Saturday, October 16, 2010

The two pitchers are pleased to see this showdown

The two pitchers are pleased to see this showdown, of course, but they have one thing in common for the game, all with a sense of normalcy is to right. Halladay said: "The best place is here, I do not see this as pressure, but that is a challenge. I feel like playing and in the usual way of pitching, this is a challenge, I am quite looking forward to."

Lincecum is said: "Do you experience in the game what it feels like pitching in the playoffs, I think it is helpful to me. I'm way ready for the game starting with the game as the other, it is obvious This is a major event, but I do not want to be too nervous, just as the usual game. "

This does not play the first sensation of the century has been completely duel attracted all eyes, it is difficult to predict who wins now, but it is certain that two of the batters had to tighten the skin a little.

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