Friday, October 16, 2009

These children have always remembered the words

November 23, Sundays, rainy days, outdoor temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Captain Liu Tao and his team have been faithful from the city center of their home, rushed to the Eco-City is located in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai Senlan green rugby club, there are a few of the regular domestic rugby venue. "Today is the afternoon game, peacetime training, even if over two hours earlier." Tao said. In a few an hour, they will represent their alma mater - Xuhui District Central Primary School with a group of foreign children to play friendlies.

They are a group of young Chinese to play NFL football.

The weather a bit cold, people were all a big crowd courtside with coat, scarf wrapped nfl jerseys themselves too JANSEN. The children, both blond or black hair, are put on the game NFL apparel, shorts in the cold wind inside a Bengda. "This is not what the weather, rain is a little uncomfortable, but the coldest time of year we are still training." Fourth-grade money Lake Kai are doing warm-up exercise, the small red-scarred face. Liu Tao's father said in the first a bit worried that a long time, and see their children a better physique, also relieved. Last year's race children were remembered, not even two hours to play four games, "go home tired all collapsed, but sleep all right, and next week to continue practicing." Tao said, we all fascinated by this movement, according to their words, "injuries? a mere trifle."

Come to play, not to beauty contest

There are girls team. "In this age, physical models are very similar for boys and girls, girls flexible but allow them to play better." Coach Liang said. Sure enough, these girls is nothing timid, more than boys is also fierce competition for them. Zhang Wan Qing is now the main team, fair-skinned, eyes big as she was beautiful like a doll, she and all the children wholesale jerseys , a voluntary register for football team, now playing for two years. "Rugby is more confident yourself." Zhang Wan Qing talked a little tweaks and no girls, usually love a touch of her beautiful football Bianba these off my back, even if the body full of mud paste do not care . "We are here to play the game, but not to the beauty contest." Her teammate Zhang Yi-ying Coushang it. The sisters spent a very popular team, she was both the game, many players will not play at the side called them by name.

Boys or play NFL football

In addition to formal team, there were still a freshmen composition from low echelon, and many are accompanied by their parents to come, and their games are more like a game, and some girl was wearing a skirt. After the game, Jin Zi Yong boundless land and just race opponents, France, together with the children ran into the inflatable castle Yanni Feng Wan nfl jersey, physically strong, he looks the same age than with his large circle of Yanni, Yong Jin Zi's mother is a dancer Venus, however, he did not inherit his mother thought about the industry, "Dance for a girl thing, I was a boy or play NFL football." Jin Zi Yong said.

These children have always remembered the words of coach said to them: "This is a gentleman playing a fierce game."

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