Monday, June 21, 2010

Although the MLS game and not the same as Japan and South Korea

Although the MLB game and not the same as Japan and South Korea, there are no draws in the season, every game must determine the winner, but spring training game is a draw game allowed.

Therefore, on March 15 for the United States, Major League Baseball games in China in the first game, the Dodgers George in a bar - Lombard hit a home run record, once the leading case of 2 points could not hold to seal the victory, was the Padres in the second half with 8 Council to fight the three-base hit tied the score, eventually the two sides to 3:3 end of the first battle. cheap mlb jerseys

Dodgers pre-emptive

Wukesong Baseball Field in Beijing today, the weather pretty good, hot, but there is some wind. South Korea and from the United States, many fans came to watch the battle scene.

Dodgers sent a former South Korean pitcher Chan Ho Park King of class as a starter, while the Padres pitcher is Justin - Jimanlinuo.

The first Board retreat where the two sides are not able to score three. Dodge first strike the second game, in one out later, the Dodgers play two recorded hits, double the base, but the subsequent appearance of 7 bar and 8 bar did not hit timely hits, resulting in two men on base.

3 Jushang Ban, one out in the Dodgers after the fight back to the first pick, No. 22 George - Padres pitcher Lombard spotted the first ball is fiercely a stick the ball in the cheers of the fans direct flight to the center field bleachers, was a long-awaited resumption of foreign fans the ball into his gloves. As the MLS Cup in China's first home run ball, which certainly can be a valuable baseball that fans are very rare collections and beautiful memories.

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