Friday, February 19, 2010

Nintendo Wii is losing developer support

Sony believes that the market research firm NPDGroup the latest games on Wii sales figures indicate Sony gaming platforms have good prospects, and said that Nintendo Wii game console is losing developer support.

Nintendo Wii is perhaps the most popular console of this generation, but its only first-party game software can run on this platform, well, this question produced a profound impact on their success.

Sony is responsible for the relationship between publishers, senior vice president of RobDyer said, seeking more return on investment of third-party game developers are moving away from Nintendo's Wii turned to Sony's PS3.

Dyer said that in the past when talking with publishers, asked them to resources to where, when, the answer is usually "You see how popular Wii game console? Or how popular DS game? We should use the resources here" . But they are now beginning to realize that third-party products sold in the Nintendo Wii platform is not satisfactory.

Dyer said the publishers of these games to recover these resources, and for our gaming platform. Sony will invest more in this area engineer, in order to identify how to maximize the use of Blu-ray technology, and from the PS3 console to get more revenue.

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