Saturday, February 20, 2010

New default file format for Office 2010 Select Interface

Microsoft recently released to testers of Office 2010 version of the RC candidate some modifications. One of the changes is a new format selection interface that provides users with the default format options, including OOXML (Open XML) and the ODF (OpenDocument) two kinds. However, this prompt appears only in the Microsoft Office 2010 software, the European version.

Microsoft announced in August 2009 to provide a choice for the Office 2010 interface. Microsoft said in the statement, from the Office 14 (Office 2010) release started in the European Economic Area through the OEM manufacturer or retail channels, the main PC to buy Microsoft Office software, end-users will get the service. Office 2010 beta version does not include this option interface, but the recently launched version of the RC candidate introduced this prompt.

Neowin, asked Microsoft about the recent introduction of this prompts the question. "We are in the Office 2010 software will deliver interoperability and our commitment to user choice, and use this dialog box prompts allow users to more convenient way for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and other software to set up your own default file format." Microsoft spokesman said, "Our users have complex needs, there is no one vendor can meet these complex needs. software companies need collaboration with other companies in this industry make their products compatible as much as possible."

Microsoft to support ODF in Office 2007 format and use of OOXML as the default file format has been a supporter of free software and open source software supporters strongly criticized. In 2009, the Free Software Foundation's Richard Stallman said, Microsoft provides a free patent license on the condition that does not allow freedom of implementation. He was concerned that customers are getting a free software can not read the Word file format. Microsoft's latest offer for this prompt feature, Stallman said that Microsoft is obviously trying to make ODF file looks like a bad choice, so that very few people actually use the ODF format. He said: "I think Microsoft would like to say it supports ODF format, while allowing a few users to use this format."

ODF Alliance executive director Marino Marcich said that Microsoft's interface for this option a number of deficiencies. With the Windows 7's in the browser interface options than Microsoft to provide options for the EU in the browser interface, the choice of the order is random, and provides a fair information, including detailed information provided by the manufacturer. However, in the file selection interface, OOXML format, ranked first. Microsoft's ODF format provides an unfair statement, pointed out the lack of ODF file format, ODF file format does not provide advantages.

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