Monday, March 8, 2010

New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts of the fighting

Saints after the beginning of Section II of luck is still poor, playing hurt the Colts defensive end Dwight - Frini sack Brisbane, so that Saints wasted an opportunity to pass, in the situation where only the good be able to select free-kick, the young Hartley in 46 yards into the ball, it will tie it 3-10. Followed by the god of luck moving, Colts offense sluggish, Saints beginning to pick up a pass play to promote a continuous burst into the 20 yards line and select red ball, Who knows at this time Colts defensive team everybody is like door god possessed, Bell and Pierre - Thomas, folded in a continuous two-yard line, did not result in touchdowns, Saints depressed land Colts threw the ball right. After the Colts, but also inadvertently offensive, but also the right to return the ball, the Saints team will attack the final 35 seconds, Brisbane consecutive passes to Front had advanced to within range, Hartley scored the last minute in the first half 44 yards free kick will be catching up with the score of 6-10.

After the start of the second half, the Saints offense has always been a bold style all their own, special unit to leave the ball short-range, Kaxilasi grabbed the ball to help the Saints re-post the first offense and there have been mistakes in the first half of this exceptionally hard Thomas, He and Henderson joined together to launch Impact, the last by its own touchdown pass in the next Brisbane, Hartley scored additional points, the score became 13-10, the Saints are not optimistic about actually lead 3 points, Colts fans tense of the bar! Manning immediately Xianshibumiao wear helmets, who led the battle on behalf of A Bo Sha, 5 minutes to advance to the red front area A on behalf of the flashing red switch maneuvers the ball up front, Christopher scored additional points, the small Gama Youyi regain the lead 17-13. After the Saints return to the bad old arithmetic, either Brisbane or Thomas ran the ball the ball is always enough to obtain an advance from the attack, but to ask Hartley up try leg muscles, this teenager the third time in this field scored more than 40 yards free kick, the Saints will be chasing the score closer to 16-17 only 1 min.

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