Friday, August 6, 2010

Although the American League Championship Series defeat depressed

Although the American League Championship Series defeat depressed, but back Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) finally Cy Young Award voting will Becket (Josh Beckett) and trodden on.

American League Cy Young Award voting results released on the 14th, Indians unexpectedly strong lefthander Shabaxiya include 19 first-place votes to score 119 points stronger at home OurGame overwhelming vote in the U.S., award-winning career's first Cy Young Award , Red Sox ace Becket super second place only to get 86 points, Angel Laatsch (John Lackey), Indians Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) separated three or four.

Although the Cy Young Award voting has nothing to do with the performance of the playoffs, but opened the regular season results, Becket 20 wins most outstanding league and was batting better than that Shabaxiya 45 2 2 into 59, you really want to pick an egg bone, probably only a small input Shabaxiya 3.27 ERA 3.21, following the vote, even in California, home Shabaxiya accidents are shouted: "I know this is the confrontation between the two men, and I have been that the award-winning people should be Josh. "

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