Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facebook alliance allows the use of eBay payment service PayPal

According to foreign media reports, Facebook announced Thursday will work with eBay's PayPal to establish a "strategic relationship" that allows advertisers and users through the PayPal service to pay for advertising costs, and purchase of virtual goods.

Facebook said that advertisers will soon be able to use PayPal payment services, through the company's online advertising tools to pay for the costs of Facebook Ads program. Facebook said, "We want to Facebook users, as well as advertisers and developers to provide a rapid, reliable payment services. As our business continues to expand, for those who want to buy Facebook Ads advertisers in terms of providing them with the local method of payment will become even more important. and the world's leading online payment provider PayPal alliance, which makes it all possible. "

Facebook said the move to the company outside the United States will be particularly attractive, because they pay for programs on the market may be more difficult and expensive. Data show that, Facebook's 400 million users in about 70% are located in markets outside the United States. In addition, PayPal will also serve as a virtual currency Facebook Credits alternative payment service. Facebook users through Facebook Credits to buy the site's virtual goods, such as Facebook gifts from the store to buy materials.

PayPal currently provided to 190 markets worldwide to provide 24-currency services to users who have no credit cards, PayPal has become an alternative option. Had previously reported that, Facebook is likely to unveil a similar PayPal is called Facebook Wallet product, Facebook Wallet's introduction may be initiated by a strong challenge to PayPal. But in fact, Facebook Wallet has never arisen, Facebook e-business plan has been shifted to "Credits" payment system, Facebook will also be concentrating their efforts toward the micro-payment systems, and virtual gifts.

In addition to PayPal, the user can purchase via credit card or cell phone Facebook Credits. Facebook Prior to start-up companies with mobile payment Zong co-operation to allow some users to purchase mobile phones Facebook Credits.

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is one of Facebook's early investors, he is also a Facebook board of directors.

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