Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rollins in the 32 first-place votes received 16 affirmative

Major League Baseball (MLB) National League Most Valuable Player the Year (MVP) announced today that Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Rollins to 16 years, the smallest gap, win over the Colorado Rockies for Halladay to win this awards.

Rollins in the 32 first-place votes received 16 affirmative, Total 350 third, got 11 first place votes Halladay Total 336 points Little lost Rollins 17 points.

Rollins, now 20-year-old Philadelphia man in the history of the fifth player to win an MVP, and teammate John Howard last year after two consecutive years for the team off this honor.

Rollins this year to 139 points scored and 20 three-base hit leading the league, in addition to his two hit rate of 94 percent, and 30 home runs and 90 RBI quarter, as always fourth place at least 20 single-season home runs, 20 three-base hit, 20 doubles and 20 stolen bases playing the star.

Phillies this year, only 17 games in the regular season, the New York Mets still behind seven margin of victory, but the Phillies catch up, finally winning 73 to 89 negative boarded the NL East throne.

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