Monday, February 1, 2010

AT & T 3G version of Nexus One smart phones will soon be launching

A new version of Google Nexus One smart phones will soon be in the AT & T's 3G wireless networks. Users are now able to buy 529 U.S. dollars price version of the Nexus One cell phone unlock. However, this in last month's launch of Android-based mobile phone operating system only supports GSM radio frequency bands. The only phone to support 3G wireless spectrum in the T-Mobile USA's network.

This means that like AT & T network, use this to unlock the phone's user can only access AT & T's 2.5G network or EDGE network. Although AT & T because of its network quality has been criticized, but, AT & T's 3G network coverage than T-Mobile's network is much greater.

However, in order to use Google Nexus One mobile phone users will soon have a choice. According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, a document said, the new version of the Nexus One band WCDMA handsets will be I, II and V, to run on 3G wireless spectrum. These bands are AT & T and the Canadian wireless provider Rogers, Bell Canada and Telus Mobility and other companies use. This phone also can be used in most parts of Europe.

This means that the phone will soon be available on these networks. Google has said it will produce can be Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel's network to use mobile phone. This version of the phone is expected to launch this spring.

Be submitted to the Federal Communications Commission documents show the latest version of the Nexus One phone a new label. Nexus One mobile phone with the original label on the comparison, in addition to numbers outside of, FCC ID is the same. The new phone's label is FCC ID NM899110. The old Nexus One phone tag is FCC ID NM899100. The fact is that only a new label has changed a number. This shows that the new phone is a variant of old-fashioned phone.

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