Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does not support Flash and multi-task? Microsoft WM7 details of the Exposure

Throughout the industry's current smartphone, Windows Mobile's decline seems to have become an indisputable fact, whether it is WM6.1 or WM6.5 are some not worth mentioning, however, whether it's Microsoft or the industry, legendary WM7 are all full of interest, after all, Windows7 have PC industry has achieved great success, it is only natural that Windows Mobile 7 on the mobile device industry can also get the same praise.

Windows Mobile 7 functionality Exposure

But it did not, originally planned for the first quarter of 2010, introduced in WM7 experience defaulted, the formal launch may be delayed for one year, but Microsoft has become MWC2010 release of WM7 Yizhenyijia hard to tell. But today the foreign media release WM7 the latest news, saying that there will be WM7 Major changes to the interface become, and now Microsoft's music player, Zune HD is similar, while the UI is also known as METRO. Have used friends all say the interface is very cool, very lively, and have their own soul.

In addition to the new interface, other, Windows Mobile 7 will integrate the Zune, as well as all the contents of XBOX games, and supports all of the social network. In addition, the software store also provides a trial before buying, which is quite convenient for the user, while the world's first mobile phone WM7 will be released in September 2010.

Several other features on the WM7 and the iPhone is more similar to the first WM7 will not support Flash, at the same time do not support multi-tasking, when a task is running, after being switched to the background will automatically be suspended. At the same time WM7 will not be using the traditional Windows Mobile Device Center, but the supporting software to switch to Zune. In addition users can not install the program through the memory card can only be purchased through the Marketplace to install.

There is also a piece of information is estimated that most of your friends want to see that WM7 will not be able to use some well-known OEM interfaces, such as the HTC Sense / SPB Mobile Shell / Point UI / Infinity, etc. This is a lot of good UI is a great loss.

Of course, the above is only an exposure of Microsoft before the official release WM7 all are likely to make changes again. At present I have the hands of a Microsoft Zune HD, according to the writer's use of feelings of view, some operations are too complicated, and even into the calculator application requires 7-8 seconds, so Zune-like interface is not necessarily the best choice for WM7 . Dopod CEO Mr. Chen Jinghong there is once again mentioned interview, and now they are also developing systems to support WM7 smart phones, but at present a major difficulty is not with the Chinese WM7, so WM7 the Chinese version of the system may be more than the international version later.

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