Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obviously a good performance the Orioles play

Obviously a good performance the Orioles play, you have to let them behind Caixing. 3 points behind at one time under the circumstances, the Orioles he just come from behind to 4 to 3 toppled the nationals, but the Orioles only victory in this series, and are reversed staged show, and sweeping down to 1-point nationals.

Behind 6 points can be reversed, today (28) "only" 3 points behind, the Orioles make sense can not win. The three-Lien interesting situation occurs, that is, the Orioles are in the 3 games come from behind to win the first battle was once behind 6 points 1, 2 5 points behind the war once, 3 once war is 3 points behind, but No matter how adverse the situation, as the Orioles are playing to the performance of materials, relying on the spirit will not give up the national sweep.

In fact, in the face of people before the Orioles and Marlins in the final three battle Lien Chan, also in the case of 3 points behind the game comeback, the Orioles hit a new high of four straight season, all with a reversal The way to win.

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