Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yahoo's results as early as this week, switch to the Bing

Yahoo and Microsoft's search engine, has been awarded the United States and European Union antitrust authorities. Insiders expected that if no surprise, then, Yahoo as early as this week, it will switch to the search results will be on. The new Yahoo search results pages to reflect Yahoo's brand personality, which led to the industry's guess.

Under the partnership, Yahoo will search the background (including search results and search ads) were outsourced to Microsoft, responsible for their own search advertising sales, in the first five years, Yahoo will receive 88% of advertising revenue share. For Butts this cooperation, the industry most people consider to be their "amateur" performance.

Media analysts believe that the end of Yahoo's own search engine search will be important moment in history, "Three Kingdoms" will become "a two-hegemony." Interestingly, Yahoo's own search is what comes from three companies: Inktomi, AltaVista and Norway Alltheweb. Although the year has a Google search dominance, but the face of a powerful rising star, can only be defeated.

The future, Google and Microsoft search there are only two competitors in the two, respectively Ask and Hakia, but they are far behind in traffic.

Yahoo's search query to give up the outside world, but they argued that Yahoo will continue to be a search company. Yahoo said that the next search results pages still have direct control, and will use its own technology to the users the best experience. Yahoo, for example, in addition to the search results will be in addition, Yahoo will also display data from the results of its extensive Web content, such as commodities, local business, entertainment, reference, social activity. In addition, Yahoo will also be added from the Yahoo News search results.

In addition, the left side of the search results page, Yahoo will provide additional tools, allowing users to further refine the search from the results.

However, with the integration of search into the mainstream, will be inserted in the search results have been news, pictures and other results. Yahoo search results will be customized, though it may take some bickering.

The industry expects this cooperation to bring about the greatest danger is that Yahoo's search share slipped directly, the user will be more will be transferred to "genuine, the search page," Yahoo's Internet future status, have to rely on mail, instant communications, website content and other capital.

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