Monday, May 10, 2010

Last season, Gelandesen became the first major league history

Last season, Gelandesen became the first major league history, won three in a season of 20-base hit, 20 three-base hit 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases a player. However, in the halo of these achievements, he cast the face of the left, hit rate of only 0.16. Starting pitcher in the left vote, he actually only discharged to playing online in the eighth or ninth. Sometimes, Leyland will let him bench. "Now, we need to promote his progress. This is what I want him to do." Leyland said, "I will not let him face the left when the bench cast. He must be tempered by a period of time, This is the only way. "He has made progress on the left to vote. This season, he faced lefthander has won 20 hits. "In the first few years, many people do not understand," Leyland said, "so that their status and stability, they can build confidence. In fact, you need to turn the page, and then continue forward. And that is what I to do. " mlb jerseys

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