Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google may spend millions of dollars in testing high-speed broadband services

Google said there could take up to millions of dollars in development and testing of broadband services to provide faster than current broadband speeds 100 times.

Earlier this month, Google has announced the pilot projects. Google's Washington telecom and media adviser rationale Richard Whitt said that as the network coverage and the number of users is still uncertain, so the cost of this project is as yet unknown. Google has not yet decided to deploy the location and size of the network, Google said that users may 50000-500000.

Google had previously called on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to extend broadband network, Google invested in this project is to demonstrate the potential of high-speed Internet services. Google also hopes the network of different software and technology is open, not limited by the service providers.

Witte said: "This is not a trivial matter. We are trying to open the network to do so, we think this is a way to achieve our goals." Google plans to deploy up to 1Gbps speed fiber-optic network, Verizon currently offers more than fastest growing 20 times faster broadband services.

Standard & Poor's analyst Scott Kessler said, the investment that Google for the promotion of broadband networks in the U.S. market very seriously. He said: "This is undoubtedly a lot of money. It is clear that Google in a very open attitude to experiment."

Whitt said: "This is an open test platform. We will FCC and other interested agencies to provide a regular report. We hope that this trial will bring in engineering and business experience helpful."

Broadpoint AmTech analysis of Ben Schachter estimates that the cost of the network 3000-8000 U.S. dollars per household, the total cost will be 60 million to 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. If the user number is 20000-200000 home, then the cost of the mid-point would be 5 billion dollars.

Google is asking the other parties interested in participating in the project, the final deadline of March 26. Google will be announced later this year to deploy the network in any location. Google product manager, said Minnie Ingersoll, Google is currently only concerned with testing project, does not plan to provide broadband services nationwide in the United States.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook upgrade failure e-mailed the wrong person

Facebook said that occur during software upgrades minor errors, leading to Wednesday night, "a short period of time", some the wrong e-mail users, this attracts the site privacy challenge.

Facebook spokesman said the company would investigate this issue, but No definite data show that the number of users affected by the error.

Facebook said in a statement: "Last night Facebook routine code upgrade process, a flaw in a short period of time led to a small number of the user's e-mail sent to the wrong recipient."

Facebook users Pablo S. Torre, said Wednesday around 20:30, he began receiving e-mail is obviously not issued to him in a half-hour the volume of mail received "far more than 100": "I actually the mean by the other user's private letters, send and receive people's names are attached to an email message. I wonder how Facebook will be how to handle this matter. "Other users reported the same problem.

Facebook recently released a letter system, the new station design, the new interface will look more like Google Gmail interface. Facebook said in a statement: "The problem occurs, our engineers quickly detected vulnerabilities. Now they are trying to solve all problems." Facebook also said that the problem affected the repair process the user will be unable to log Facebook site.

The e-mail due to concerns about long-standing vulnerabilities. Such as Facebook allow users to share personal information the website's ability to protect user privacy, has long been highly questionable.

Companies such as Google and Facebook a long time in public information and private e-mail sending and receiving and storage area scramble for subscribers. In this process, the site privacy policy and user data protection have become the warring elements.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yahoo's results as early as this week, switch to the Bing

Yahoo and Microsoft's search engine, has been awarded the United States and European Union antitrust authorities. Insiders expected that if no surprise, then, Yahoo as early as this week, it will switch to the search results will be on. The new Yahoo search results pages to reflect Yahoo's brand personality, which led to the industry's guess.

Under the partnership, Yahoo will search the background (including search results and search ads) were outsourced to Microsoft, responsible for their own search advertising sales, in the first five years, Yahoo will receive 88% of advertising revenue share. For Butts this cooperation, the industry most people consider to be their "amateur" performance.

Media analysts believe that the end of Yahoo's own search engine search will be important moment in history, "Three Kingdoms" will become "a two-hegemony." Interestingly, Yahoo's own search is what comes from three companies: Inktomi, AltaVista and Norway Alltheweb. Although the year has a Google search dominance, but the face of a powerful rising star, can only be defeated.

The future, Google and Microsoft search there are only two competitors in the two, respectively Ask and Hakia, but they are far behind in traffic.

Yahoo's search query to give up the outside world, but they argued that Yahoo will continue to be a search company. Yahoo said that the next search results pages still have direct control, and will use its own technology to the users the best experience. Yahoo, for example, in addition to the search results will be in addition, Yahoo will also display data from the results of its extensive Web content, such as commodities, local business, entertainment, reference, social activity. In addition, Yahoo will also be added from the Yahoo News search results.

In addition, the left side of the search results page, Yahoo will provide additional tools, allowing users to further refine the search from the results.

However, with the integration of search into the mainstream, will be inserted in the search results have been news, pictures and other results. Yahoo search results will be customized, though it may take some bickering.

The industry expects this cooperation to bring about the greatest danger is that Yahoo's search share slipped directly, the user will be more will be transferred to "genuine, the search page," Yahoo's Internet future status, have to rely on mail, instant communications, website content and other capital.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New default file format for Office 2010 Select Interface

Microsoft recently released to testers of Office 2010 version of the RC candidate some modifications. One of the changes is a new format selection interface that provides users with the default format options, including OOXML (Open XML) and the ODF (OpenDocument) two kinds. However, this prompt appears only in the Microsoft Office 2010 software, the European version.

Microsoft announced in August 2009 to provide a choice for the Office 2010 interface. Microsoft said in the statement, from the Office 14 (Office 2010) release started in the European Economic Area through the OEM manufacturer or retail channels, the main PC to buy Microsoft Office software, end-users will get the service. Office 2010 beta version does not include this option interface, but the recently launched version of the RC candidate introduced this prompt.

Neowin, asked Microsoft about the recent introduction of this prompts the question. "We are in the Office 2010 software will deliver interoperability and our commitment to user choice, and use this dialog box prompts allow users to more convenient way for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and other software to set up your own default file format." Microsoft spokesman said, "Our users have complex needs, there is no one vendor can meet these complex needs. software companies need collaboration with other companies in this industry make their products compatible as much as possible."

Microsoft to support ODF in Office 2007 format and use of OOXML as the default file format has been a supporter of free software and open source software supporters strongly criticized. In 2009, the Free Software Foundation's Richard Stallman said, Microsoft provides a free patent license on the condition that does not allow freedom of implementation. He was concerned that customers are getting a free software can not read the Word file format. Microsoft's latest offer for this prompt feature, Stallman said that Microsoft is obviously trying to make ODF file looks like a bad choice, so that very few people actually use the ODF format. He said: "I think Microsoft would like to say it supports ODF format, while allowing a few users to use this format."

ODF Alliance executive director Marino Marcich said that Microsoft's interface for this option a number of deficiencies. With the Windows 7's in the browser interface options than Microsoft to provide options for the EU in the browser interface, the choice of the order is random, and provides a fair information, including detailed information provided by the manufacturer. However, in the file selection interface, OOXML format, ranked first. Microsoft's ODF format provides an unfair statement, pointed out the lack of ODF file format, ODF file format does not provide advantages.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nintendo Wii is losing developer support

Sony believes that the market research firm NPDGroup the latest games on Wii sales figures indicate Sony gaming platforms have good prospects, and said that Nintendo Wii game console is losing developer support.

Nintendo Wii is perhaps the most popular console of this generation, but its only first-party game software can run on this platform, well, this question produced a profound impact on their success.

Sony is responsible for the relationship between publishers, senior vice president of RobDyer said, seeking more return on investment of third-party game developers are moving away from Nintendo's Wii turned to Sony's PS3.

Dyer said that in the past when talking with publishers, asked them to resources to where, when, the answer is usually "You see how popular Wii game console? Or how popular DS game? We should use the resources here" . But they are now beginning to realize that third-party products sold in the Nintendo Wii platform is not satisfactory.

Dyer said the publishers of these games to recover these resources, and for our gaming platform. Sony will invest more in this area engineer, in order to identify how to maximize the use of Blu-ray technology, and from the PS3 console to get more revenue.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facebook alliance allows the use of eBay payment service PayPal

According to foreign media reports, Facebook announced Thursday will work with eBay's PayPal to establish a "strategic relationship" that allows advertisers and users through the PayPal service to pay for advertising costs, and purchase of virtual goods.

Facebook said that advertisers will soon be able to use PayPal payment services, through the company's online advertising tools to pay for the costs of Facebook Ads program. Facebook said, "We want to Facebook users, as well as advertisers and developers to provide a rapid, reliable payment services. As our business continues to expand, for those who want to buy Facebook Ads advertisers in terms of providing them with the local method of payment will become even more important. and the world's leading online payment provider PayPal alliance, which makes it all possible. "

Facebook said the move to the company outside the United States will be particularly attractive, because they pay for programs on the market may be more difficult and expensive. Data show that, Facebook's 400 million users in about 70% are located in markets outside the United States. In addition, PayPal will also serve as a virtual currency Facebook Credits alternative payment service. Facebook users through Facebook Credits to buy the site's virtual goods, such as Facebook gifts from the store to buy materials.

PayPal currently provided to 190 markets worldwide to provide 24-currency services to users who have no credit cards, PayPal has become an alternative option. Had previously reported that, Facebook is likely to unveil a similar PayPal is called Facebook Wallet product, Facebook Wallet's introduction may be initiated by a strong challenge to PayPal. But in fact, Facebook Wallet has never arisen, Facebook e-business plan has been shifted to "Credits" payment system, Facebook will also be concentrating their efforts toward the micro-payment systems, and virtual gifts.

In addition to PayPal, the user can purchase via credit card or cell phone Facebook Credits. Facebook Prior to start-up companies with mobile payment Zong co-operation to allow some users to purchase mobile phones Facebook Credits.

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is one of Facebook's early investors, he is also a Facebook board of directors.

Monday, February 8, 2010

64-bit Windows 7 is more loved by the players

According to foreign media reports, Windows 7 operating system market, a big success, its sales exceeded Microsoft's expectations completely. International Game Versus Steam platform, the latest survey, PC gamers are more systems like Windows 7.

As we all know, Steam platform, will investigate the use of the player's hardware to help game developers to understand the hardware, the latest trends. Steam platform gamers a month to announce the hardware statistics, as well as the most popular brands of hardware and software, detailed information, including operating systems, such as Windows 7.

Steam, according to statistics, in January 2010, a 64-bit Windows 7 users account for all the Steam platform, a user's 19.50 percent, 32-bit Windows 7 users accounted for only 9.03% respectively. Windows 7 user accounts for all the Steam platform, a user's 28.53% the previous month increase of 5.47%. Windows XP continues to dominate the share of 42.78 percent of the Steam platform, but fell 2.63 percent the previous month.

Last month, the other Windows systems are a drop in market share, including Vista (64 bit / 32-bit), Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.

According to statistics, Steam platform, a user's Intel processor utilization rate of 69.06%, NVIDIA graphics card utilization rate of 65.01%.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does not support Flash and multi-task? Microsoft WM7 details of the Exposure

Throughout the industry's current smartphone, Windows Mobile's decline seems to have become an indisputable fact, whether it is WM6.1 or WM6.5 are some not worth mentioning, however, whether it's Microsoft or the industry, legendary WM7 are all full of interest, after all, Windows7 have PC industry has achieved great success, it is only natural that Windows Mobile 7 on the mobile device industry can also get the same praise.

Windows Mobile 7 functionality Exposure

But it did not, originally planned for the first quarter of 2010, introduced in WM7 experience defaulted, the formal launch may be delayed for one year, but Microsoft has become MWC2010 release of WM7 Yizhenyijia hard to tell. But today the foreign media release WM7 the latest news, saying that there will be WM7 Major changes to the interface become, and now Microsoft's music player, Zune HD is similar, while the UI is also known as METRO. Have used friends all say the interface is very cool, very lively, and have their own soul.

In addition to the new interface, other, Windows Mobile 7 will integrate the Zune, as well as all the contents of XBOX games, and supports all of the social network. In addition, the software store also provides a trial before buying, which is quite convenient for the user, while the world's first mobile phone WM7 will be released in September 2010.

Several other features on the WM7 and the iPhone is more similar to the first WM7 will not support Flash, at the same time do not support multi-tasking, when a task is running, after being switched to the background will automatically be suspended. At the same time WM7 will not be using the traditional Windows Mobile Device Center, but the supporting software to switch to Zune. In addition users can not install the program through the memory card can only be purchased through the Marketplace to install.

There is also a piece of information is estimated that most of your friends want to see that WM7 will not be able to use some well-known OEM interfaces, such as the HTC Sense / SPB Mobile Shell / Point UI / Infinity, etc. This is a lot of good UI is a great loss.

Of course, the above is only an exposure of Microsoft before the official release WM7 all are likely to make changes again. At present I have the hands of a Microsoft Zune HD, according to the writer's use of feelings of view, some operations are too complicated, and even into the calculator application requires 7-8 seconds, so Zune-like interface is not necessarily the best choice for WM7 . Dopod CEO Mr. Chen Jinghong there is once again mentioned interview, and now they are also developing systems to support WM7 smart phones, but at present a major difficulty is not with the Chinese WM7, so WM7 the Chinese version of the system may be more than the international version later.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer and then Pu new vulnerability has not been spared the latest version of IE8

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Wednesday to remind the user, IE browser, and then Pu new vulnerabilities, the latest version of IE8 was not spared.

Microsoft said that in certain circumstances, the vulnerability allows an attacker to access a user's computer is stored in the file. Microsoft in a security statement said: "If the user to use a specific version of IE browser, even in 'safe browsing' mode, the hacker can also get the required documents, but only know the file name and path."

Affected browser versions, including IE 5.01 on Windows 2000 and IE 6, Windows 2000 SP4 on IE 6, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 on IE6, IE 7 and IE 8.

The Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 system, under the IE in the "Safe Browsing" mode is not the vulnerability.

Currently, Microsoft has not yet decided when to release a patch. Recently, IE browser, just be exposed a serious security vulnerability that could allow hackers embedded malicious code, even in the IE "safe browsing" mode, the vulnerability can be exploited. Germany and the French government even suggested that users switch to other browsers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yahoo's 225 million U.S. dollars in order to sell its HotJobs site

According to foreign media reports, Yahoo's 225 million to the price of the information will be published in its recruitment Web site Hotjobs sold to Monster Worldwide's rival in this field.

The move means that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz in removing difficult or does not comply with the operation of the network companies to expand their news, entertainment and communications services for the purpose of another step. In addition, the price also reflects that since the company eight years ago, Yahoo's 439 million U.S. dollars in cash and stock to buy HotJobs So far, the site has plummeted. Of course, this and the current situation related. As the economic downturn, high unemployment and discourage the market demand, relying on job-postings to get full access to the company revenue, "winter." Monster Worldwide last year, the company's profit plummeted 85% to 19 million U.S. dollars. The HotJobs Web site revenues 905 million U.S. dollars last year.

According to Monster Worldwide, executives said they expected to retain approximately 275 employees of the original HotJobs.

If the deal can get regulatory approval, Monster Worldwide plans in June this year, 10 months of indirect control HotJobs.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Microsoft cuts exceeded the original goal: the actual layoff 5300 people

According to foreign media report today, Microsoft is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on a quarterly basis documents show that Microsoft since January 2009 the total number of job cuts since 5300 has reached people, has been over a year prior to the completion of the development in mid-June 2010 lay off 5,000 goals.

The original layoff plan is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made in January 2009, which is Microsoft's first time in history a large-scale layoffs.

Documents show that Microsoft ended December 31, 2009 second quarter, cut 800 jobs, downsizing initiatives paid for these 59 million U.S. dollars in cancellation fees.

Lindel former Microsoft CFO Chris was also left in the second quarter, the paper includes a copy of Lindel separation agreements. Microsoft agreed to pay by the end of March prior to Lindel nearly 200 million U.S. dollars. Under the agreement, Rindel December 31 last year received 95 million U.S. dollars, and will be March 31 and then got 95 million dollars. Terms of the separation agreement, Rindel human resources must be Microsoft's director of Lisa Brummel consent to disclose information to the media or blog. Rindel was also agreed to never again employed by Microsoft.

Microsoft The layoffs began in January 2009, when Microsoft first dismissed 1,400 employees, many Microsoft employees shocked by Microsoft within a few months since rumors. This is the first time in history a large-scale layoffs Microsoft move.

Ballmer said at the time, the company made the cuts will continue for 18 months, as of June 30, 2010, a total of no more than 5,000 layoffs. Layoff away from now, the deadline for a further 5 month period, Microsoft is the number of actual layoffs have been over 300.

Microsoft reported that many departments, and personnel expenses fell to the sector has brought boost profits. For example, the Microsoft Business division, said second-quarter sales and marketing expenses declined 12% year on year (2.62 million), mainly due to reduced activities of corporate marketing and corporate sales boost personnel costs down.

Microsoft second-quarter revenue totaled 19 billion U.S. dollars, setting a company record.

Monday, February 1, 2010

AT & T 3G version of Nexus One smart phones will soon be launching

A new version of Google Nexus One smart phones will soon be in the AT & T's 3G wireless networks. Users are now able to buy 529 U.S. dollars price version of the Nexus One cell phone unlock. However, this in last month's launch of Android-based mobile phone operating system only supports GSM radio frequency bands. The only phone to support 3G wireless spectrum in the T-Mobile USA's network.

This means that like AT & T network, use this to unlock the phone's user can only access AT & T's 2.5G network or EDGE network. Although AT & T because of its network quality has been criticized, but, AT & T's 3G network coverage than T-Mobile's network is much greater.

However, in order to use Google Nexus One mobile phone users will soon have a choice. According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, a document said, the new version of the Nexus One band WCDMA handsets will be I, II and V, to run on 3G wireless spectrum. These bands are AT & T and the Canadian wireless provider Rogers, Bell Canada and Telus Mobility and other companies use. This phone also can be used in most parts of Europe.

This means that the phone will soon be available on these networks. Google has said it will produce can be Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel's network to use mobile phone. This version of the phone is expected to launch this spring.

Be submitted to the Federal Communications Commission documents show the latest version of the Nexus One phone a new label. Nexus One mobile phone with the original label on the comparison, in addition to numbers outside of, FCC ID is the same. The new phone's label is FCC ID NM899110. The old Nexus One phone tag is FCC ID NM899100. The fact is that only a new label has changed a number. This shows that the new phone is a variant of old-fashioned phone.