Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red 1ADayton Dragons Yeo Kai backup 2 Council today

Bear 3AIowa Cubs Herman Cardinals 3A war today, 8 Bureau of playing back-up, 9 Board was blasted solo shot Cardinals 3AMark Hamilton lost 1 point, to 6 to 7 3A Cubs lose, Herman swallowed his first 4 in 3A defeat; Herman's achievements in the 3A 3 wins 4 lost, ERA 5.98.

Red 1ADayton Dragons Yeo Kai backup 2 Council today, not to be got hits, did not lose points, struck out three times, walked 1, record a victory this season at the 1A 0 defeat, ERA 2.05.

2A Altoona Curve Pirates Chen Yong-based play pinch today only 1, not know their hits, batting average 2 percent this quarter, 38; sailor order 1A High Desert Mavericks play on behalf of the Luo Guohui also only run against the rate at 2 percent 24; Indiana Order 1A Kinston Indians who beat Chen Junxiu 4, number 1 hits, batting average 3 percent 20; Twins 1A Beloit Snappers 3 at bats Wei Lin Wang 2 hits, batting average 2 into 36, and even war hits 5.

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