Friday, August 13, 2010

The total training Hillman Royals in Japan's Ham as 5 years supervision

Japan's "Tornado," Hideo Nomo (Hideo Nomo) with the Kansas City Royals signed a one year minor league contract with pitcher Tsao Chin-hui of Taiwan living in America in spring training this year, a major league team to compete for the Royal 25 places.

The total training Hillman Royals in Japan's Ham as 5 years supervision, particularly in Asia seems to love the players. Royals after following a recent recruit Tsao, today announced the invitation to Major League disappear in two years, Hideo Nomo to participate in spring training, Royals general manager of Moore (Dayton Moore) said that "he (Nomo) was a very successful pitcher, and we prepared to give him a chance to join the ranks of our spring training to compete. ",

39-year-old Hideo Nomo has been hailed as the Japanese players to go to the pioneers of the Alliance (Trailblazer), he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1995, the first year to a tornado-like strange pitching won lost record of 13 wins 6 , was named National League Rookie of the Year title, as the light of Japan, in 1988 due to shoulder injury, was traded to the road season will be team have since launched a "Ronin" career.

Hideo Nomo battles in the major leagues for 11 years, a total of 123 wins 109 off defeat. The first Japanese player to go to the development of Major League called Murakami regular (Masanori Murakami), played for the San Francisco Giants, the time dating back to 1964-65 years, 30 years later, only by the "Nomo Tornado" to bring the wave of Japanese players to the United States , one after another 1996 Suzuki (Mac Suzuki, who played the Royals), 1997, Hasegawa zli (Shigetoshi Hasegawa), 1997 in Iran's good department show hui (Hideki Irabu), 1998 Yoshii manager (Masato Yoshii) and 1999 people Friends and (Tomo Ohka), and others followed, Nomo did not indeed.

Nomo2005 Tampa Bay Devil Rays in a Game 5 record of 19 wins 8 games lost, although since then fought with the Chicago White Sox New York Yankees, has never again been to the big leagues on Nomo's baseball career preparation program before the next period, the Royal team offering to give Nomo a comeback opportunities No wonder, then hit the Japanese media.

Nomo could Royals spring training through the challenge, squeezed in the Alliance after the beginning of the season 25 list? On the Japanese professional baseball legend, a pioneer in the United States, the hidden meaning, may be exceeded in the real value.

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