac just put the face of any pitcher the Yankees in the first 5 meters Choi (Sergio Mitre) a stick hit the right field direction and a solo bomb, the end of the game goodbye is a home run, home light shine.

Light, after winning this game, but became the first American League East, currently leading the Yankees half of the margin of victory, war tomorrow, the Yankees will send two second Nova (Ivan Nova) command, and light is sent Jahaza (Matt Garza) the main cast.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So far this season Dunn rate of 2 percent against 71

Strong hit Dunn's agent Ganski (Greg Genske), beginning in the season for him, never-ending high-level consultations with the people, but the two sides has remained at the origin, so that very early position to stay in Washington Deng En helpless. And he will in the United States over 31 years of time on the 10th, but Joe does not rope in the contract situation, so that he can only cry "unhappy birthday."

So far this season Dunn rate of 2 percent against 71, is essential for the stability of the fire national team, while it also has 34 home runs and 91 RBIs, have the opportunity to challenge individual single-season 5 degrees 40 bombers and 100 RBI milestone. Only if the end of the season before he signed with the expectations of people do not want 4-year contract, he must enter the season for the free market, waiting for the team together to overcome the absorption.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red 1ADayton Dragons Yeo Kai backup 2 Council today

Bear 3AIowa Cubs Herman Cardinals 3A war today, 8 Bureau of playing back-up, 9 Board was blasted solo shot Cardinals 3AMark Hamilton lost 1 point, to 6 to 7 3A Cubs lose, Herman swallowed his first 4 in 3A defeat; Herman's achievements in the 3A 3 wins 4 lost, ERA 5.98.

Red 1ADayton Dragons Yeo Kai backup 2 Council today, not to be got hits, did not lose points, struck out three times, walked 1, record a victory this season at the 1A 0 defeat, ERA 2.05.

2A Altoona Curve Pirates Chen Yong-based play pinch today only 1, not know their hits, batting average 2 percent this quarter, 38; sailor order 1A High Desert Mavericks play on behalf of the Luo Guohui also only run against the rate at 2 percent 24; Indiana Order 1A Kinston Indians who beat Chen Junxiu 4, number 1 hits, batting average 3 percent 20; Twins 1A Beloit Snappers 3 at bats Wei Lin Wang 2 hits, batting average 2 into 36, and even war hits 5.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Host Warriors Brian McCann in the next 2 Board blasted solo shot to right field to recover increases

Not want to be swept the Mets win the first Bureau show grab the momentum, Carlos Beltran and win their third base hits, and relying on opponents fielding errors come 1 min, followed by Joaquin Arias another bases loaded situation in the infield hit hits, so metropolis in a start there will be a 2 minutes into the bags.

Host Warriors Brian McCann in the next 2 Board blasted solo shot to right field to recover increases in support under 1 minute, and city to know one point lead is not safe, so David Wright in the first inning retaliate spring 6 home runs, will the gap back to two points, Beltran has a 7 Board, within the field when third base with runners on the cover of his teammates and then roll the Earth 1 point, so both teams have three points away.

McCann finished with three hits and one RBI performance, is the most agile and brave warriors against the batter, and Metropolitan Zeyi 2 hits and 1 RBI Wright the best, two home runs in the game have contributed.

Braves pitcher Tim Hudson performance not bad, lost in 7 innings in 4 minutes (3 minutes ERA), helpless teammates could not give adequate fire support for Hudson quietly assume defeat No. 6 this season (the other 15 wins.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cincinnati fans after a long, fireball Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) was finally called on the major league

Cincinnati fans after a long, fireball Chapman (Aroldis Chapman) was finally called on the major league, and today (1) immediately went into battle, on the 8th Council board relay board, not only soared from 103 miles (166 km ) fastball, but the ball straight, "the slowest" also came to 98 miles (158 km), Ling Duishou Brewers could not break through, three on three times ending, Reds in check Pu Mandeng board a noise in order to provide 8 to 4 wins, to continue to lead in the NL Central.

8 Board Reds ahead in the home, now that rise up to Chapman, the team of course, in this pleasant atmosphere for fans and then HIGH look, offensive and defensive turn, Chapman super-heated with the cheers of the fans from the center field slowly went to the infield mound, the preparation of his most memorable moment in life. Throw the first pitch to face hitters not too hard, still to 98 miles, this is his audience the most "slow" straight ball, but teeth strike.

There is no suspense, Chapman resolved to strike out the first major league hitters, veteran hitters Cansot the face of the second, he soared out of the audience the fastest 103 miles, even if Cansot (Craig Counsell) to get it hit the ball, still only a weak grounder, was assassinated out. The Bureau of the last half of the batter the same fate and Cansot, balls out, creating a perfect Xiazhuang Chapman, his audience were all thrilled and excited fireball.