Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Microsoft cuts exceeded the original goal: the actual layoff 5300 people

According to foreign media report today, Microsoft is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on a quarterly basis documents show that Microsoft since January 2009 the total number of job cuts since 5300 has reached people, has been over a year prior to the completion of the development in mid-June 2010 lay off 5,000 goals.

The original layoff plan is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made in January 2009, which is Microsoft's first time in history a large-scale layoffs.

Documents show that Microsoft ended December 31, 2009 second quarter, cut 800 jobs, downsizing initiatives paid for these 59 million U.S. dollars in cancellation fees.

Lindel former Microsoft CFO Chris was also left in the second quarter, the paper includes a copy of Lindel separation agreements. Microsoft agreed to pay by the end of March prior to Lindel nearly 200 million U.S. dollars. Under the agreement, Rindel December 31 last year received 95 million U.S. dollars, and will be March 31 and then got 95 million dollars. Terms of the separation agreement, Rindel human resources must be Microsoft's director of Lisa Brummel consent to disclose information to the media or blog. Rindel was also agreed to never again employed by Microsoft.

Microsoft The layoffs began in January 2009, when Microsoft first dismissed 1,400 employees, many Microsoft employees shocked by Microsoft within a few months since rumors. This is the first time in history a large-scale layoffs Microsoft move.

Ballmer said at the time, the company made the cuts will continue for 18 months, as of June 30, 2010, a total of no more than 5,000 layoffs. Layoff away from now, the deadline for a further 5 month period, Microsoft is the number of actual layoffs have been over 300.

Microsoft reported that many departments, and personnel expenses fell to the sector has brought boost profits. For example, the Microsoft Business division, said second-quarter sales and marketing expenses declined 12% year on year (2.62 million), mainly due to reduced activities of corporate marketing and corporate sales boost personnel costs down.

Microsoft second-quarter revenue totaled 19 billion U.S. dollars, setting a company record.

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