Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bo Xiwa Rangers will also accept the plastic surgeon Kats treatment

Sunday night or Monday morning, Bo Xiwa Rangers will also accept the plastic surgeon Kats treatment, decide if he needs arthroscopic surgery Endoscopic surgery is not required. Bo Xiwa recovery treatment needs about 2-4 weeks. If he can avoid surgery, recovery may also be decreased. Bo Xiwa said Sunday he was encouraged by training. "Cast about 30," Bo Xiwa said, "I can not pitch, but if I have the same progress tomorrow, I can cast."

Bo Xiwa 2 wins this year's results are negative 27 0 rescue success rate of 3.69 ERA. 351 times in his career ranked seventh in the league overall. In his rescue of the game, Devil Rays 32 wins 0 negative.

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