Friday, July 30, 2010

Outstanding regular season record is not guaranteed playoff win

Outstanding regular season record is not guaranteed playoff win, can withstand the pressure of the playoffs and win on the mound can be called the "king", Becket (Josh Beckett) is leader!

American League Championship Series in Cleveland for 19 fifth war, back no retreat of the Red Sox ace Beijitedeng wielding super-board, opened a Becket career playoff results, can only "terrorist" to describe the cumulative 57.2 Board only hit in the main cast of 29 hits, defense was only 1.87, well below the 3.74 average of the regular season, Becket "Superman"-like anti-stress, will be the series back to Boston Red Sox will hope KMT.

Aged 27, Becket, in 2003 after leading the Marlins won the world title, entry into "strong cast" of forest, then faced the Marlins in the National League Championship Series Cubs, so after the first four war is also 1:3 backward, the fifth must-win battle Becket undertook a mission start, shutout nine innings soared out 11K, the Marlins won 4-0 and lost the smooth reversal of 4 wins 3 out of Bear.

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