Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook upgrade failure e-mailed the wrong person

Facebook said that occur during software upgrades minor errors, leading to Wednesday night, "a short period of time", some the wrong e-mail users, this attracts the site privacy challenge.

Facebook spokesman said the company would investigate this issue, but No definite data show that the number of users affected by the error.

Facebook said in a statement: "Last night Facebook routine code upgrade process, a flaw in a short period of time led to a small number of the user's e-mail sent to the wrong recipient."

Facebook users Pablo S. Torre, said Wednesday around 20:30, he began receiving e-mail is obviously not issued to him in a half-hour the volume of mail received "far more than 100": "I actually the mean by the other user's private letters, send and receive people's names are attached to an email message. I wonder how Facebook will be how to handle this matter. "Other users reported the same problem.

Facebook recently released a letter system, the new station design, the new interface will look more like Google Gmail interface. Facebook said in a statement: "The problem occurs, our engineers quickly detected vulnerabilities. Now they are trying to solve all problems." Facebook also said that the problem affected the repair process the user will be unable to log Facebook site.

The e-mail due to concerns about long-standing vulnerabilities. Such as Facebook allow users to share personal information the website's ability to protect user privacy, has long been highly questionable.

Companies such as Google and Facebook a long time in public information and private e-mail sending and receiving and storage area scramble for subscribers. In this process, the site privacy policy and user data protection have become the warring elements.

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