Tuesday, August 3, 2010

World Series after the end of the first two wars

World Series after the end of the first two wars, dark horse to win the momentum of the previous play Rocky, why Fenway Park abruptly by "prodding"?

International gamble as expected, reversed Unstoppable Red Sox World Series promotion, successfully grabbed the second in a row, the first two wars Rocky contrast, only 1 point each, weak firepower can attack any opponents mercy, nothing like that has play crack the playoffs seven game winning streak, and now can only look forward to the Colorado Rocky Mountains at high altitude, make little white ball fly farther, looking back some dignity to the League Championship.

Rocky is like the first two anti-war and "lame", the only team with World Series experience pioneer Tavares (Willy Taveras), two games, seven at bats all "were defeated," the first two bars of Matsui Jia It does not figure to Central, 8 to play only a few hits, not base on the first two bars, good at playing small-ball tactics of the Rockies is equal to "self-inflicted mutilation."

Face Red Sox "Euler Line," a strong challenge to the Rocky Centre against groups more than "quiet" 16 million U.S. dollars annual salary of the highest home team's Kheitan (Todd Helton), the playoffs so far against rate of less than 2 percent, far below the 3 percent of 20 regular season batting average, strong aspirations to the National League MVP season of Halladay (Matt Holliday), the second contribution to the war four hits in a single field, no choice point circle was empty, not on the Red Sox threat.

Less than rivals in the players being the case, known as Rocky can only hope, "batters heaven," said the home Coors field, can rebuild confidence against group, in fact, Rocky season record 51 home wins 31 lost, the highest in the League of Nations the highest in the last 12 home games had 11 wins, Coors Field is the Rockies players as if the last "spiritual fortress."

"Red Sox keep their home win, but we must do." Halladay confidence propaganda to his teammates: "If we can get rid of the third war began to crack down on the ebb, with the home crowd cheering, you never know what will happen! "

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