Thursday, October 15, 2009

Try to wear sunglasses purchase Montblanc have dizziness

Golden Holidays just around the corner to purchase a good Montblanc sunglasses Naturally, this is crucial, go out to play at the same time The eyes of a greater need for your care. In recent years, the retro style is still popular, while adding a little different from the past details, unique mirror leg design that adds charm Montblanc sunglasses index, in order to meet the needs of people of different fashion tastes.

Large, exaggerated Montblanc sunglasses styles are still popular this year, the trend for many people preferred. Faced with a dazzling display of sunglasses, will not let you pick dazzled? Buy a good Montblanc sunglasses to show individual style of glasses, whether it is retro, traditional, exaggerated, and lovely, or leisure, let Shigemasa spectacles take you grasp the pop!

The current climate of autumn, but the ultraviolet light also not be underestimated.

The daily life, there are too many light sources will produce harmful light, polarized sunglasses, Montblanc will be light polarized because of their function, effectively blocking harmful rays, and so are able to block out harmful rays did not affect the visible light through. General MontBlanc eyewear sunglasses just used by light, since the lens can not change the general direction of the light, can only reduce the light transmission ratio, the intensity of ultraviolet light, etc., and can not completely block some harmful light, so its function is to reduce eye damage. Polarized lenses due to the nature of a polarizer, so I can block due to scattering, inflection, reflection caused by various factors such as the dazzling glare. But also harmful to the human eye can right UV line blocking, makes a bright light in the long-term activities, eye fatigue is not easy to achieve real protection features, but also allows to see things more clearly, three-dimensional, it is very suitable for regular household friends outside work activities.

How to choose a good Montblanc sunglasses do?

Many people think that everyday life, put on a colored block the sun Montblanc glasses can protect the eyes. In actual fact, the color depth of the lens can only affect the visible light absorption performance, Shigemasa glasses blue Jinkang senior optometry technician pointed out: buy sunglasses, pay attention to the following health misunderstanding.

Buy sunglasses can not just plan beautiful forest for the trees, the ideal sunglasses block at least more than 96% of the ultraviolet rays to be useful. Lens color is not able to block ultraviolet rays, visible light absorption of the color only affects the performance only. Moreover, tinted mirror, the pupil will be larger, poor quality sunglasses unclear as material can not withstand ultraviolet light, the human eye, if often ultraviolet radiation, light who will conjunctival hyperemia, inflammation; emphasis on those who would cause crystal turbidity easy to get cataracts, retina and fundus will be varying degrees of harm. Not only would not achieve proper protection, but also likely to deepen the sun on the human eye damage. So be sure to choose reputable store to purchase signs indicate anti-UV blocking sunglasses in order to ensure a certain degree of ultraviolet radiation MontBlanc eyewear.

The choice of lens color depth, place the required activities should be considered, depending on the light source and for different occasions, Montblanc will affect the color of the lens shading effect. To make an effective blocking sunglasses summer glare, the color of glasses should have enough depth, but those who ride or drive, do not choose the lens color is too deep, so as not to affect the environment of the contrast, causing the visual tension and fatigue.

Try to wear sunglasses purchase Montblanc have dizziness, headache feeling. And used hand and sunglasses, legs and face of the mirror-fluorescent, so that the reflective mirror of gentle rolling, if we find specular reflection of the fluorescent film appeared wavy, distorted shape, that lens is not flat, such a mirror can damage eyesight.

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