Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Padres starting pitcher Josh Banks in the first game has suffered under pressure

Into the ninth inning, the Diamondbacks leading 7:3, Terminator Brandon. Lyon debut, although this will not let him get a record of successful rescue. He has been a week without throwing up. "I think he is not that just may rescue the situation before the success of the lingua franca of the people," Melvin said, "I think he did not need passionate people." Either because a week does not throw rusty, or lack of motivation His fastball hit in continuously into hits, almost into a rescue situation was. One out, bases loaded, Adrian ‧ Gonzalez's first base hit in center field for the Padres Adds two points, the ball almost led to the Diamondbacks in the disaster. Chess. Haide Li followed a record first base hit to right field Kevin ‧ Kuzmanov score back to home plate. Only one point behind the priest. Melvin replaced Tony. Pena, Henderson Jelinek added a ground ball an out, and finally Lewis. Luolikuizi fly ball in center field ended the game. This is the second time this season, Pena save. mlb jerseys

Padres starting pitcher Josh Banks in the first game has suffered under pressure. He walked the first three batters Council, including an intentional walks. Diamondbacks starting pitcher for them Doug. Davis made four point lead. "The advantage of a quarter to make it easier to pitch." Davis said. However, he did not pitch very well, second game was two points away. But he gradually entered the state, the main cast of the sixth inning Caibei replaced. "Only walked two, and three before the start than the very good," he said, "prior to also seize the end of a strikeout."

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