Thursday, April 8, 2010

Associate Hall of Fame lefthander is expected to stay, Wen Yong Shi Gela will agree to a short about 1 year

Tom Glavine in the 2008 season following the New York Mets Atlanta Braves skillet, although last year the number of injuries caused by the stadium is too small, but these were veteran warriors are still confident the strength of the two sides as early as two days to reach an annual one million dollars contract.

Rolling 13-year major league veteran pitcher Tom Glavine and more, in addition to have 305 career wins, 3.54 ERA results, also killed two Cy Young Award, glorious assured him out into the Hall of Fame. Glavine Benhui last season from his home to the embrace of the Big Apple, though due to left shoulder, left elbow injury led to a race only 13 games, but the Warriors that the "treasure of the town team," after the surgery or the strength of the absolute remains the same, and last week Glavine's agent, after consultation, confirmed today that the two sides as early as two days to reach 1-year agreement, and contract terms with the incentive of high prices.

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