Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American League Championship Series moved to Cleveland 16

"Having an old, if a treasure", have reached the fourth decade of Lofton (Kenny Lofton), to demonstrate the age of 40 is still a live dragon!

American League Championship Series moved to Cleveland 16, the third war confrontation, "the old Scud" Lofton this time not to speed to help Indians, two Board seats face the Red Sox ends up playing "Heisei Monster" Daisuke Matsuzaka, a bar sweep a large right field wall, winning two points lay the foundation gun, re-tearing the Red Sox wrapped up the Indians 4:2, 2:1 series lead.

40-year-old still roam in the field, did not see an old, face to face after the game with fans asked Lofton: "really 40 years old?" He laughed, and answered: "No! I feel as young as 25 years old ! "

Lofton 1992 Major League steps in the Indian firm, from 1992 to 1996 season, Lofton ran a total of 325 stolen bases, an average of 65 times a year to create a record of stolen bases, fast legs reputed in the power of rivers and lakes However, after 2002, Lofton lost to years of violence, grades started dropping, major league start, "Ronin" career, White Sox, Giants, Cubs, Pirates, Yankees and other teams have had Lofton footprint, until the end of July Cai Bei Rangers deal, Indians second time frying his former team.

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