Monday, August 16, 2010

Mohsen Awards 28th "Thurman Munson Awards" banquet

Mohsen Awards 28th "Thurman Munson Awards" banquet, will present awards to five of both sportsmanship and love of the players, "Mr. Astronaut" Biggio (Craig Biggio) the most attention.

Mohsen Origin Awards: Mohsen was the New York Yankees catcher and captain of the Yankees in 1969 after budding into the 1970 rookie of the year that is, 7-Star players, was elected in 1976, the annual MVP ,1973-75 consecutive off Gold Glove Award in 1975 for a single season and win their 151-base hits, especially the Yankees "Iron Horse" Gairui Ge (Lou Gehrig) died in 1941 after 30 years vacant and Yankees captain seat until Mohsen appears only under the roof.

Mohsen love flying, August 1, 1979, Mohsen did not take advantage of soaring private jet race sailed in the sky, when the plane unexpectedly landed at fault, causing a fire, Mohsen severe body burns, died in hospital the next day, at the age of 32. Mohsen legendary 10-year, short life, so Yankee fans share the sadness, when the Yankees boss said sadly: "I will not let captain left us." Mohsen from No. 15 back in Yankees retired, always for the fans to pay homage.

After the United States "to help children slow Association" to the name of a noble personality Mohsen, set up a "Mohsen Award" Award of this society's most caring athlete, Mohsen's widow, Diana, which raised nearly eight early in the launch millions of dollars to help the many, many years to pay Biggio is love, in recent years been awarded.

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