Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AL East throne opener really exciting

AL East throne opener really exciting, the two sides do not start the performance of the left inferior to the cast, Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) and Price (David Price) are paid out of eight Board scoreless performance, the final outcome of the game handed Reid Brignac hand, 11 Bureau to hit the winning home run goodbye, 1-0 shutout the Yankees wrapped up light.

3 Lien opener, grabbed both sides want to good luck, have sent the performance of the best pitcher this season fight, Shabaxiya 8 Office 9K2 send two hits scoreless, while Price, 3 hits, 8 walks Office 4K3 is scoreless The two most likely to win the Cy Young Award for pitching, the grips, but no one who should be allowed.

This excellent pitching staff, has been extended to the 11 Board in the second half, 10 Council to fielding Reid Brignac just put the face of any pitcher the Yankees in the first 5 meters Choi (Sergio Mitre) a stick hit the right field direction and a solo bomb, the end of the game goodbye is a home run, home light shine.

Light, after winning this game, but became the first American League East, currently leading the Yankees half of the margin of victory, war tomorrow, the Yankees will send two second Nova (Ivan Nova) command, and light is sent Jahaza (Matt Garza) the main cast.

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