Friday, March 12, 2010

Witherspoon signed with the Tennessee Titans team

Weir - Witherspoon told the Tennessee Titans team's fans need not worry about his age or that he can bring to the team. Witherspoon will be in August this year reached the age of 30, he said that in the past year to add a third team, while she herself is still equipped with special skills, Tuesday night he signed with the Titans a three-year value of 11 million dollar contracts. "in my life I feel that there are many promising future if you asked me eight years ago, will race many years, I do not know, but if you ask me the same question today, and I feel that their prospects for the future, I think you do not need to worry about me, if I choose, I probably would end my career here. "

Since last Friday the free agent market opening up, this is the team signed the first contract is the first step in transforming the team defense.

Keith veteran with ten years of experience - Brock is an unrestricted free agent last December, he had left knee surgery. Similarly, David - Thornton has recently accepted the thoracic surgery, in addition, throughout the 2009 season, he suffered from shoulder and hip injuries brought him trouble, his contract only for one year. If a team is only trying to sign a midline Wei Stephen. Tullock, the other side need to provide him with a one-year value of the first-round draft pick of the offer, as a rookie, Gerald - Mackerras at the Mulberry Gordon injured, they had five games a starter.

On Witherspoon, Titans general manager Mike - Rhine Fuerth said that, over the years, "he is an excellent starting linebacker in the three position, he was able to give full play to their own capacity. in the player roster finished, his final position will be decided upon, but I expect him to play a hybrid player in the role of the outside. "Witherspoon cancellation last week with the Philadelphia Eagles, 2010 season, he should have in the Hawks to get five million U.S. dollars salary. Hawks in the 2009 season, acquired from the St. Louis Rams Witherspoon. "I have left the Philadelphia Eagles, there are accidents, which is naturally happen, but the opportunity to come here, and I said, must come and see." Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon, 92 times last season interception, he not only meet the needs of the Titan team, but also has a link with the Nashville area. His father Cod, is a retired officer, was born in Franklin in the vicinity, in the neighboring regions, is also home to Witherspoon's uncle and cousin. "Understanding the team as well as the only coach Jeff - Fisher and linebacker coach Dave - McGinnis, and a little more about what happens in the future, all have become my motivation to play the game," Witherspoon said, "I will do my best way to let everyone know where my ability."

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