Thursday, September 9, 2010

So far this season Dunn rate of 2 percent against 71

Strong hit Dunn's agent Ganski (Greg Genske), beginning in the season for him, never-ending high-level consultations with the people, but the two sides has remained at the origin, so that very early position to stay in Washington Deng En helpless. And he will in the United States over 31 years of time on the 10th, but Joe does not rope in the contract situation, so that he can only cry "unhappy birthday."

So far this season Dunn rate of 2 percent against 71, is essential for the stability of the fire national team, while it also has 34 home runs and 91 RBIs, have the opportunity to challenge individual single-season 5 degrees 40 bombers and 100 RBI milestone. Only if the end of the season before he signed with the expectations of people do not want 4-year contract, he must enter the season for the free market, waiting for the team together to overcome the absorption.

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