Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chamberlain on the 29th to face the White Sox for the poor performance will only resolve a people lost 2 points exit

Recent U.S. and Japanese pitcher ball Hurricane, Yankees right-hander Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain) also follow this trend, today (30) face the White Sox resume "Fireball male" qualities, not only up to 99 miles a fierce ball destroyed, 8 Council under the mandate of the last people to face relay "Cuban Missile" Ramirez (Alexei Ramirez) even played 100 miles (161 kilometers) Speed legend realize that The New Yorker, "Fireball London" homing it!

Chamberlain on the 29th to face the White Sox for the poor performance will only resolve a people lost 2 points exit, ERA from 4.72 above 5 again, even if this is his last 14 games, the second since the loss of points and the outside world are still worried whether he has will be at a low ebb.

After a night, Chamberlain seemed reborn, after two outs in the next 7 Board debut, in the face Ruiou Si (Alex Rios) the first ball after using the slider Hurricane, 2 consecutive 99-mile fast ball to hitters disappointed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pujols did not complete the swing action after Batui base running

Pujols did not complete the swing action after Batui base running, but stood watching and flew to the stands.

This is Pujols the first 34 this season to prevent red is the moon race in 21 games since the 10th homer.

He returned to finish Lei Bao lounge, warmly congratulated by his teammates.

His home run to lead the national rate was reduced to 3 to 2, but the two sides engage in fierce battle each other 13 Council leader, in the end more than 10 people to 11 victory.

Dai Zimeng (Ian Desmond) 13 Bureau to hit the first base hit, the Morgan (Nyjer Morgan) back to home plate, so that people win.

Pujols home runs and 10 Bureau to attempt to jump the wall, then kill a sprained ankle when the throw, but he continued to race.

Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster The campaign prestige directions

Bear shortstop Castro and win a tie break the deadlock hits, of course, win key, but Ramirez's home run was really lying on the ground so that people can not afford to be a fatal blow, but the third baseman finished with two hits 2 RBI performance, is the most attractive of the batters offensive team.

Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster The campaign prestige directions, in 7 innings in no loss of points, only to be pounded 2 On the other soared out of 8 Old Mr. Chang K, completely suppressed the wearer National batter successfully won the 12 win season. In fact, entered the game, Dempster's situation was quite good, 8-moon won the match 4 games 3 wins 0 lose, 1.65 earned run average of the results, it can be said to continue the game this month, the perfect state.

National starting pitcher Marquis performance is not bad, in 7 1 / 3 innings, only to be knocked four security lost 1 point, the pitch this season and personal representative, but still could not get rid of Shuaishen Marquis entanglement, so the performance is not Yankee, won 7 lost season record 0, the number of wins yet opened.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salary up to 12 million U.S. dollars this quarter

As Tiger has long occupied a base Cabrera, first baseman of the same is bound to have its forces Dunn, guarding only control most of the early career outfield, but "the people tremble," the defense, the new owner should not lead to take the risk, DH will be better choice.

Dunn is a fixed four-rod nationals, if the trade rumors are true, general manager Mike Rizzo definitely do not want it as a taken for a ride, but the Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski has also say, then the team will not be to "short-term speculation," large tracts of abandoned farms, put away potential shares.

Salary up to 12 million U.S. dollars this quarter, the Dunn, will this year become a free agent after the season, 10-year career in sequence through the Reds, Diamondbacks, his national jersey, long-playing ability has always been the National League leader, season 23 runs, a long hit rate of 5 percent 65 were highest in the Top 3.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York Yankees official website published an e-mail from fans in Los Angeles

New York Yankees official website published an e-mail from fans in Los Angeles, questions the Yankees already have 19 wins with two quarters of the Wang, Do you need another trump card?

Yankees strive to Twins Cy Young pitcher Santana, catcher Jorge Posada and second baseman Cannone believe that: "The Yankees need an ace like Santana pitcher this."

Fans also questioned asked: "Wang While the playoffs last year by the Cleveland Indians off the hook on this game, is not it denied Wang's strength it?" Fans to support Wang.

Q & A Yankees official website said that the answer may vary, Chien-Ming Wang in the past two seasons the league cast a total of 38 wins, but people still think he should be an excellent No. 2 starting pitcher, perhaps the last American League pitcher Wang Cy Young Award balloting without a vote when he was security against rate was higher strikeout rate is too low, there are different manifestations of the elite skill, will feel the difference in produced .

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and internal, including second baseman Cannone feel the Yankees this season needs a "ACE" pitcher, CD does not represent the aspirations of all people, because there are different views on the team, left to vote Pettitte on the view that: "James is absolutely no substitute for the Yankees ace pitcher." pitcher understand that only the pitcher, Pettitte immediately come out to speak to Wang.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kennedy last year with his wife and 1-year-old son to the wife's parents Tampa Bay Florida home for Thanksgiving

The former Oakland Athletics pitcher Kennedy (Joe Kennedy), last year, died early morning on November 23, post-mortem examination report confirmed today that 28-year-old John F. Kennedy died of hypertensive heart disease.

Kennedy last year with his wife and 1-year-old son to the wife's parents Tampa Bay Florida home for Thanksgiving, Nov. 23 morning suddenly collapsed in the bathroom door, still declared dead by the hospital emergency.

Athletics doctor Pont (Allan Pont) told the San Francisco Chronicle reporters that the Kennedy family history of heart disease, cardiovascular condition of his team has been special attention on a regular basis will make a racing heart and inspection, all previous Check no abnormal conditions, so very unexpected happened.

Florida Hills Pueblo County, told the San Francisco Chronicle, forensic, toxicological tests now report Kennedy's body has not yet released, but has he classified as a natural death. Kennedy has major league ball for seven years old, his career for playing 222 games, an average ERA of 4.79.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mohsen Awards 28th "Thurman Munson Awards" banquet

Mohsen Awards 28th "Thurman Munson Awards" banquet, will present awards to five of both sportsmanship and love of the players, "Mr. Astronaut" Biggio (Craig Biggio) the most attention.

Mohsen Origin Awards: Mohsen was the New York Yankees catcher and captain of the Yankees in 1969 after budding into the 1970 rookie of the year that is, 7-Star players, was elected in 1976, the annual MVP ,1973-75 consecutive off Gold Glove Award in 1975 for a single season and win their 151-base hits, especially the Yankees "Iron Horse" Gairui Ge (Lou Gehrig) died in 1941 after 30 years vacant and Yankees captain seat until Mohsen appears only under the roof.

Mohsen love flying, August 1, 1979, Mohsen did not take advantage of soaring private jet race sailed in the sky, when the plane unexpectedly landed at fault, causing a fire, Mohsen severe body burns, died in hospital the next day, at the age of 32. Mohsen legendary 10-year, short life, so Yankee fans share the sadness, when the Yankees boss said sadly: "I will not let captain left us." Mohsen from No. 15 back in Yankees retired, always for the fans to pay homage.

After the United States "to help children slow Association" to the name of a noble personality Mohsen, set up a "Mohsen Award" Award of this society's most caring athlete, Mohsen's widow, Diana, which raised nearly eight early in the launch millions of dollars to help the many, many years to pay Biggio is love, in recent years been awarded.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The total training Hillman Royals in Japan's Ham as 5 years supervision

Japan's "Tornado," Hideo Nomo (Hideo Nomo) with the Kansas City Royals signed a one year minor league contract with pitcher Tsao Chin-hui of Taiwan living in America in spring training this year, a major league team to compete for the Royal 25 places.

The total training Hillman Royals in Japan's Ham as 5 years supervision, particularly in Asia seems to love the players. Royals after following a recent recruit Tsao, today announced the invitation to Major League disappear in two years, Hideo Nomo to participate in spring training, Royals general manager of Moore (Dayton Moore) said that "he (Nomo) was a very successful pitcher, and we prepared to give him a chance to join the ranks of our spring training to compete. ",

39-year-old Hideo Nomo has been hailed as the Japanese players to go to the pioneers of the Alliance (Trailblazer), he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1995, the first year to a tornado-like strange pitching won lost record of 13 wins 6 , was named National League Rookie of the Year title, as the light of Japan, in 1988 due to shoulder injury, was traded to the road season will be team have since launched a "Ronin" career.

Hideo Nomo battles in the major leagues for 11 years, a total of 123 wins 109 off defeat. The first Japanese player to go to the development of Major League called Murakami regular (Masanori Murakami), played for the San Francisco Giants, the time dating back to 1964-65 years, 30 years later, only by the "Nomo Tornado" to bring the wave of Japanese players to the United States , one after another 1996 Suzuki (Mac Suzuki, who played the Royals), 1997, Hasegawa zli (Shigetoshi Hasegawa), 1997 in Iran's good department show hui (Hideki Irabu), 1998 Yoshii manager (Masato Yoshii) and 1999 people Friends and (Tomo Ohka), and others followed, Nomo did not indeed.

Nomo2005 Tampa Bay Devil Rays in a Game 5 record of 19 wins 8 games lost, although since then fought with the Chicago White Sox New York Yankees, has never again been to the big leagues on Nomo's baseball career preparation program before the next period, the Royal team offering to give Nomo a comeback opportunities No wonder, then hit the Japanese media.

Nomo could Royals spring training through the challenge, squeezed in the Alliance after the beginning of the season 25 list? On the Japanese professional baseball legend, a pioneer in the United States, the hidden meaning, may be exceeded in the real value.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recently in the U.S. Major League Baseball MLB doping investigation report

Recently in the U.S. Major League Baseball MLB doping investigation report was named the Baltimore Orioles star second baseman Roberts, today admitted using steroids.

In the "Mitchell Report" was published, Roberts today accept the "Baltimore Sun" visit to break the silence: "in 2003, I injected a dose of steroids, is immediately found that I do not like this stuff do not want to continue to injection. in a single event before or after that, I have never used steroids, human growth hormone or other performance enhancing drugs. "

Mitchell reported that the Orioles 19 active or retired players to use drugs, but Roberts is Orioles team signs people today.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rollins in the 32 first-place votes received 16 affirmative

Major League Baseball (MLB) National League Most Valuable Player the Year (MVP) announced today that Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Rollins to 16 years, the smallest gap, win over the Colorado Rockies for Halladay to win this awards.

Rollins in the 32 first-place votes received 16 affirmative, Total 350 third, got 11 first place votes Halladay Total 336 points Little lost Rollins 17 points.

Rollins, now 20-year-old Philadelphia man in the history of the fifth player to win an MVP, and teammate John Howard last year after two consecutive years for the team off this honor.

Rollins this year to 139 points scored and 20 three-base hit leading the league, in addition to his two hit rate of 94 percent, and 30 home runs and 90 RBI quarter, as always fourth place at least 20 single-season home runs, 20 three-base hit, 20 doubles and 20 stolen bases playing the star.

Phillies this year, only 17 games in the regular season, the New York Mets still behind seven margin of victory, but the Phillies catch up, finally winning 73 to 89 negative boarded the NL East throne.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Although the American League Championship Series defeat depressed

Although the American League Championship Series defeat depressed, but back Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) finally Cy Young Award voting will Becket (Josh Beckett) and trodden on.

American League Cy Young Award voting results released on the 14th, Indians unexpectedly strong lefthander Shabaxiya include 19 first-place votes to score 119 points stronger at home OurGame overwhelming vote in the U.S., award-winning career's first Cy Young Award , Red Sox ace Becket super second place only to get 86 points, Angel Laatsch (John Lackey), Indians Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) separated three or four.

Although the Cy Young Award voting has nothing to do with the performance of the playoffs, but opened the regular season results, Becket 20 wins most outstanding league and was batting better than that Shabaxiya 45 2 2 into 59, you really want to pick an egg bone, probably only a small input Shabaxiya 3.27 ERA 3.21, following the vote, even in California, home Shabaxiya accidents are shouted: "I know this is the confrontation between the two men, and I have been that the award-winning people should be Josh. "

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

World Series after the end of the first two wars

World Series after the end of the first two wars, dark horse to win the momentum of the previous play Rocky, why Fenway Park abruptly by "prodding"?

International gamble as expected, reversed Unstoppable Red Sox World Series promotion, successfully grabbed the second in a row, the first two wars Rocky contrast, only 1 point each, weak firepower can attack any opponents mercy, nothing like that has play crack the playoffs seven game winning streak, and now can only look forward to the Colorado Rocky Mountains at high altitude, make little white ball fly farther, looking back some dignity to the League Championship.

Rocky is like the first two anti-war and "lame", the only team with World Series experience pioneer Tavares (Willy Taveras), two games, seven at bats all "were defeated," the first two bars of Matsui Jia It does not figure to Central, 8 to play only a few hits, not base on the first two bars, good at playing small-ball tactics of the Rockies is equal to "self-inflicted mutilation."

Face Red Sox "Euler Line," a strong challenge to the Rocky Centre against groups more than "quiet" 16 million U.S. dollars annual salary of the highest home team's Kheitan (Todd Helton), the playoffs so far against rate of less than 2 percent, far below the 3 percent of 20 regular season batting average, strong aspirations to the National League MVP season of Halladay (Matt Holliday), the second contribution to the war four hits in a single field, no choice point circle was empty, not on the Red Sox threat.

Less than rivals in the players being the case, known as Rocky can only hope, "batters heaven," said the home Coors field, can rebuild confidence against group, in fact, Rocky season record 51 home wins 31 lost, the highest in the League of Nations the highest in the last 12 home games had 11 wins, Coors Field is the Rockies players as if the last "spiritual fortress."

"Red Sox keep their home win, but we must do." Halladay confidence propaganda to his teammates: "If we can get rid of the third war began to crack down on the ebb, with the home crowd cheering, you never know what will happen! "

Effectiveness of the Yankees players age 14 season

While the outside world are optimistic about a "pure blood" of Mattingly (Don Mattingly) will be the Yankees new Renduo Zhu, the result is big reversal!

After several days of interviews, discussion, the Yankees 30 to arms will finally determine the new season Girardi (Joe Girardi) took over for the grab, "Cheng Yaojin," Mattingly disappointed, but also decided to seek free and easy to not return any bench coach, complete with Yankees Say goodbye.

Effectiveness of the Yankees players age 14 season, a six-time All-Star team, nag mark with the Yankees is almost "equal", that is not choosing the later, Mattingly released through the broker E-Mail, said: "When told After head coach candidate is Girardi, Don is very disappointed on the decision of the Yankees! "Another possible candidate Pena (Tony Pena) also identified out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

No more than two months in the big leagues playing for the Cook

Cook for the opening match of this year's Rockies starting pitcher, August 11 start against Cubs after swallowing defeat, the result of muscle tension does not delegate the minor leagues, no chance to celebrate with his teammates, "Crazy in September," Seeing the way into the medal Rocky World Series, Cook keen to meritorious deeds for the team's mood has finally been released, head coach He more (Clint Hurdle) decided to Cook pitched the fourth war.

No more than two months in the big leagues playing for the Cook while Rocky was 8 days adjustment period, starting in the battle simulation game, start slightly unstable walked the first two batters later, Cook began to recover in the past are familiar with rhythm, to solve the next 16 batters faced in 12, he said: "I feel the situation has been getting better, but after all this is the World Series, it all comes naturally, in order to not destroy the team chemistry effect is principles. "