Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better regular season home record this year

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Cain today (20) starting 7 scoreless innings, beating the Board voted 6 out of 8 strikeouts but lost 3 points of the Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels, led the Giants in home opener by 3 0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS achieved 2 wins and 1 defeat in the lead.

Better regular season home record this year, the Cain, starting today, striking out five batters 7 Board, although cast as many as 5 times Sisi Qiu, but the Phillies hit two hits out of line just can not take points from the hands of Cain. Cain became the National League Championship history, the first pitched at least 7 5 Board, did not lose any points, only gave up two hits in pitching the following.

Hamels is cast in the 6 Board 8 strikeouts in only 1 four bad, but the Giants offensive line play dense, 4 to 3 hits and 1 under the Bureau of four bad, including Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff of continuous hits, scored 2 points in one breath .

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The two pitchers are pleased to see this showdown

The two pitchers are pleased to see this showdown, of course, but they have one thing in common for the game, all with a sense of normalcy is to right. Halladay said: "The best place is here, I do not see this as pressure, but that is a challenge. I feel like playing and in the usual way of pitching, this is a challenge, I am quite looking forward to."

Lincecum is said: "Do you experience in the game what it feels like pitching in the playoffs, I think it is helpful to me. I'm way ready for the game starting with the game as the other, it is obvious This is a major event, but I do not want to be too nervous, just as the usual game. "

This does not play the first sensation of the century has been completely duel attracted all eyes, it is difficult to predict who wins now, but it is certain that two of the batters had to tighten the skin a little.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers battle with a series of light all five games were on the road team to win the ball

Rangers battle with a series of light all five games were on the road team to win the ball, but also first time in major league history. Prehistoric times to play the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs, lost to the Yankees, the minor in the AL championship duel, the Rangers have home advantage, the two teams played eight regular season games to get four wins each.

As for the light of Price, won 19 regular season wins, but the Rangers defense was close to twice the starting five. Although the pioneer Bartlett fired three hits, but the light cycle was seven points only fired a few dozen hits.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bureau of light on a Carlos Pena knocked in two open offensive play third base

The last paragraph of the season injured, chief strong play Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria, the playoffs start at a low ebb, but he was today (11) single-game knock out three hitters, including 5 Board 2 points on the gun, to help light the 5 to 2 victory over the Texas Rangers, so that the two sides in the Division Series with 2 wins, 2 lost the race a tie game, the key must be held 5 of war, to decide who qualify.

Bureau of light on a Carlos Pena knocked in two open offensive play third base, and then rely on the Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler's error was the first point of relaxation. 4 Council on the start, Longoria and Pena hit consecutive doubles to gain another victory, BJ Upton are two out base hit scored after 3 minutes.

5 Board on, Ben Zobrist hit stop on the basepaths, two outs, Longoria blasted two points of a bar gun, will lead widened to 5 points. Longoria then fired again in 8 doubles on the Board, to play the number 4 hit three long-playing performance, out of 12 played the first 3 number 1 hits war low point.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Although Wilson was the first under a Council Jason Barlett hit batters hits

Texas Rangers starting pitcher CJ Wilson today (8) Bureau of the primary vote cast 6.1 scoreless 7 strikeouts, Michael Young and Ian Kinsler have knocked a home run, helping the Rangers by 6 to 0 shutout Tampa Bay light, made two straight in the first round of the playoffs, as long as a field can move on to win another American League Championship.

Although Wilson was the first under a Council Jason Barlett hit batters hits, but then until the end of the 6th Board, relying on only 2 times so light and 1 fielding error Sisi Qiu captured the basepaths. Bureau under 7, Wilson was voted out of four bad and Willy Aybar hit a base hit, strikeout game in the first seven batters after the exit, the last light still can not score.

Rangers are in 3 innings, and to rely on Elvis Andrus batting, and starting pitcher James Shields light touch body and contain errors, easily lead. Kinsler smacked in the 4 solo shot on the Board. 5 Council on the Rangers a massive attack, the first batters Matt Treanor was Shields again touch behind the Rangers to five hits and lay 4 points, including 3-point shot Young.