Monday, October 12, 2009

Smoke that does not contain carcinogens

For other brands of electronic cigarette market, there may contain carcinogenic substances, the responsible person is not known.

Pursued the Expert

Electronic cigarettes containing up to more than 60 kinds of harmful components

Capital University of Medical Director of the Center of lung cancer treatment, Professor Zhi Xiuyi morning interview with this reporter, said electronic cigarette, but there is no nicotine in the ingredients only, but of which there are 40 to 60 kinds of harmful substances, nitrosamines, and Diethylene glycol is just one of two kinds electronic cigarette.

Extension Professor, smoking electronic cigarettes to people over many years to smoke, even though each intake low, but the long-term accumulation of harmful substances in vivo, after the body will still cause harm.

Professor branch, said there are many harmful substances in tobacco is unknown, so the best solution is to resist any form of tobacco.

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Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a battery-powered cigarette replacement equipment, by containing the spices and other chemical substances "smoke bombs" into inhalation for the user to inhale.

N-nitrosamines, and diethylene glycol

Nitrosamine is a strong carcinogen, as well as teratogenic and mutagenic effect. Diethylene glycol for antifreeze and solvent. Oral cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain electronic cigarette, diarrhea and liver and kidney damage, can be deadly.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday issued a warning that some electronic products found in tobacco carcinogens.

FDA on the U.S. market on the two well-known e-cigarette products were sampling, the results showed that a sample contains nitrosamine carcinogens. The other samples found diethylene glycol, a substance used in antifreeze in the industry in general, toxic to humans.

FDA experts say there is no marked electronic cigarette health warnings, and provide a variety of tastes, so a greater temptation for young people.

According to report, e-cigarette products in the propaganda often "green, healthy, non-carcinogen" based fighting. In China a production of electronic cigarette company's Web site, the reporter saw such as "the feeling of smoking without the hazards of smoking" or similar publicity.

At present, China's domestic market, the electronic cigarette prices are mostly thousand dollars. If a section with 20 "smoke bomb" of products, price of 1680 yuan. The high-end electronics section of a pipe, priced as high as 12800 yuan.

Pursued the tobacco firms

Smoke that does not contain carcinogens

This morning, the well-known brands of electronic cigarette smoke Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Saybolt relevant person in charge told this reporter that the company's e-cigarette products (smoke) definitely does not contain carcinogenic substances such as FDA said.

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