Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Effectiveness of the Yankees players age 14 season

While the outside world are optimistic about a "pure blood" of Mattingly (Don Mattingly) will be the Yankees new Renduo Zhu, the result is big reversal!

After several days of interviews, discussion, the Yankees 30 to arms will finally determine the new season Girardi (Joe Girardi) took over for the grab, "Cheng Yaojin," Mattingly disappointed, but also decided to seek free and easy to not return any bench coach, complete with Yankees Say goodbye.

Effectiveness of the Yankees players age 14 season, a six-time All-Star team, nag mark with the Yankees is almost "equal", that is not choosing the later, Mattingly released through the broker E-Mail, said: "When told After head coach candidate is Girardi, Don is very disappointed on the decision of the Yankees! "Another possible candidate Pena (Tony Pena) also identified out.

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