Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns deal

Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Seneca will be - Wallace, traded to the Cleveland Browns in exchange the other side of undisclosed 2011 draft picks. Seahawks Monday night confirmed the deal.

Wallace, the entire seven-year professional career, I have spent in the Seahawks at a time when Seahawks coach Holmgren has always been his favorite player. Now Holmgren is the Browns team chairman, he will be brought Wallace Cleveland. "It will give Seneca a new chance to start," Seattle general manager, John - Schneider, said in a statement. "And Brown are familiar with the management team coupled with his ability to give him a chance to compete for playing time. We give him the best blessing."

Wallace is best season was 2008 season, Holmgren coached in his final season, starting eight games, passing 1532 yards, 11 touchdowns passes. Last season the team starting quarterback Matt - Hasselbeck injured when he had two starter.

Wallace in 2003 Draft by the sea in the first four Hawks selected. Seahawks, he played a total of 46 times, including 14 as a starting quarterback, his career total of 25 touchdowns passing, passing success rate of 83.2%. Hawks in the sea Sometimes he also used to attack the outside hand and back hand, there are a total of 76 yards the ball four times and 54 times totaling 214 yards of the red ball.

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