Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two full-palm CUSHLON sole cushioning to abandon

3 full palm CUSHLON sole sandwich design, taking into account the rapid reaction capability cushioning protection and greater durability

4 NIKE ZOOM forefoot design, light and comfortable, the reaction with good, superior cushioning protection

5 NIKE + series of sports shoes with the NIKE + SPOREBAND or IPOD & AE, NANO players and NIKE + IPOD Sport Kit, when used, can be real-time access to all the training feedback data

5 permeability plastic upper surface designed to support the network

Six for men and women choose different gender special insoles provide perfect comfort and support to protect nike dunks.

7 in the ankle area of the BRS 1000 carbon rubber designed to significantly improve the durability of sports shoes

8 can be custom design personalized ID

Nike Free 5.0 running shoes

nike shoes on the African athletes in training and do not come inspiration, to create the latest technology nike free5.0. "Barefoot flying" bare foot running shoes to simulate the movement of the feet and lower legs at strengthening the protection to reduce the strain. A-type asymmetric ecsaine upper, wearing comfortable, breathable and good. Ventilation hole designed not only allows you to extend on-demand, but also provides a good supportive. Upper ultra-light and flexible is good. Sole dissection and elastic groove outsole provides maximum flexibility. BRS 1000 rubber inserts.

Color: more than a dozen various colors optional

Material: Ultra-fiber mesh upper, high wear-resistant rubber soles, insoles foot skull. Shoes 180-degree super-wide distortions.

Market Price: 740 RMB

Training in running shoes Nike Cortez iD

Nike Cortez is the Nike iD 6 years ago introduced the first product, last Saturday at the 2008 fall series of release nike shoes wholesale ...High / Low with Cortez total of three, using the same series of leather, as well as 12 color for Consumer selection, plus additional Distressed gold, silver and copper; leather outside ...

One can choose a smooth surface of the oil leather, nubuck leather and provisions of the twill

2 new color combination

3 involved with herringbone outsole grip excellence

Nike Shox Experience + iD

Series of running shoes using an innovative cushioning system, which combines human motion engineering technology, Max Air cushioning technology, and more mobile than the traditional smooth Shox Series Nike Shox and Nike Zoom cushioning protection technology

One which the revolutionary NIKE SHOX cushioning system, abandon the SHOX series in the ankle part of the traditional foam design, instead using the NIKE AIR airbags designed to provide a more comfortable lightweight impact protection and from the ankle to the toe uniform force distribution nike shoes wholesale .

Two full-palm CUSHLON sole cushioning to abandon music SHOX series in the traditional foam ankle area design, instead using the NIKE AIR airbags designed to provide a more comfortable lightweight impact protection and from the ankle to the toe uniform force Distribution

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