Monday, September 27, 2010

This makes the Red Sox lose wild card Yankees magic number to 1

However, the recent status of Mariano Rivera is not ideal, 9 Board has been Ryan Kalish, Bill Hall hit hits, and the 2 people are bold with stealing two bases, so that the council three hits and scored 2 points to reverse the situation of the war than the 2 to 3 .

Jonathan Papelbon is also a critical moment just lost prestige, the Yankees to three hits 9 Board to draw the next 3 to 3,10 Board Okajima registration plate can not withstand the Yankees will win, Curtis Granderson hits, Brett Gardner Victor Martinez have been hit with ball failure to seize one, third base, Red Sox, and grasping at this time to fill the basepaths after Xiashou outs, Okajima actually cast on Juan Miranda walked, so back to the Yankees winning points.

Rivera last 3 games are out of race points, including 2 fall through, one quarter to 5 times the cumulative failure of the rescue, but more than this last occurred in 2003 6.

This makes the Red Sox lose wild card Yankees magic number to 1, on behalf of Red Sox 7, after the war as long as the lost one field, or the Yankees win a war the next 6 games, the Yankees into the playoffs with a light hand.

Competition in the AL East title, the current half-light just behind the Yankees, the Yankees and the light of the final record if the same play against the Yankees this season by winning more than less light lost (10 wins 8 lost) to obtain the division title.

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