Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamondbacks today in the Cy Young Award winner last year

Diamondbacks today in the Cy Young Award winner last year, Webber sent a start, beat Rockies line unexpectedly Quedui helpless, especially Gerpe let him out in the third when two hits and knocked two points, so that in one fell swoop with the Bureau Los Angeles the lower third.

Gerpe sixth knocked a base hit then, so Webber lowered leaving the scene.

Webber gave opponents a total of seven hits, losing a quarter, and another two walks.

Diamondbacks fans home unhappy referees greatly scale, have hold to boo, or even throw bottles and cans to the field, matches were suspended for ten minutes.

Upton Diamondbacks suspected interference in base-running Los Angeles when the Japanese second baseman Kazuo Matsui passing first base, put out, so Diamondbacks to complete a controversial key double play, which open the soda fans, Meng Hush referee.

The second war at home tomorrow is still a rattlesnake.

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