Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York Yankees official website published an e-mail from fans in Los Angeles

New York Yankees official website published an e-mail from fans in Los Angeles, questions the Yankees already have 19 wins with two quarters of the Wang, Do you need another trump card?

Yankees strive to Twins Cy Young pitcher Santana, catcher Jorge Posada and second baseman Cannone believe that: "The Yankees need an ace like Santana pitcher this."

Fans also questioned asked: "Wang While the playoffs last year by the Cleveland Indians off the hook on this game, is not it denied Wang's strength it?" Fans to support Wang.

Q & A Yankees official website said that the answer may vary, Chien-Ming Wang in the past two seasons the league cast a total of 38 wins, but people still think he should be an excellent No. 2 starting pitcher, perhaps the last American League pitcher Wang Cy Young Award balloting without a vote when he was security against rate was higher strikeout rate is too low, there are different manifestations of the elite skill, will feel the difference in produced .

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and internal, including second baseman Cannone feel the Yankees this season needs a "ACE" pitcher, CD does not represent the aspirations of all people, because there are different views on the team, left to vote Pettitte on the view that: "James is absolutely no substitute for the Yankees ace pitcher." pitcher understand that only the pitcher, Pettitte immediately come out to speak to Wang.

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