Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salary up to 12 million U.S. dollars this quarter

As Tiger has long occupied a base Cabrera, first baseman of the same is bound to have its forces Dunn, guarding only control most of the early career outfield, but "the people tremble," the defense, the new owner should not lead to take the risk, DH will be better choice.

Dunn is a fixed four-rod nationals, if the trade rumors are true, general manager Mike Rizzo definitely do not want it as a taken for a ride, but the Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski has also say, then the team will not be to "short-term speculation," large tracts of abandoned farms, put away potential shares.

Salary up to 12 million U.S. dollars this quarter, the Dunn, will this year become a free agent after the season, 10-year career in sequence through the Reds, Diamondbacks, his national jersey, long-playing ability has always been the National League leader, season 23 runs, a long hit rate of 5 percent 65 were highest in the Top 3.

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