Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spain's highest prize money in the first breakthrough in the historical impact

Although a powerhouse in Europe, but Spain's team in history has never won the World Cup it comes as an expedition in South Africa, "Matador" hunger and thirst more than ever before. Spanish Football Federation seem to smell the smell of the championship, decided to compete with heavily inspire the team's World Cup.

Finalize the price tag is 13.8 million euros in prize money, each player can share € 600,000. There is no doubt that this is an astronomical figure, to know that in 2008 Spain was the European Cup, the total prize money is only 5.75 million euros, while Real Madrid president Florentino this season to win the team out of the 575,000 prize money per capita is only Euro, the Spanish Football Federation did not and now out of the World Cup win bonus.

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