Friday, April 23, 2010

Adrian Bell Choi bottom of the ninth to help sailors in the match

Adrian Bell Choi bottom of the ninth to help sailors in the match, in the 11th Council two-run homer ended the game, so that sailors made in Monday night's 4-2 home victory. 11 Bureau of the second half, one out, Love ‧ Yibananzi walked to Bell Choi from Twins relief pitcher Jiexikelun hit the left field bullpen in the hands the direction of the score 4-2 to end home run the race. JJ Pouzzner and Robert. Mladic in the Council of 10 and 11, were successfully suppressed the Twins blow. wholesale mlb jerseys

Ninth inning, the first sailor to change the backwardness of 1:2, in the face of a 0.98 ERA Jonathan Twins Terminator. Bell Cui doubles with a right field to pay tribute to him. ‧ next rod Jose Lopez hit a grounder guerrilla direction, Bell ran toward third base at a time when Choi is very close to the ball, but more mistakes guerrilla Nike Pang lost the ball, the two were security station the second third base, out of zero. Pinch Jeffrey. Clemens hit a ground ball double play resulted, but the opportunity to return to home plate by Bell Cui equalizer one minute, will be extended into the Bureau of Competition.

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