Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Every girl is actually an engineer

Japan Launches New GHD straight hair electric hair stick combo

Protagonist Introduction:

Name: Japan Launches New GHD straight hair electric hair stick combo

Structure: the middle straight overall Polypogon is round. Combination of four different sizes of cover glass.

Features: GHD straight roll bar combo, use the cover sheet to make straight hair straight hair naturally dynamic, with different hair cover sheet can create 3 types of hair styling, Variety's image with the nature of wants and hopes.

Hair styling

Hair styling

Straight clip hot roll, then roll the best to buy the kind of straight dual-use, and the middle is straight, but the overall Polypogon is the kind of round. The effect is kind of hot out of more natural, suitable for overhead for Peng, and Fashaoweijuan, seemed natural and dynamic.

Chui-Shun natural GHD Straight hair

If you want to have a shiny ceramic hot straight hair, you need a stick that straight hair, so your hair hang naturally shun the other Xiaobian recommended products using low-friction material, can reduce the straight hair is the hair The pull to reduce hair damage.

GHD hair styling

Curly hair can be hot rod out of forming rolls, the general model we can see stars and the curls are done with the hair stick. Have different diameter hair stick, according to the length of your hair and choose the desired effect. Xiao Bian products introduced today is based on changing the cover sheet to achieve.

Thick GHD curls

30mm coverslip

You can create a thick curls are more suitable for long hair with less hair than MM. If you are short hair and MM, can use this tool to create a head explosion effect and the local style.

GHD curls of fluffy intellectual

38mm coverslip

Suited to create fluffy effect, you can create a soft volume effect, looks very elegant female style, suitable for the office of curly hair and intellectual OL.

GHD-shaped natural loose curls

50mm coverslip

Suitable for creating a strong sense of space, natural loose-shaped hair, you can burn out a large Flower elegant, very feminine Oh! Long hair is more suitable for you.


If you just want a natural Wei Juan, then roll with straight dual GHD Hair Straighteners. If you want to pursue a more professional hair, personally think that the volume effect of GHD hair sticks out better, beginners may not be used, but the practice as long as we can make beautiful curls! Requires skill, practice makes perfect. Another frequent use GHD straight folder, GHD hair sticks, hair damage can be severe! So, after use should pay attention to hair care and maintenance!

Not long ago, to build on a long straight hair and bought a GHD hair stick straight, and now has been deflated deflated wallet, but now the trend of curly hair, can I buy an expensive hair sticks? For beautiful, I am busy with! Card! Please calm, today a good introduction, to help you save money, apart from a certain province, to meet the amazing your needs.

You probably do not know a girl props to arm themselves how much depends on one's hairstyle, straight hair straight hair need a stick, and curly hair need hair sticks, not to mention the different needs of different types of GHD curls hair stick has. You know that every girl is actually an engineer. Xiaobian solemnly recommend to you today that Japan's launch of a new four are electric hair stick straight hair, you know how wonderful, how terrible! You can put all the props before you put them altogether side.

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