Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giants in this blow also good, with 12 hits

Giants in this blow also good, with 12 hits, more than the Marlins 2, center fielder Lao Ende (Aaron Rowand) 4, 4,2 still play two-run homer, individuals in this 3 RBI games, but since the Marlins lost to the 4 home runs.

Giants starting pitcher Meath its investment and a 4.1 Board was replaced, was hit seven hits, fell 7 points ERA, starting five games this season, is still unknown pitcher taste (0 wins and 1 loss) ; Marlins starting pitcher (Mark Hendrickson), starting 5.0 Board voted, was hit nine hits to drop a 5 ERA, won lucky 7 win season ( 2 losses).

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