Monday, October 12, 2009

Apply a small amount of hair cream or cream

⑤ used once a month fire bureau oil (try to avoid the development of the root), with wide-tooth comb smear, in the hair to stay 10 minutes, then wash with shampoo, which for the settlement by the GHD hair, or straighten their hair often a result of lost its luster vulnerability issues and dry good results.

The most popular straight hair should be the kind of straight down to the shoulders and below the length of the bar, leaving enough space for the body to the hair silhouetted against the atmosphere. The following points can help you maintain the hair-type cells.

① try is not level and straight GHD hair (or as little as possible), to the length of the clavicle, and then a long fringe to create freshness.

② dynamic formulations containing fluffy Xihu products, to prevent collapse levels of hair go flat shape during the winter months.

③ After the bath, immediately sprayed thermal conservation spray (even if your hair very well, but also as far as possible in the hair root sense of the use of modeling fluid, the use of nylon and pig bristles clean comb, comb while drying their hair while as far as selection of ion hairdryer, because it is the wind speed is twice the normal hair dryer, you can also make the hair less vulnerable, more supple).

④ Apply a small amount of hair cream or cream, to prevent static electricity. In addition to static dust on the head covering of paper, in order to heal Maozao and Qiao hair (but no more than once a day, otherwise the hair can easily become greasy).

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