Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster The campaign prestige directions

Bear shortstop Castro and win a tie break the deadlock hits, of course, win key, but Ramirez's home run was really lying on the ground so that people can not afford to be a fatal blow, but the third baseman finished with two hits 2 RBI performance, is the most attractive of the batters offensive team.

Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster The campaign prestige directions, in 7 innings in no loss of points, only to be pounded 2 On the other soared out of 8 Old Mr. Chang K, completely suppressed the wearer National batter successfully won the 12 win season. In fact, entered the game, Dempster's situation was quite good, 8-moon won the match 4 games 3 wins 0 lose, 1.65 earned run average of the results, it can be said to continue the game this month, the perfect state.

National starting pitcher Marquis performance is not bad, in 7 1 / 3 innings, only to be knocked four security lost 1 point, the pitch this season and personal representative, but still could not get rid of Shuaishen Marquis entanglement, so the performance is not Yankee, won 7 lost season record 0, the number of wins yet opened.

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