Friday, July 30, 2010

Outstanding regular season record is not guaranteed playoff win

Outstanding regular season record is not guaranteed playoff win, can withstand the pressure of the playoffs and win on the mound can be called the "king", Becket (Josh Beckett) is leader!

American League Championship Series in Cleveland for 19 fifth war, back no retreat of the Red Sox ace Beijitedeng wielding super-board, opened a Becket career playoff results, can only "terrorist" to describe the cumulative 57.2 Board only hit in the main cast of 29 hits, defense was only 1.87, well below the 3.74 average of the regular season, Becket "Superman"-like anti-stress, will be the series back to Boston Red Sox will hope KMT.

Aged 27, Becket, in 2003 after leading the Marlins won the world title, entry into "strong cast" of forest, then faced the Marlins in the National League Championship Series Cubs, so after the first four war is also 1:3 backward, the fifth must-win battle Becket undertook a mission start, shutout nine innings soared out 11K, the Marlins won 4-0 and lost the smooth reversal of 4 wins 3 out of Bear.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American League Championship Series moved to Cleveland 16

"Having an old, if a treasure", have reached the fourth decade of Lofton (Kenny Lofton), to demonstrate the age of 40 is still a live dragon!

American League Championship Series moved to Cleveland 16, the third war confrontation, "the old Scud" Lofton this time not to speed to help Indians, two Board seats face the Red Sox ends up playing "Heisei Monster" Daisuke Matsuzaka, a bar sweep a large right field wall, winning two points lay the foundation gun, re-tearing the Red Sox wrapped up the Indians 4:2, 2:1 series lead.

40-year-old still roam in the field, did not see an old, face to face after the game with fans asked Lofton: "really 40 years old?" He laughed, and answered: "No! I feel as young as 25 years old ! "

Lofton 1992 Major League steps in the Indian firm, from 1992 to 1996 season, Lofton ran a total of 325 stolen bases, an average of 65 times a year to create a record of stolen bases, fast legs reputed in the power of rivers and lakes However, after 2002, Lofton lost to years of violence, grades started dropping, major league start, "Ronin" career, White Sox, Giants, Cubs, Pirates, Yankees and other teams have had Lofton footprint, until the end of July Cai Bei Rangers deal, Indians second time frying his former team.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamondbacks today in the Cy Young Award winner last year

Diamondbacks today in the Cy Young Award winner last year, Webber sent a start, beat Rockies line unexpectedly Quedui helpless, especially Gerpe let him out in the third when two hits and knocked two points, so that in one fell swoop with the Bureau Los Angeles the lower third.

Gerpe sixth knocked a base hit then, so Webber lowered leaving the scene.

Webber gave opponents a total of seven hits, losing a quarter, and another two walks.

Diamondbacks fans home unhappy referees greatly scale, have hold to boo, or even throw bottles and cans to the field, matches were suspended for ten minutes.

Upton Diamondbacks suspected interference in base-running Los Angeles when the Japanese second baseman Kazuo Matsui passing first base, put out, so Diamondbacks to complete a controversial key double play, which open the soda fans, Meng Hush referee.

The second war at home tomorrow is still a rattlesnake.

Friday, July 23, 2010

In all the experts are still pondering why the Arizona Diamondbacks won the playoff tickets

In all the experts are still pondering why the Arizona Diamondbacks won the playoff tickets, they have quickly resolved the Chicago Cubs. Diamondbacks win 5-1 today and then will be swept out of Bear, has become the first team to qualify for district championship team.

The first bar of a Council on Yonge Diamondbacks (Chris Young) I hit a home run on to the first starting pitcher to Bear Hill (Rich Hill) played rough, and then followed by the Zulu (Stephen Drew) and Upton (Justin Upton) of hits and scored 2 points. 4 Bureau of the rattlesnake captured bases loaded, Burns (Eric Byrnes) and then roll back to Earth the first 3 points. The sixth and ninth are relying on Burns, and a solo home run Zulu additional insured points.

Bear has a lot of today's attack, relying on Hernandez Diamondbacks starting pitcher (Livan Hernandez) point instability, Cubs may point circle repeatedly captured, but only in the fourth relying on De Luosha (Mark DeRosa) and Jones (Jacque Jones) of successive hits, and Hom Murdoch's grounder scored a game-only 1 point, the audience left nine on base. Three slugger Suoliannuo (Alfonso Soriano), Ramirez (Aramis Ramirez) and Derek Lee (Derrek Lee) a total of 38 bats only hit six hits, 1 percent against 78 of the very poor rate of Cubs swept out the door of the main reasons.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A. Cabrera fired a spring under the three Board home run with a ratio of form 1 to 4

A. Cabrera fired a spring under the three Board home run with a ratio of form 1 to 4, while Wang Haffner and martini after another to solve Aberdeen, but was Jiake hit the hits, but fortunately for the construction Tsai Pei Latta hit a fly ball to right field then killed out; Yankees replaced in the four inning Kano bomb hit the spring, both the gap back to two.

4 Bureau of the second half, Lofton then kill the ball fly right field, Wang Quedui Gutileizi cast walks, this is his 3rd Grand Fortunately, Blake first hit infield grounder, Guti Lei hereby ban on second base before it was built Tsai Sezi Mo struck out, the end of the next four pitches.

The Yankees had the opportunity to form a five-inning scoring overall, Abuleiyou hit a RBI base hit, A-Rod was intentionally walked extruded full base, the Yankees only one out, but Posada was first struck, Hideki Matsui hit only boats ball out the infield, the Yankees miss the opportunity ahead.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One side in September was also the first one behind the team won 7 games is poor

One side in September was also the first one behind the team won 7 games is poor, but in the season the last 1 day "usurper" successful, on the other side is the end of the quarter of 15 battle 14 wins, "overtime" a field grabbed a wild card qualification Philadelphia Phillies and the Colorado Rockies this combination was the most incredible ball commentary that, but perhaps also the most exciting play against.

Opener is a lefty duel, Rocky launched array ace Francis (Jeff Francis) starting on the Holmes on the Phillies (Cole Hamels). Francis won 17 regular season wins this year, lost 9, ERA 4.22, Holmes is 15 wins and 5 defeat, ERA 3.39.

Francis this year's first issue on the Phillies game 2 games to swallow a defeat, a total investment of 8.1 only gave up 20 hits Bureau, lost 14 points are all mad ERA, ERA up to 15.14!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Martinez pitched seven Bureau, only gave up seven hits and three points and send 8 Old Mr. Chang K

Recent sluggish New York Mets, New York time on the 28th sent Martinez (Pedro Martinez) start, hope to rebound, helpless against group does not help, and closing to 0-3 loss to St. Louis Cardinals; the other side, Phillies to 6:4 victory over the Atlanta Braves, catch up with the city, with 87 wins and 72 lost the first tie for the NL East, the future not yet determined who would qualify days.

Martinez pitched seven Bureau, only gave up seven hits and three points and send 8 Old Mr. Chang K, but the rival Cardinals starting pitcher Panni Luo (Joel Pineiro) performance is more excellent, being only 8 innings hit three hits, struck out 6 opponents, the total suppression of anti-city group, grabbed the first six wins this season, Terminator Yi Silin Stockhausen (Jason Isringhausen) won the season is the 31st save.

15 days ago, the Metropolitan is still exclusive top of the NL East leading Phillies second margin of victory of 7 games, but the city lost 14 games the past 10 games, seven game losing streak at home is, the situation arouses concern, especially cattle frequently carrying gasoline shed fire play is the main cause of the ailing city.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The two sides duel after 5 hours of hard, spent a total of 18 pitchers

Yankees 23, Taipei time war in the first 2 rounds of Bluebird, the two sides present gap is war, then a playoff, Yankees in the 10th Council, the relying Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) hit a goodbye hits to 12:1 beat the Blue Jays, pulled one back in the AL East with the Red Sox still have the 2 ½ games.

The two sides duel after 5 hours of hard, spent a total of 18 pitchers, the Yankees sent a total of 10 pitchers, including the long missing Igawa, winning is the 10th pitcher to win any of Castans (Jeff Karstens), " how to overcome the pitching was a big enough challenge, "Yankees manager Joe Torre (Torre), said:" especially in the bullpen last night, nearly all free up our bare. "

RBI Wang A-ROD this Adds 3 RBI, 146 RBI this season accumulate, creating a career high. "This we must win, if lost would have been (Red Sox) widening gap, especially after losing last night," A-ROD said: "This seems to match the weight of prostitutes, who you have to feel the beat last fight will win. "

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Joe Blanton was bombed on a start

Today, the Philadelphia Phillies (10) in the home game against the Cincinnati Reds played a large reversal in the next coming down 6 points 9 Board tied, and finally Ryan Howard belted 10 Board goodbye 2 points under the gun, and closing on the Phillies 9 to 7 win over the Reds, hard-won nearly 10 games 4 wins.

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Joe Blanton was bombed on a start, Reds Jonny Gomes out in a one, when third base was, blasted a 3-bar shot lead. 2 Bureau of the Reds after the capture of the two out bases loaded, the last of the hits by Gomes scored 1 point.

4 Bureau, the Phillies relied on Raul Ibanez and continuous Howard hits a sacrifice fly with 1 minute recovery. But the Reds Miguel Cairo bureau in 5 pound out two RBI doubles, 9 Bureau of the Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake also know their hits, the number of rewriting than 7 to 1.

Leake Council today only the first 8 of 84 balls, cast 1 Sisi Qiu 3 strikeouts, gave up five hits and only lost 1 point. However, the explosion was under 9 Council, addressed only one batter was hit in the four hits, including Shane Victorino's start in doubles play and Greg Dobbs of 3 guns and lost four minutes after exit.

Friday, July 9, 2010

When Red Sox pitcher Recchi were almost knocked a home run fly out of the wall's base hit

When Red Sox pitcher Recchi were almost knocked a home run fly out of the wall's base hit, we all know Ximannizi situation today is really a problem. The most then send an RBI of hits, the Ximannizi to lose the identity of the candidates voted to send end.

Again this is only one thing: No pitcher will not be ringing off the hook in!

But ultimately, Ximannizi escaped defeat to vote. Because the bottom of the ninth, and replaced with the Terminator School Pak The Red Sox (Jonathan Papelbon) off the hook! He came close, the first batter to face Stewart (Ian Stewart), a second goal tied the home run was blasted, which is sent Bo only the second time this season this year, the rescue failed. But the nightmare goes on, and pinch of veteran Jason Giambi (Jason Giambi) and then blasted two home runs points Goodbye, Los Angeles wins performance reversed to 8:6 gas to go Red Sox.

The Ximannizi Although off the hook, his results still remain at 13 wins and 1 negative. With quasi-Hall of Fame pitchers Shimo Zi (John Smoltz) in the same season in 1996, starting in 15 games, the record is 13 wins and 1 negative (24 wins to 8 year Shimo Zi negative for income, won the national League Cy Young Award). But his astonishing ERA, rose to 1.60, still leading the major leagues, but not before 1.15 so incredible Bale. After all, he is a person, not a machine!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 Bureau to put Tiger in the Ni Fude relay the results of his bureau in the next 6 also attacked

5 Bureau to put Tiger in the Ni Fude relay the results of his bureau in the next 6 also attacked, struck dead start, the Metropolitan Pagan, Wright, Ike Davis knocked three hits and even then Jason Bay make up a sacrifice fly, In this Board also scored 3 points. Last Ni Fude pitched 3 innings to cast two strikeouts, gave up four hits and lost 3 points.

Hits with 10 games to hit the Pagan, 6 bat today, knocked four hits, scored four runs batted in, differing only in home runs to reach full combat. The original city center fielder Carlos Beltran has been in the minor leagues for rehabilitation game, will rejoin soon, he was injured in center field during the top of the next zone of the Pagan said: "I thinking about doing my best to help the team win the ball. "

In addition to Pagan addition, Wright also had three hits and two RBI hit a few 3 the contribution of the other 2 were against all walked. In addition, Jose Reyes, Davis also had three hits in a single field performance. The Detroit Tigers pitching the audience to cast 7 Sisi Qiu, including 3 touch itself, but also help the city hand. Jim Leyland Tiger coach after the game, said: "This is really ugly."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Major League Baseball, Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Zuma Ya entire season injury claims

Major League Baseball, Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Zuma Ya entire season injury claims, the bullpen tight, but Ni Fude or not the opportunity to vote to send less than one bureau has lost a quarter of four walks, and closing of four tiger than 11 defeat to the Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox for another four to three Lectra Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals with eight shutout Arizona Diamondbacks zero.

Tiger Gulalajia Bureau lost the first four fifth, with three to five behind the Twins, Mauer of five Ni Fude play after they got hits relief, struck out three consecutive slider left to play mogno, but then walked the Kober, was again left field and win their doubles Library Dell lost two points, Ni Fude struck out tome after another intentional walks Yonge, but still walks Ponto, and then clear the history of Pan and win triples light Lei Bao, Ni Fude walked again after Hudson exit, facing eight batters walked four cast lost a quarter of all ERA, ERA rose to 6.65.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Under the White Sox last nine innings great counterattack

Under the White Sox last nine innings great counterattack, so Mameng (Carlos Marmol) cast a little shake, a, second base was the case Beckham (Gordon Beckham) base hit and Pierre (Jian Pierre) of hits for the White socks recover 3 points, but unfortunately Liou Si (Alex Rios) finally struck out, let the White Sox left sorry.

Although the suspension of 11 straight White Sox, but this is the best performance since 49 years, the White Sox hit a 12-game winning streak in 1961, after the game first baseman Kena Ke (Paul Konerko), said: "This is a good result, I am glad that we fight to the last moment. "White Sox 11 wins, but also allow them the AL Central is now only 1.5 games behind the first place Twins.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obviously a good performance the Orioles play

Obviously a good performance the Orioles play, you have to let them behind Caixing. 3 points behind at one time under the circumstances, the Orioles he just come from behind to 4 to 3 toppled the nationals, but the Orioles only victory in this series, and are reversed staged show, and sweeping down to 1-point nationals.

Behind 6 points can be reversed, today (28) "only" 3 points behind, the Orioles make sense can not win. The three-Lien interesting situation occurs, that is, the Orioles are in the 3 games come from behind to win the first battle was once behind 6 points 1, 2 5 points behind the war once, 3 once war is 3 points behind, but No matter how adverse the situation, as the Orioles are playing to the performance of materials, relying on the spirit will not give up the national sweep.

In fact, in the face of people before the Orioles and Marlins in the final three battle Lien Chan, also in the case of 3 points behind the game comeback, the Orioles hit a new high of four straight season, all with a reversal The way to win.