Monday, October 12, 2009

Vaporization of propylene glycol is generally used to do drugs

Claimed that he could quit smoke while more secure, but not completely harmless. Mori is New Zealand's anti-tobacco campaign of the participants, but also the authority of a tobacco control expert. Now he is commissioned by the World Health Organization, to smoke hazards that may exist launched an independent investigation. Each one contains water, smoke, alcohol, nicotine, propylene glycol and spices, rather than those of cigarettes commonly contain other toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide, and proved to be a strong carcinogen nitrosamine. "It does not burn the place to prohibit fireworks are safe; and exhaled smoke, people who are also on the surrounding that is normally harmless." Laugesen said. His report shows that compared to traditional cigarettes, inhaling each of a tobacco and nicotine yields only about one-third of the traditional electronic cigarette .

But the smoke really like the manual says, is a kind of contribute to achieving the "no pain quit smoking" products?

It's hard to say that because smoking is not easy. World Health Organization recommended way to quit smoking using nicotine replacement therapy, that is, to gradually reduce the body's nicotine dependence. GM is currently supporting smoking cessation products are nicotine gum, nicotine patches and so on. Smoke seems that some of this product in common, but equally it was adhering to a prudent skepticism, because the smoke still contains nicotine. Is committed to smoking cessation study researchers at the University of California, David is not recognized as tobacco smoking cessation effect. In his view, "there is no blood test data, we can not determine whether the e-cigarette is really effective."

In addition, people who are smokers, smoking and other incentives - holds all the cigarettes, feeling, taste and smell - are also important factors affecting smoking cessation. Smoke will not be there too, like smoke, so it does not make smokers less desire for cigarettes, or even contrary, it may enhance electronic cigarette ?

There is no conclusion. However, even if smoke really can not quit, at least solve the second-hand smoke, and third-hand smoke issues. In addition to second-hand smoke, the traditional hand smoke cigarettes, there are three problems. Cigarettes when burned, release of particles and odors will be absorbed on the walls, clothes and even skin, less than 13 months of age because of contact with these places, the body will appear containing nicotine cotinine. San Diego State University professor Qiaozhimate of a third-hand smoke experiments showed that babies of smoking parents, the body cotinine levels of non-smokers baby's parents 50 times. Even if not at home smoking, infant exposure through the skin absorption of cotinine or ordinary baby 7 times.

The child can quit smoking, is still unknown, but it does avoid the problem of passive smoking, and third-hand smoke

Beijing Saybolt such as tobacco companies and Cixi in accordance with SEG Electronics Technology, Inc. patents lawsuit reached a court settlement. SEG violation of smoke that in accordance with their patented "atomizing electronic cigarette", the amount is not large v., 600 thousand yuan. However, in the patent behind it, there is a market for more than 200 million yuan a year.

This market is also quite hard to define, this looks similar to cigarette tobacco products from the supervision of the Board, health, drug and food supervision and management departments have no way to monitor. This makes "smoke" looks somewhat mysterious. In fact, the smoke is only kinds of electronic heating device, similar in size and traditional tobacco pipe in the installation of sensors, heating devices, light emitting diodes and a rechargeable battery. Addiction to, and loaded her "smoke bomb" on the line. Smoke bombs are a small bottle of nicotine-containing propylene glycol solution.

Vaporization of propylene glycol is generally used to do drugs, smoke in the ballroom, there it is. Smoking, "smoke", the sensors notify the heating equipment will be smoke bombs in the spray solution, most of the nicotine will be sucked into the lungs, while the spit of the "smoke", is almost entirely water vapor and propylene glycol.

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